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NOW ENJOY AD FREE !! Air Dancers Pro - An Inflatable Fight isaderpy physics fighter featuring adorable inflatable waversbeatingthe crap out of each other! The battle for ultimateinflatable tubeman supremacy is about to begin Choose your AirDancers Unique lookand props, then prepare to fight across a rangeof hilariousbattlegrounds with ludicrous waver weaponry and nothingbut thewind and total elastic rage. AMAZING GAME FEATURES : DynamicDerpyPhysics Use deceptively simple single stick control and twobuttonsto master the wind and your own momentum to flail your waytovictory! Endlessly Customizable Air Dancers Choose from avarietyof facial expressions, colors and props to create yourultimateflailing killing machine Seven Rumble Battle Arena Dobattle amongthe vast range of battlegrounds and all battlegroundsfeature theirown unique play style and sounds! Winner Takes It All! The moreyou fight, the more points you rack up for sweet, rareloot! Unlocknew special props, new air dancers customizations andeven newbattlegrounds to engage in derpy physics yet brutal combatwithplayers around the world. For support reach usatsupport@digitalpixelproductions.com Privacy policy:http://digitalpixelproductions.com/policy.php

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    Air Dancers Pro - An Inflatable Fight
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    May 14, 2020
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Digital Pixel Productions
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    80 Marine Parade Rd, #01-92, Singapore 449269
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