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Air Conditioner remoet can estimate the amountof BTUs you will need to heat or cool your home, based on the sizeand the temperature you want for your home.

Please note that this calculator can only gauge a roughestimate. You should also consider factors like efficiency decreaseof the heater or air conditioner with time, the shape/type of yourhome or room,
Written with Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean in mind -- we workhard to make sure our apps are fully compatible with the latest andgreatest Android operating systems!

Properly sized air conditioners are critical to the comfort ofyour home and health of your loved ones. The sizing tables you findat the hardware store are often inadequate, forcing you to estimateyour true cooling needs. Underestimation will leave your homeuncomfortably warm on the hottest days, filling your home withmoisture and promoting hazardous mold growth.

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Air Conditioner remote 1.0 APK
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Air Conditioner remoet can estimate the amountof BTUs you will need to heat or cool your home, based on the sizeand the temperature you want for your home.Please note that this calculator can only gauge a roughestimate. You should also consider factors like efficiency decreaseof the heater or air conditioner with time, the shape/type of yourhome or room,Written with Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean in mind -- we workhard to make sure our apps are fully compatible with the latest andgreatest Android operating systems!Properly sized air conditioners are critical to the comfort ofyour home and health of your loved ones. The sizing tables you findat the hardware store are often inadequate, forcing you to estimateyour true cooling needs. Underestimation will leave your homeuncomfortably warm on the hottest days, filling your home withmoisture and promoting hazardous mold growth.DaikinMitsubishiHitachiLG ElectronicsPanasonicCarrierSamsungVoltasBlue StarFujitsuSharpTraneBluestarHaierTraneVideoconGree ElectricOnidaWhirlpoolGodrejElectroluxBoschFrigidaireZenithWestinghouseWhite-WestinghouseBlack & DeckerLennoxVestelBekoKelvinatorOlyair ElectricActonAirEmersonDaewooChampionArco AireFriedrichBreeze AirAdobe AireAdmiralAdobe AireAir TempAmanaAmbahciArco AireArmstrongBdpBlack & DeckerBonaireBoschBryantCarecoCarrierChambersChampionClimatrolClimetteComfort MakerComfort StarComfort-aireCooleratorCrosleyDaewooDanbyDelonghiDynastyE.q.k.ElectroluxEmersonEnergy KnightEssickEstateEverstarFastFeddersFriedrichFrigidaireGeGibsonGoldstarGoodmanHaierHampton BayHeat ControllerHeilHitachiHolmesHoneywellHotpointIcpInternational Comfort Products - TempstarJordonKelvinatorKenmoreLakewoodLennoxLgMastercoolMaytag
Blood pressure scanner prank 1.0 APK
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Finger Blood pressure checking Scanner Fun isaprank app.When you open Finger Blood pressure checking Scanner app, itwillask you to place a finger on phone screen, when you place afingerin finger shaped area then it will scan your finger and showyour BPon the scree.Fingerprint systolic blood pressure, diastolic heart rate andismore accurate blood pressure fingerprinting and heart ratemonitorapp for any smartphone and it does not need any externalhardware.use the digital fingerprint in blood pressure and heartrate sensorfor optimizing your exercise and to track your progressand highand low blood pressure.Install it now and keep fit. for a correct reading holdyourfinger on the fingerprint reader steadily and slightly to thewholemeasurement process. Do not move your finger on thefingerprintscanner until measurement is complete, breathenormally!fingerprint in blood pressure and heart rate is measuredbydetecting fingerprints on your finger that changes witheachheartbeat due to blood circulation. do not properly usetheapplication will result in a false reading.Disclaimer: Based on a novel approach, and huge ensembleaveragethis application is just meant to give you a simulated hintof BPmeasurements. Simulated values and original readings varyperson toperson based on their BMI and eating habits. Distancebetween thecamera and camera flash may add small error in thesimulatedresults. It is advisable to measure from real monitoringdevice asthis application just gives you simulated results whichcan be usedas a prank. This application requires little expertiseto operate.Please read all instructions carefully. Have a safelife.Fingerprint blood pressure and application heartbeat is nearyourfinger and analyzing the execution of your pace and give youhowmuch is calculated and give your mood related to yourheartbeat.fingerprint in blood pressure and heart rate scannerapplicationallows you to any time when you need to check your heartrate andblood pressure anywhere, anytime. without having tocalculate time,the number of beats and systolic, diastolic, madethe necessarycalculations.features:- Realistic looking Scanner- Simple to scan and easy to use- Totally free for Android users- Works with mobile phones and Android tablets- Clear and beautiful design UiUsage:● Step 1: Select gender● Step 2: Place your one finger on the complete camera touchingitsflash light at the same time● At the same time as in step No. 2 place your finger gently onthefinger mark and wait for more than 15 seconds. For moreaccurateresults hold it as much as possible by sitting stationaryon thechair."blood pressure" is the force of blood pushing against thewallsof the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressurerisesand stays high over time, it can damage the body inmanyways.It is advisable to keep a track of BP levels throughout theday.Thus we have developed simulator that simulates BP inaconvenient way to keep you reminding to calculate yourbloodpressureNote: This application is about fun and entertainment allresultsare wrong, please tell your friends and family thetruth.
Butterfly Zipper Lock 1.0 APK
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Butterfly is a nice colorful flyinginsect.Most of the people specially kids & girls love and wanttotouch and hold it. Here we have beautiful new stylishButterflyZipper Lock Screen Blue Butterfly Zipper Screen Lock is alockscreen application which locks the mobile screen with abeautifultheme of Pink Butterfly zipper locker. Whenever the mobilescreenis locked a beautiful picture of Pink Butterfly with zip willbeshown on the screen.**Zipper Lock Screen Features**- Battery Status- Missed Call Alerts- SMS Notifications- Date and Time- Easy and simple to unlock your phone- HD Graphics with beautiful wallpaper showing a colorful, cuteandsweet Butterfly- Easy to Enable / Disable the lock from settings menu.- Layout of Zipper lock is compatible with almost everySmartphonescreen displayhas very romantic and almost natural graphics of Butterflywithromantic purple and indigo color.Lovely Butterfly Zipper Lock application will show you averynatural scene in your very busy life.It's best application among all lock screen apps on Play StoreThis application does not require any authentication likepincode or password. To unlock the mobile you just need to unzipthescreen by simply dragging the zip down to the bottom of themobilescreen. Mobile will be unlocked as you drag the zip to thebottomof mobile screen.The beautiful design of this zipper lock screen app willalwaysgive you a real feeling whenever you unlock your mobilephone. Thisapplication is designed for all the fans of PinkButterfly who loveit to be on their mobile screen.Just drag the Butterfly Zipper Downward to the bottom thenLovelyButterfly Zipper Lock will unlock your smartphone.
Remote Control for Philips 3.5 APK
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After you have added your Philips audiodevice, it will stay on the widget, where you can toggle connectionand disconnection with a single tap. You can also rename and changethe icon for each device.Why just watch TV when you can do so much more? Discover how muchfun interacting with your Philips Smart TV* (released in 2014 &later) can be, with Philips TV Remote app on your smart phone ortablet. It can replace your conventional remote control and offermany extra features from easy text entry to sharing media that ison your home network and much more!Philips Bluetooth Audio Connect Widget: one-touch pairing &connection with your Philips Bluetooth Audio devices.This app lets you add two unique widgets to your Androidhomescreen to let you automatically connect and pair with yourdesired Philips Bluetooth device. With one press of "Add device",the widget will automatically search for, and add your PhilipsBluetooth device. If there is more than one, it will prompt you toselect one to add.Control your TV with your smart device. Don’t feel like usingyour remote control? With Philips TV Remote app on your smart phoneor tablet, you can switch channels and adjust the volume; just likea remote control. Browse the TV menu—exactly as on TV—withoutinterrupting your viewing experience, or stay up to date using theTV Electronic Program Guide, to view ratings and extra programinfo. Both options let you choose shows to watch. What’s more, withthe Philips TV Remote app, you can even speak into your smartphone, to search for your favorite programs.Share photos, videos and more between your TV and smart device.What happens when your TV gets friendly with your Android phone ortablet? Magic! Share your favorite music, pictures and movies fromyour device onto your TV or pull digital broadcast TV onto yourtablet or laptop, with a simple command!* The Philips TV Remote App is compatible with Philips Smart TVsreleased in 2014 and later.* You can check the compatibility of the Philips TV Remote App withyour specific model at the online support page of your product atwww.philips.com/support. Also ensure your product has been upgradedwith the latest software.* The screenshots are merely used to give an impression of theavailable features. Actual available features differ based on theconnected Philips device.* For Philips Smart TV released in 2013 and before, please downloadthe Philips MyRemote App
simulate Car Key Remote 1.0.1 APK
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car key* Great prank tool car key application is no longer your phone \ onyour tablet.* Immediate download of fun to spend time.* This application gives the impression of a car owner.* Thanks to key applications can make jokes to your friends andhave fun ...* Apply with a lot of this can have hours of fun and the weathercan Horseback ...* Open the application of the car and the car passes through theair like your horse ...hyundai car carebuick remote startAnd here, an alarm simulator car key is now available on yourphone, enjoy and have fun as many times as you want because nobodywill say it is a joke, without breaking your head and alarm carkey.Make your phone a car key is now possible with the free app Car KeyAlarm Prank. Fool your friends as it is the key to your real carwith his new car key named Unlocker.The release key mentioned on your phone will make your car withoutparents believe that you can unlock your car with your mobile!For you lovers of farce, install the car key and alarm hand caralarm pleasure and both the car key Unlock, a free application foryou and your friends to have fun watching their reactions .Car key lock remote Universal will help you to remotely controlyour car its totally free app anduniversal remote for your car,we are giving you ten car keysimulator skins for you.you can select any of these and controlyour car,you can lock and unlock the car also able to control alarmand car horns .turn your smart phone as a smart key or remote foryour car.we are listed almost top 100 car brands in our app.if youare using any of the car brand download our app and give atry.NEW! Car Key Alarm PRANK has a ring as the true sound of the caralarm, and you can use for your custom ring tone to your phone. Theapplication is free and fun at the same time, also the key to hiscar is automatically set directly on your mobile after installingthe application by pressing the button mentioned allringtones.CHARACTERISTICS- For car alarm with a release button that turns well on the volumeof your phone until its maximum value to live a better joke.- You can enjoy the maximum possible from this experience, you canenable, disable at any time until a new farce.- The alarm car with high quality car alarm buttons that seem true,the image is improved and optimized is designed for smart mobilephones. This is the best application with a quality / pleasure youcan find on Android.- The application of sound are of high quality, they were made andadjusted to optimize efficiency with the maximum volume of yourphone.- For better enjoyment, keep your finger on the car alarm key to beable to have constantly ringing.- Key Car Alarm Prank simulator, a car key with impressivevibration effects. It's very easy to enable or disable with the keyswitch.- An impressive application, you will find in it what you will notfind on other applicationsCar alarm key - this application is a joke game with the help ofwhich you can open the doors of cars or alarm bells for the purposeof jokes or drawing. Making fun of their parents or friends, ifthey worked or signaling have opened the door of their car.
Solar Battery Charger Prank 2.0.1 APK
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Battery Solar Charger PrankAwesome prank App to charge up your mobile device in quick way!Youcan show your friends that how you charge your mobile deviceusingbuiltin on screen solar panel in your smartphone. Solarprankbattery Charger uses the phone's light sensor to chargebattery.Just a few minutes in the light and you will see yourbattery levelincreasing.The simple and the best way to prank your friends is chargeryourmobile battery using this solar battery charger. Inthisapplication has special feature of showing the batterycharginganimation only during the sun light duration say frommorning 6till evening six. This animation of battery charging willbe verymuch like the original charging of mobile battery. Prankwith yourfriends with this perfectBetter than other solar charging apps in the market.Simply start the app put it in the sun and watches as itregeneratesyour smart phones battery. If you cover the solar panelwith yourhand in the evening, then the charging will not start.Tell yourfriends about this application and prank them. This isSolar batterycharger technique. This applicationconsumes energy from your battery.charging by Sun light.Better than other solar charging apps in the market.Simply start the application put it in the sun and watches asitregenerates your smart phones battery.If you cover the solar panel with your hand in the evening, thenthecharging will not start.Tell your friends about this Solar battery chargertechniqueapplication and simulate them.This applicationFeatures:- Solar charger- Realistic Solar Panel Like Graphics- Faster : Charge your phone faster with this Solar ChargerforAndroid Mobile- Give you a alert when phone is fully charged.- Beautiful charging interface.
caller name announcer 2.0 APK
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Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable inasituation like if you are driving and the phone is in your pocketorsome one sends you an SMS while your smart phone is inotherroom.Caller Name Announcer simply speaks it out.*Download the amazing call name announcer application for free!*The perfect name announcer app for your smartphone, thatreadsout the caller's name so that you can easily choose whether ornotto answer the call.Incoming Caller Name Talker speaks out the Incoming Callernameand Message sender name so that you can identify who iscallingwithout looking into your phone....It can even read the Message's content for you. And the bestThingis, it is total FREE. "Incoming Caller Name Announcer" usethebuilt-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the callerorMessage SenderYou dont have to look at your phone to know the caller'sname.Call name announcer speaks out the name of the caller or justsays"unknown" for the numbers out of your phonebook.*Speaks out the caller name clearly in between theringtonereducing its volume.*The cool new feature of caller name announcer is that itallowsyou yo completely mute the announcements when your phone isinsilent mode.Caller Name Announcer speaks every thing while some oneiscalling you or send you a message, you will identify it withoutlooking to your smart phone. Caller Name Announcer usesthebuilt-in Android text-to-speech engine to speaks theincomingcaller name or SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.Caller NameAnnouncer will not work if your smart phone does nothavetext-to-speech library but this is not a problem you caneasilydownload it from Google play store.Features:✔ Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer.✔ Enable/disable speaking caller name.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents oftheSMS.✔ Change repeat mode announcements.✔ Choosing delay time between announcements.✔ Turn off Announce while silent option is available.✔ Custom Ringtones settings.✔ Custom Volume Settings.✔ Caller Name Announcer is completely free download.
Laser pointer flashlight 1.0 APK
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Laser pointer Flashlight Game is nowanapplication available on your Android devices, free andfunapplication, a simple laser pointer simulator to use.Then use our secure laser pointer! With this laser simulatoryoucan play and be sure not to anyone notTo take advantage of its features, the laser pointer gives youasimple trick is to press the button of the laser pointermentionedon your screen, press the screen with a straightclick,the Free laser pointer flashlight game, is a gameofentertainment, it is designed for researchers noveltiesandtechnological innovations to make the most of the effects oflaserwith different colors and specific, unique sound effectsandvibration programmed laser on the system precisely to enable youtotake advantage of a wonderful joke to you, your familiesandfriends.There are four different laser pointers, the first pointerisunlocked from the start and can make use of it from thefirstmoment.