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Air Force Pilot Training Game isallabout to rise a royal trained US army team for modernwarfare.Enter the air force basic training camp, you have penaltyofaircraft carrier like modern warplanes, f 18 fighter, jetplane,combat planes and many more air strikers are in this armybase forbest survival training.

Be one step ahead of your enemy, so army captain has decided tomakea best army convoy of air force attack to defend their nation,youare in one of that air force basic training camp cleardifferentscenario to be perfect in jet shooting & air forceattack amongenemy combat planes in this flight simulatorgame.

Enter into the air force training boot camp for combat trainingthatwill lead you to the best training for air force games. Getinto USarmy convoy and learn how to fly jet fighters or somethinguniqueabout jet shooting for defense. US air force training schoolgameswere never being so amazing; Step into the shoes of an airforcecommando as a one-man army see how tough is to step up fromordinaryto extraordinary.

So get ready for your first day at US air force army base asjuniorpilot with AIR FORCE ARMY TRAINING GAME!

Features of Air Force Pilot Training Game:

► Best Air Force Simulation Game With Real Modern Warplanes.
► Realistic Survival Training Like Fighter Jet Plane Flying AndJetShooting.
► Test Your Air Combat 3D Skills In Air Force FlightSimulatorGames.
► Ready For Battle With Your Modern F 18 Fighter Jets In ThisAirCombat 3D Game.
► Blend Of Aircraft Carrier And Army Base Courses In OnePack.

App Information Air Force Pilot Training Game

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    Air Force Pilot Training Game
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    March 22, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Alamgir Road, Bahadurabad. Karachi, Pakistan.
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Police Car Chase Driving School Simulation Police car criminalchase is a vital part of Police duty be it city police car driveror highway police car driver, Police Car Driving Simulator gameimproves the driving skills and prepare them for their police dutywhich are required for police car criminal chase and xcar driftracing. Super cars are all about thrill for speed and a longingneed for extra speed, that is where extreme car driving comes inwith crazy car chase, street car racing, assault pursuit areinvolved not to mention the flying cars around these days.Criminals of our time are well equipped with the latest sports racecars, to escape from crime scene, prison escape. Crazy cars chaseand assault pursuit racing cars are essential, for all Police carchase to stop a prison escape, xcar drift racing & illegalstreet racing. Criminals and Street racers are not the only oneswith sports cars, now our Police driving academy has hottest supercars for polishing driving skills of their new recruits, whether inthe city petrol or the highway patrol. Before you get to taste allthose extreme car driving you need skills and that come withtraining and Police Car Driving school just does that. Driving incar, weather is its sports cars, racing cars or even prisontransport bus, it more fun when you have the right skills for it.And since law enforcement agencies require high driving skills, tocatch criminals and terrorist as is not an easy task, Policedriving academy train new recruits with on street challenges, toperform their duties city police car driver or highway police carchase You thought school was over well think again, new recruits atthe police driving academy as a police officer, driving isessential part for police duty when it comes to car chase ortransporting jail criminals and terrorists, whether it’s on citystreet or off road. Good driver is a key for good police officer,driving a vital part of your duties, police car driving a car orhandling jail criminals transport, prison transport van or prisontransport bus. Features: • Police Car Simulation • Race TrackEnvironment • Racing Cars to Chase • Extreme Car Driving • CrazyCar Chase • Driving in Car Experience • Assault Pursuit • SuperRacing Cars • Multiple Steering Option to choose from. • Amazing 3DGraphic • Realistic Driving Experience • Amazing Police Car ChaseExperience • Free Carrier Mode, for simple driving pleasure. • MoreLevels coming soon
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