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Be captured by one of these cooking games where you get to know howa delicious dish is made and what ingredients you should use forit. This time you have the chance to get into Japan's book ofrecipes. Your plate will have the famous sushi rolls that are atraditional meal and contain mostly seafood. Not only that you getto make from scratch this meal, but you will also go through thesteps that must be accomplished in order to cook and serve thistype of food. Begin this culinary journey with the most importantstep: providing the required ingredients. Go to the supermarket andcheck the list so you will buy all that it takes to make sushi. Payat the cashier and return to the kitchen where you will performsome cleaning activities in order to be able to cook in there.Collect the garbage and throw it in the bin, the dishes must beemptied from leftovers and washed. The walls have stains thatshould be removed by one of the bought cleaning product. Remove thespider web and clean the countertop. In the next phase you will becutting the needed ingredients to be ready for the rolls. Assembleof them by the recipe and place it in a special microwave. Get thesushi out when the time is up and continue with the serving part.Before you can do anything you must decorate your delicious plateto make it look more appetizing. Add colors, put on some yummydetails and try to offer a tasty experience. Find some of the manyamazing features that come with this game in this section: -Traditional Japanese food to prepare and serve - Follow a recipe -Cleaning activities to perform - Free to play - Easy control of thegame - Cool interface and lovely soundtrack - Shop and cookresponsible - See how a sushi roll is made and how it should bedecorated - Tasty accessories to complete your dish - Multiplechores around the kitchen to accomplish

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You have to be aware of the gravity of this puppy’s condition andyou need to start right away his treatment so the recovery couldbegin just in time. Join this animal game to discover your innerskills when it comes to handle an injured puppy that requires aserious attention because of his damage and if you want to make himhappy you are going to offer him a special treatment once with thenursing. Perform the medical steps accurately and don’t miss any ofthem because each one has an important role for this labrador andhe is getting well once you’ve made those. Take a look on the toolsyou’ll be using while you reach the part of his body that needs tobe treated. Clean the harm area, apply the skin antiseptic, bandagehis broken paw, handle his red eyes and in the end inject somevitamins for power. The bath phase implies a funny part where youand the puppy are playing with a whale to entertain this littleguy. Wash his fur and then use the dryer to arrange it. Add a sprayto confer a shiny look, but try to keep that messy lovable aspecttoo. Have fun and practice your skills while you are trying to bethe best when it comes to take care of a little labrador withreally bad issues. Keep looking for him and make sure you use allthose tools you’ve got for this kind of problem. There are manyfeatures this game offers like: - The opportunity to take care of acute pet - Develop nursing skills and understand the medicalprocedure needed - Spoil a labrador puppy with a foaming bath -Learn how to take an appropriate care of a dog and practice for thereal life - Free and easy to play - Cheerful background music andcool graphics - Variety of tools and different stages to accomplishthe process
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This magical race is a pretty rare one and also you could say theyneed a special treatment and for sure a lot of your attention. Youare about to offer your care and love for this little unborn babyfairy dragon who needs an immediate intervention because of hiscondition. Begin with the cleaning part where you are responsiblefor the way the egg will crack and how the shell will keep the babysafe until the proper moment to get out will come along. Make sureyou verify the way the baby stays in the egg with the ultrasounddevice. Each phase will prepare the egg for the final stage andpretty much for the real world. Be careful how you touch it andwhen the time come you will know that the baby needs to be put inthe incubator for the last procedure before it will be born. Waitthat necessary time and then help him out to crack the shell sohe'll be able to get out. Before you will surrender to his mommy,you might like to add some personal touches to his style. Choosethe colorful accessories and play with those wonderful details youcould chance, the eyes, the wings and the clothing too. Once you'vefinished this part, the baby dragon should be happy if you followedthe instructions and do it in the right order. You can have a lotof fun if you know how to handle this situation, be responsible andalso try to learn the importance of a proper care. You must look atthese interesting features this game brings for your entertainment:- Cool procedure to execute - Easy gameplay - Learn the importanceof the shell for animals that give birth using eggs - Dress thebaby and use plenty of those colorful accessories you've got inthere - Ensure a safe and pleasant environment for a birth - Takingcare of a cute little animal - Variety of tools and processes toaccomplish - Free to play - Joyful music and pretty interface
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First, you need to make sure you get rid of that unpleasantcondition where he is put in. Start the treatment phase and use theequipment you dispose of. A horse health could be recognized by thecondition of his hoofs and it seems like this dude needs your helpto improve his. Besides the cleaning part, you are also put toredesign her outfit in order to make her look nice and all cleanedup. Keep up with the following instructions you've got to do andthen ensure a funny cute look for this little buddy. Make sure thefur is all washed up and shiny. You should focus on the part whereyou wash the fur and arrange her hair. Apply the shampoo, rub itwell and cut the hair that seems to stay rebel and messy.Accomplish the spa challenges and keep going on with all the thingsthat need to be done. Now you can be able to move to the next phasethat includes some designing abilities in which you should use yourimagination. Put on colorful accessories, add a nice outfit maybeyou could even try to combine the look with your personal style.Use the color you like for the horse hair and make sure you applyall the little details that will make your horse a real stallion.At the last part, you have even an interactive game to play, thatwill definitely train your rider skills to become the best in thebarn. Collect the bonus points and the lives that you will meetalong the racing. The more you gather the happier the horse willbe. So, knock yourself out! There are several things you shouldlook after in this game once you play it: - Cool procedure toexecute - Taking care of a cute little animal - Interactive game toplay - Ride and decorate in the same game - Use what it takes tomake the pain go away - Variety of tools and processes toaccomplish - Free and easy to play - Nursing and designing in thesame game - Joyful music and pretty interface - Ensure a safe andpleasant environment for a little horse
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If you ever wondered about how is like to have a baby boy with allthe responsibilities that comes with the joy, this kids game isoffering you the answer. Be ready to join the parental world wherethe needs of the baby are far more important than yours. It’s easyto get dirty as a little boy, that’s why the bath requires a littlebit more effort in cleaning and maintain the things quietly. Whileyou are washing him make sure you distract him enough with thosetoys he has so you’ll be able to offer him a proper bath that willremove all the dirt. Clean his hair then move to the body until thewashing is no longer necessary. Now you’ll dry him, you’ll apply aface cream to remove the dead cells and right after you’ll powderhim with talcum powder. Change his diaper and get him dress up forthe next phase: the feeding. That implies to prepare the food forhim and because at his time he begin the diversification you’ll bejuggling with a multitude of food. Take the order of his needs andgive him enough until he is pleased and happy. Either you’ll beoffering milk, flakes, cake or a sandwich make sure you put thenapkin around his neck so he won’t get dirty. Clean his face fromthe crumbs and take each task serious because your mission is totake care of this baby boy as it should be. Practice to become agood parent or a great babysitter. There are some cool featuresthis game has and you might want to take a quick look: - The chanceto make a baby boy clean and happy - Following some indications toget things done - Understand the bathing and the feeding processes- Offer him a various meal and fulfill his desires - Get himdressed and use the proper clothing for the eating part - Easycontrol of the game - Free to play - Entertaining background music- Learn how to look after a baby
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After a long day spent offering help and being a good boy, Samyfind out that he might get sick if he stay too long near theflowers because he could be allergic to the pollen. This baby gameis giving you the opportunity to take care of an ill boy whodoesn’t enjoy the dust appearance. First you need to check him tounderstand the medical condition he is in, after that you are goingto treat each sickness in part with the right method and also makeeverything look normal. You have to take care of that rashes thatappeared on his face and the basic thing you’ll have to do is toapply powder and moisture the area in order to make them disappear.There is a stomach ache that have to be treated too, use the propertools you’ve got to eliminate all those bacteria and viruses.Inject some vitamins and use the syrup to rush the recovery becausethe healthier is the boy the happier will be. Your job as a nurseis over and now you’ll have to try the part where you are a fashiondesigner. Take your time, make a rational decision and think aboutthe style you’ll adopt for this baby boy to make him look nicer,but not too fancy for his age. Assemble those piece of clothing andcreate a wonderful outfit that will bring a fantastic experience toshare. Look for these features of the game: - Easy control of thegame - Possibility to develop nursing skills - Offer a new andfashion outfit for this baby boy - Multiple ways to dress a cutelittle boy - Great tools and practical techniques to learn - Majorrole in making this patient feel better again - Helping out a severrecovery and understanding the process - Interesting experience andnew abilities in taking care - Free to play - Cool background musicand graphics
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This cooking game brings, beyond the process itself, the recipethat should you exactly what to do and even better you'll be guidedthe whole time because that is the best way to learn how things aredone. So don't waste any minute and grab a big bowl where you'll bemaking the dough. There are some important rules to follow anddifferent stages that need a special type of attention anddedication, make sure you get through all successfully and look atthe instructions so you won’t destroy anything. The process isactually a bit different than the other cakes because you beginwith the fruits that need to be put in the syrup. Keep adding therequested ingredients, like eggs, sugar, flour, nuts, andchocolate. Mix it well and place the dough in the oven. When isdone place on top of it the other layers and go straight to thedecoration part. Make sure you accomplish all the given tasksbecause once you've done it you'll be able to cook it even better.Add some chopped strawberries and sprinkle some decorations aboveall. You have to decorate the bottom as you wish, so don't be shyand try something colorful and creative. Keep testing your bakingskills and try a different design next time. The whole secret is tohave fun while you are playing and once you are doing that there isno chance you couldn't create a culinary masterpiece. There aremany interesting features this game provides and you are free tocheck them in the section below: - Gain experience and find theperfect combination of taste and look - Improving or gainingcooking skills - Introducing yourself to the baking world - Theopportunity to be a baker and a designer as well - Creating adelicious piece of heaven - Learn the recipe and do it for yourself- Free and easy to play - Cool background sounds and graphics