1.0 / April 15, 2018
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This is the most immersive and realistic 3D helicopter battlegame.The basic mission in this game is to destroy different enemyassetssuch as tanks, towers, warships, jets and helicopters byusing ourgunship helicopter. To successfully complete all missions,takecover in the skies, stay away from the enemy trackersandstealthily take out the mighty tank army to pieces. You havetostay alive, so use your artilleries to overcome and survive thewarbase in this battle. Air Fighters puts you in the gunner seatofthe most powerful combat shooters. Strategically fire yourpowerfulmachines guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes ofenemiesacross the world. And by playing this game you will be ableto testyour Shooting skills in this air force war game. GameFeatures: -Realistic Helicopter shooting - Shooting simulator -Outstandingmusic & sounds - Amazing HD, 3D Graphics - High Techdrones -40+ challenging levels

App Information Air Fighters Gunship Battle 2018

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    Air Fighters Gunship Battle 2018
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    April 15, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ThundSky Dev Studio
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Through the ages, once getting chance to go to shoppingmalls,arcade and carnivals, you’ve always been drawn into grabingtoysand candy with a motorized claw. Carnival Prize Claw Machine3D2018 will meet your little wishes on your Android while addingmanyexciting new features! It’s not a complex game like aregenerationgame, a crane game, a paplinko, a mame or an akinator.If you haveto give a capsule description of it, first of all, thegame issuited to the population of girls and children, andred-bloodedboys may become dozers when playing the game. Second,the method ofclaw machine games is relatively simple, which issimilar torecogering a cute toy in the UFO catcher. Claw games arestuffedwith tension, because you don't know if the claw will dropyourprize, and because of that, you'll taste the joy of winningonceyou succeed! I guess your grammy Ada is also wantingthisgames. We have set up various hooked prizes, such as the cutiedollHaha, the alma toy Azar, plush Olivia, the backpacker Boo,someAster gems, a mass of prizes what you can call them Dnt,Grabber,Ang, Boc and Moly, and many are cuter than character modelswhatare in carnival. Come over to the machine and maneuver the clawtocatch coins, gems, stuffed animals, cars, dolls, and so manymorecute things! This claw game Carnival Prize Claw Machine 3D2018allows you to get more pleasure than you get from arcademachines,furthermore, Carnival Prize Claw Machine 3D 2018 isfilledwith all sorts of unique projects, powerful effects andchallengingmissions. Particular gems grant you bonuses toenhance yourcollection skills, and you can exchange the prizes youcollectedfor additional special bonuses. Tons of prizes aren't theonlything you can handle with: all the coins you collected can bespentto upgrade your claws, activate your unique and evencusto-madepowers. Stick at checking back to finish your collectionand unlockmore packing! Carnival Prize Claw Machine 3D 2018Features: - Morethan 60 prizes to collect! - Multiple machines owndifferentprizes, powers and exteriors! - A particular puzzle tocomplete foreach machine! - New custo-made machines with 3Dgraphics, claws andjoysticks! - Easy to operate along with tons ofmissions tochallenge your skills! - Earn more bonuses for enjoyingevery day!- Huge kinds of bonuses and effects! It's a game filledwithentertainment, as simple as you were playing slide.I'm sureyou'llbe addicted to this wonderful game during fortnight!