3.0 / November 11, 2014
(4.1/5) (1012)


Listen to Prasar Bharati's AIR FM Gold, VividhBharati, AIR FM Rainbow and AIR Urdu radio channels streamedthrough this App.

One of the biggest advantages of this App over most other RadioApps on play store is that it plays in the background too!

- News
- Music
- Songs
- Classical music
- Golden oldies
- Interviews
....and lots of other stuff

App Information AIR FM and Vividh Bharati

  • App Name
    AIR FM and Vividh Bharati
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 11, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 1.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Kshitij Dixit
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
  • Category
    News & Magazines
  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    1692, C Block Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon 122002, India
  • Google Play Link

AIR FM and Vividh Bharati Version History

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  • 3.0 (3) - Latest Version
  • AIR FM and Vividh Bharati 3.0 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /1/4
    Requires Android: Android 1.0+ (, API: 1)
    File Size: 874.6 kB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 8d1c8879f14514a74f74e9c5187738fc95661622
    APK Signature: 9400c3f88dc21e4c331b49182474b8312a3a8c42

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AIR FM and Vividh Bharati 3.0 APK
Kshitij Dixit
Listen to Prasar Bharati's AIR FM Gold, VividhBharati, AIR FM Rainbow and AIR Urdu radio channels streamedthrough this App.One of the biggest advantages of this App over most other RadioApps on play store is that it plays in the background too!- News- Music- Songs- Classical music- Golden oldies- Interviews....and lots of other stuff
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Derived from the Google Sky Map. So, containsall of its features.Just point to the sky and know the Indian (Sanskrit) andInternational name of the star, constellation, planet, starcluster, rashi or nakshatraContains all major stars, constellations, planets, rashis andnakshatrasIncludes manual mode - Browse the entire sky without goingoutsideIncludes time travel - See the Sky in Past or FutureAlso contains Messier Objects, major Nebulae, Galaxies, StarClusters, etc.Includes Search - Let the app guide you to the position of theastronomical body of your choice in skyOther Features - Automatic Location Detection, Night Mode,Meteor Showers, RA/Dec Grid, Zoom, etc.Contains Gallery - Beautiful photos and Sky positions of majorNebulae, Galaxies, Planets, Star Clusters, Hubble Deep Field,etc.Includes Indian (Sanskrit) names of all major stars,constellations and star clusters along with their Internationalnames.
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Welcome to a dreamReaders of newspapers have longed for variety,and viewers of news television have yearned for seriousness forages. Seasoned journalists acknowledge the deficit, but doubtexperiments will succeed. But someone must take the plunge and tryhard, we thought. The name we have given to this initiative is SirfNews. The first word in the bilingual term underscores the factthat all efforts to create an alternative media platform have hadless than satisfactory results. Lack of reports in the magazinesand portals run by citizen journalists owes to the absence of afundamental idea among them that an opinion cannot exist without afact to base it on. It’s the diagnosis of the malaise that wentawry.That people heading different newspapers and channels reflecttheir biases in political analyses is less of a problem. The biggerissue is that they are holding back reports that run contrary totheir liking. So, how can an alternative succeed if the informationwithheld by the mainstream is not unshackled by the media rebels?Of course, sirf (meaning “only”) does not mean we won’t express ouropinion; it points at our priority. We will react only after wehave first hand information of the action.Second, within themainstream, justice isn’t being meted out to the few subjects thatare covered routinely and passionately. India has been witnessingan era of heightened activism since 2011. Rabble rousers have beenreported on the front pages and talked of in prime time, but notone paper or channel got any of the stories fully right. Reports onthe national and regional parties are grossly deficient, too. Ourcontributors’ experience of spending days and nights on end withfull fledged as well as quasi-politicians is sure to offer oursubscribers unique insights into the war rooms. Then we have theJantar Mantar types; they demonstrate, fast, picket etc — allunnoticed by the people at large and uncared for by the state. Theycan now speak through us.Third, business reporting has been themost disappointing of all. A monotonous stock market page, a screenwith values of shares tediously rolling beneath or predictablequotes from CEOs and corporate communication heads do not reflectthe sector’s dynamism. If big-ticket corruption has occupiedsociety’s collective mind space for the past few years, why werethe wrongdoings not unearthed while they were transpiring beforewatchdogs like the Comptroller and Auditor General blew thewhistle? We seek to bridge this gap as well.As for variety, weought to make it flawless for experts and useful for the lay. Thebest in the legal profession, for example, will not be able to finda mistake in a report by our law correspondent. A report ongenetics cannot be rubbished by a geneticist. We will cover spaceexplorations, but not fantasise it like run-of-the-milljournalists. From the popular film industry, we need stories oftechnicians. When dealing with music, the words must surreallycreate a melodic atmosphere. Students will get lessons they can useat school. Home makers will find home remedies… And we will speakin all recognised languages of the country.This is a dream as ofnow. We need all kinds of ethical support from friends who sharethe dream — inspirational, manual, logistical, financial andpolitical — to see it come true. Together, we will make it happen.
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See what your car has been upto. Zeo car auto makes car healthtracking very simple. Following are the features that can be easilychecked through Zeo Auto:SpeedRPMBattery Engine coolanttemperatureAmbient air temperatureAccelerationBarometricPressureFuel PressureIntake Air TemperatureManifold air pressure(MAP)Mass airflow (MAF)Miles per gallon (Instant)Miles per gallon(Average)Engine powerTorqueBoostFuel rail pressure (FRP)CatalystTemperatureCoolant TemperatureO2 SensorLambdaAir to Fuel Ratio(AFR)0-60 mph time1/4 mile timeFuel Trim
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You can use the unique credentials includedinthis App on any number of your devices including Windows PC,Mac,iOS, other Android phones, etc. The credentials have no expiry.Andthere are no usage limits.Currently, our servers are in 8 regions throughout the world. Andwewill continue to upgrade our server capacity as we addusers.To Connect on iOS (using unique credentials included inthisapp)Go to Settings -> General -> VPN.Tap Add VPN Configuration....Tap Type. Select L2TP and go back.Tap Description and enter anything you like.Tap Server and enter VPN Server IP (included in the app).Tap Account and enter Your unique VPN Credentials (included intheapp).Tap Password and enter Your unique VPN Credentials (included intheapp).Tap Secret and enter Your VPN IPsec PSK (included in theapp).Make sure the Send All Traffic switch is ON.Tap Done.Slide the VPN switch ON.Similarly, other devices can also connect using thesamecredentials. Instructions for the same are widely available ontheinternet. If you need help, please write to [email protected]
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Aboard Offices is your one-stop destination to find flexiblecoworking spaces. Booking your perfect co-working space has neverbeen so easy; your workspace is just a click away. You can findprivate cabins, shared desks and furnished offices on the go!