1.1 / September 19, 2015
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In this game you must shoot down as many enemyaircraft as you can before they destroy you. You have unlimitedbullets and a number of rockets to shoot them down. The game isbest played standing up using the gyroscope, but a joystick optionis available. How many enemy aircraft can you destroy?

App Information Air Defence : 2060

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    Air Defence : 2060
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    September 19, 2015
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    MobileFusion Apps Ltd
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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Visit website Email haljumily@gmail.com
    28 The Grove, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom CT4 6PP
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In this game you must shoot down as many enemyaircraft as you can before they destroy you. You have unlimitedbullets and a number of rockets to shoot them down. The game isbest played standing up using the gyroscope, but a joystick optionis available. How many enemy aircraft can you destroy?
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How long can you last against a neverendingswarm of zombies? Defend yourself from zombies in 3differentlocations with your gun. The number of zombies that comefor youwill increase over time and you have to shoot them 3 timesto killeach one. You will get 100 points for hitting the head, 50pointsfor the body and 20 points for the arms and legs. You have tolastas long as you can while gaining as many points as possible.The main controls for the game uses your gyroscope to lookaroundyou to aim, as you are fixed in one position. Alternativelyyou canchoose to use a joystick if you are sitting down.
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