1.0 / April 9, 2018
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Air Attack Gunship Strike 2018 puts you in the gunner seat ofthemost powerful combat helicopters. Strategically fire yourpowerfulmachines guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes ofenemiesacross the world. Guide with precision your combathelicopter anddemolish the enemy military bases in the world’sgreatest combatexperience! Gunship Strike combines tactics, flyingskills and theright amount of ruthless in this #1 militaryhelicopter actiongame! Game Features: - Multiple helicopters with avariety ofweapons and equipment - 40+ levels in Battle mode &ultimatechallenging Boss mode - Realistic 3D graphics - Stunningvisualeffects

App Information Air Attack Gunship Strke 2018

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    Air Attack Gunship Strke 2018
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    April 9, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Gamegulu Studio
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Air Attack Gunship Strke 2018 1.0 APK
Air Attack Gunship Strike 2018 puts you in the gunner seat ofthemost powerful combat helicopters. Strategically fire yourpowerfulmachines guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes ofenemiesacross the world. Guide with precision your combathelicopter anddemolish the enemy military bases in the world’sgreatest combatexperience! Gunship Strike combines tactics, flyingskills and theright amount of ruthless in this #1 militaryhelicopter actiongame! Game Features: - Multiple helicopters with avariety ofweapons and equipment - 40+ levels in Battle mode &ultimatechallenging Boss mode - Realistic 3D graphics - Stunningvisualeffects
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Real Moto 3D - Bike Racing Motogp World Champions is a excitingandfast-paced motorcycle racing game. There are inundated with alltheadrenalin, tension and excitement in this game what a pair oftirescan offer together for you. It's said that, because oftheimpressive racing experience and overwhelming graphics, oncewhodownloads this marvelous game, he will be reluctant touninstallit. . Compared with other moto racing game, we have moredetaileddesign of environmental interactions: the ATD(actual timeofdeparture) may be morning, noon, evening and night. We are goingtoset up a lot of airborne motorcycles, not citybikes, notkidscooters, but a gang of cool, crazy and brand-new motorcycleswhatdon’t have a due date. Be your own duke, forza! It allows youtoenjoy the most authentic first person motorcycle experienceandbecome a skillful moto rider is just around the corner. Drive onamotorway in one-way traffic during rush hour, or you’lldirectlycollide with others in a two-way manner. There still havesomedetails better than other bike racing games, such as ourfirstperspective settings. Due to the first person'sdriver'sperspective, it’s said that the best highway setting andthe reallife record of the motorcycle sound will make this gameturns intothe best of its kind. Select your own motorcycle racingscooter,and the sound of a motor car will make your blood pumping.Driveyour scooter as fast as you can, cycle on endless busy roadsandhighways, and become the fastest race motor driver. Rememberthatmotorbikes are haywire but adventurous too. Don’t be stupid,ifyou're not a good controller, you're likely to be knocked overbythe oncoming truck or the car and we’ll say byebye to you.Whilehappening this, don't turn into the grumpy Avery in this CBRgame.In my viewpoint, watch out for their high speed turbines,avoidthem and cock the wheelie. Unless you want to duel with themandlose this game. When you hear the roar of a speeding car, youcangain a extra speed by using nitrogen, or to brake. Pop yourwheelieand avoid enemy attacks and keep yourself at your fastestpace fora quite long time. The game supports touch screen andinductionsetting. Follow with the said way to do, take extrapractice and bea road-chopper, show your wheelie and set up yourmotorcade KTM,kill all the novices and climb to the top of theranking. Downloadthis highly downloaded game and you're going to bethe duke on thehighway! Pick up your bike and join the fight! RealMoto 3D - BikeRacing Motogp World Champions Features: - The fasteryou drive, thehigher score you get - Extra bonus - Every motorcyclewith arealistic 3D cockpit view - The battle of tension to make youtheduke of the track - High definition real environment, feel therealdriving excitement