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You are an air traffic controller at various real-world airports.Strive to keep airplanes separated, while avoiding midaircollisions. The sixth game in the Airport Madness series includesnew features, such as assignable arrival and departure runways,different game modes, human pilot voices, and radar. We've added aplayer efficiency meter, to show controllers how well they areperforming. Click on the aircraft to display their individualcontrol panels. Provide takeoff clearances only when runways appearto be clear of other aircraft.

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    Airport Madness: World Edition
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    June 22, 2016
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Airport Madness 3D 1.603 APK
Big Fat Simulations proudly offers you the seventh version ofAirport Madness, now offering players a 3D control towerperspective. Be an air traffic controller at Los AngelesInternational Airport, Boston Logan, LaGuardia, Toronto Island,Vancouver Harbour float plane base, Jamaica, and Rocky MountainMetropolitan. Airport Madness 3D also includes a forest firefighting operation at Castlegar. There is a choice of fourdifferent view perspectives: tower view, runway view, sky view, andpilot view. In this version, we include two radar screens: one forairborne traffic and one for ground traffic. Aircraft flightcharacteristics are highly realistic. Aircraft actually raise theirnose during the takeoff rotation and during the landing flare, justlike they do in real life. Part of what makes Airport Madness funis the high speed at which things happen. In real life, thingshappen much slower. For seven years, we've been telling gameplayers that Airport Madness is a game, not a simulation. WhileAirport Madness 3D offers a decent level of realism, we are mainlytrying to make this game fun. We are using real earth data formountains and surrounding landscape, as seen in the images, but ourairports were built by us from scratch. We've worked hard tocompare our game to that of 3D simulations that are currently forsale elsewhere, and what we feel everybody wants is a game that'seasy to play, is lots of fun, and highly addictive. Thank you forbeing a customer!
Airport Madness 4 1.03 APK
Airport Madness 4 is finally available for Android tablets! Get itnow at an introductory price of $2.99. The desktop version has hadmore than 100,000 downloads, and sells for $15.Airport Madness 4 isa fun, addictive air traffic control game. Control passenger jetsand military aircraft into and out of busy airports. This app isloaded with complex airports and fun challenges. Handle a runwayclosure during a snow storm. Land fighter jets on aircraftcarriers. Witness UFO activity in Area 51.In Airport Madness 4 youare an air traffic controller, managing airplanes as they travel toand from major international airports. Move airplanes as quickly aspossible while keeping the skies and runways safe from midaircollisions. You are the last line of defense against disaster. Doyou have what it takes to handle the world's most stressfuljob?Airport Madness 4 offers real pilot voices, bad weather,emergencies, and a radar scope. Helicopters, float planes and spaceshuttles are just a few of the new and interesting aircraft youwill see. In addition, there are new control features such as'vectoring' and runway changes. Airport Madness 4 is a must-havegame for any aviation enthusiast. It's incredibly simple to learn,yet insanely addictive and challenging. Choose from six uniqueairports, including a dozen different airport challenges. Ourrevamped physics engine offers smoother motion and more realisticaircraft behavior. The addition of several new aircraft willchallenge your ability to recognize performance differences betweendifferent aircraft types, such as the Boeing 747, Airbus A380 andeven the Concorde!
Radar Chaos: World Edition 1.301 APK
Radar Chaos is an air traffic control game that offers a balancedmix of fun and realism, guaranteed to raise your anxiety level.This simulation offers five different airspaces, containingreal-world detail. The procedures are tailored to promote thelikelihood of midair conflict.We recommend that players drinkcoffee, or another caffeinated beverage, while they play. You willneed to have your wits about you while you play. Keep your eyeballsmoving! You never know when you are about to have a midaircollision on your radar screen.Control air traffic at one of thesefive sectors:Los Angeles InternationalLas Vegas McCarranHongKongLondon HeathrowRio De Janeiro
Airport Madness: World Edition 173 APK
You are an air traffic controller at various real-world airports.Strive to keep airplanes separated, while avoiding midaircollisions. The sixth game in the Airport Madness series includesnew features, such as assignable arrival and departure runways,different game modes, human pilot voices, and radar. We've added aplayer efficiency meter, to show controllers how well they areperforming. Click on the aircraft to display their individualcontrol panels. Provide takeoff clearances only when runways appearto be clear of other aircraft.
Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2 1.302 APK
You asked for more airports! Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2 offerseight new airports, new aircraft, more gates, and sharper detail.Like the first volume, Airport Madness 3D gives players a3-dimensional air traffic control experience, from a control towerperspective. Push traffic as quickly as you can, while avoidingmidair collisions. Choose good weather or bad, adjust the towerheight to your preference, then do your best to manage jet trafficinto and out of eight different real-world airports. Listen tohuman pilot voices as the aircraft obey your every command. Scanyour radar screens for potential conflicts between aircraft. Viewthe action from the Pilot Cams, the Sky Cam, Tower Cam or RunwayCam. • New York John F. Kennedy
 Toronto Pearson
 San Francisco
 Lukla Nepal
 Hong Kong
 Chicago O'Hare Inaddition to a UI refresh, the big change since Volume 1 is theall-new Career Stats page, which lets you track your ongoingperformance history across all eight airports. It feels real! Ourterrain is built from real-world earth data. Airport designs arebased on real-world layouts. Game play has been designed byreal-world air traffic controllers and commercial pilots. Even theaircraft flight characteristics are highly realistic.
Approach Control 1.00 APK
Approach Control is a highly realistic air traffic controlsimulation, designed by real world air traffic controllers. It usesauthentic pilot voices.This app is designed to give aviationenthusiasts a taste of the world's greatest job. The radar behaviorin this app is identical to that of real-world air traffic controlradar screens, utilizing a 3-second sweep that air trafficcontrollers are accustomed to. Much work has been done to make sucha complex job fit inside the palm of your hand.You are the approachcontroller whose job is to manage arriving passenger jets atvarious busy airports. Establish arriving aircraft onto 'finalapproach' as safely and efficiently as possible. As in the realworld of ATC, you must walk a very fine line between being cautiousand being expeditious. A top notch air traffic controller knows howto bring planes in 'tight', without breaking the 'three milerule'.Keep all aircraft at least THREE MILES apart or at least 1000FEET VERTICALLY apart. That's your job in a nutshell! Earn extrapoints by establishing the planes onto final approach without extrawasted space.Air traffic controlling is achieved by assigning amixture of three things: HEADING, SPEED, and ALTITUDE. Use thesethree tools to achieve safety and efficiency.A successful airtraffic controller must remain CALM, COOL and COLLECTED, known asthe 'three C's'. Who knows, you may one day use these skills andapply for a real ATC job! Find out why real-world air trafficcontrollers have nerves of steel.
Airport Madness 2 1.0 APK
Do you have what it takes to be an air traffic controller at a busyinternational airport?

As an air traffic controller, it is yourjob to keep aircraft from colliding, while avoiding unnecessarydelays. You are paid the big bucks for your visualization skillsand guts. Just like the real job of an air traffic controller, youmust pay attention and keep your eyes moving. There is alwayssomething that you could be doing! You must give takeoffclearances, landing clearances and taxi clearances in a strategiceffort to maintain safety and efficiency where there wouldotherwise be total chaos. This is not a spectator's sport! Aftersuccessful completion of all 14 levels of this simulation you willbecome an expert at visualization and managing priorities.

Thissimulation contains 7 different challenging airport layouts. Youwill be required to work at night, and occasionally in poor weatherconditions. Knowledge of air traffic control is not required to bea top-notch air traffic controller in Airport Madness, but you dorequire nerves of steel. There are two airports to choose from, andyou have the choice of playing a levels-based game, or acontinuous-play game.Airport Madness 2 offers: • Two airportlayouts • 7 levels per airport layout • Option for continuous-playwith adjustable air traffic intensity • Absolutely no ads •Absolutely no in-app purchasesAs an air traffic controller in thisgame, your job is to keep aircraft from colliding, while trying toavoid creating unnecessary delays. You will have to pay attentionand keep your eyes moving. As in real life, there is alwayssomething you should be doing. You must give takeoff clearances,landing clearances and taxi clearances in a strategic effort tomaintain safety and efficiency where there would otherwise be totalchaos.EARN A BIG SALARYYour starting salary is $30,000 and yourwage increases, based on your efficiency. Don't let the aircraftwait! As they sit on the taxiway waiting, you lose money. Keep themmoving! There will always be airplanes waiting at the gate, waitingfor a takeoff clearance, or waiting to cross a runway.Safety first!Don't push it. If you don't think there will be enough time tosqueeze out an airplane, let him sit. If you have three crashes,your game is over. You're washed up! Finished!!
Airport Time Machine 1.01 APK
You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As timeprogresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a majorinternational airport in 1970. Witness WW2, the flying mail servicein the 1920's, the breaking of the sound barrier, and birth of thepassenger jet.60 different levels;40 different aircraft types;3different eras, including future, plus an '1802 steampunk' era.ThePC/Mac version of this game retails for $15. The price is reducedto build our Google Play rating. GRAB THIS GAME NOW!!