/ July 27, 2018
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Become an airport manager! Let’s enjoy airport life in averybeautiful airplane looking like a toy. Learn the general jobdutieswith thrilling fun in an educational airplane simulation.Manageand supervise all the operations in the airport and help thecrews.Run the airport management task with super excellent skillslike areal-life manager and cashier. Welcome to the bestlearning,entertaining and time management game. It's the best timeto enjoyvacations with an enjoyable traveling experience. Releaseyourmanagement inspirations. Let’s start the airline operations asabest airport manager and cashier. Help the customers ontheirinternational flights. Make a pleasurable environment with thebestsecurity services. Look after the equipment’s, aircraft andcrews.Wash the airplane with detergents and clean for the new ride.Carryout the necessary inspections of customers, crews, and allthestaff members to make sure the safety of the airport. Useyourprofound managing abilities to complete the securityscreeningprocess. Check the passenger’s luggage, theiridentification, visa& other documents and complete the personalsecurity checkprocess. Provide necessary facilities to thepassengers to maketheir journey memorable. Airport cashier workstarts here. Beingthe best airport manager and cashier serviceprovider, Handle thecash activities and manage the shop. You willlearn a lot aboutdata entry tasks and real-life cash registersimulation. Offerin-flight services and supermarket facility wherethey can buyanything of their choice. Customers can shop for fastfoods, bakeryproducts, cold drinks, girls fashion items, beautifuldresses,jewelry and many more things. When the customer buys theitem, addthem in the cart and generate the bill. Enter the cash inthe cashregister and manage the supermarket cash book. Serve yourcustomerwith a smile and make them happy!Enjoy the airport manager&cashier fun with all the frills of taking the plane forexcitingvacations. While playing this game you can learn manyfunactivities, how to handle the airport operations, how to runtheplane, how to repair and wash the aircraft, how to do shoppingin asupermarket and how to manage cash transactions. Player of allagescan equally enjoy this amazing & most relaxingairportmanagement game.

App Information Airport Manager and Cashier Service

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    Airport Manager and Cashier Service
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    July 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Frolickids Studio
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After the success of Christmas cake factory and Makeup kit factoryfrolickids studio here presents an exciting addition to the factoryseries “Glitter Cosmetic Box Cake Factory”. While traditional cakesappeal to many cake lovers, others are looking for cakes in newshapes and featuring new flavors, including cosmetic-based cakes.Glitter Cosmetic Box Factory is here to create the dream flavorcakes of makeup boxes even if they did not exist yet. Kids andlittle chefs come to cook a classic, light, bright-flavored glittercosmetic box cake with different fruits, berries, and creams toprove you the best artistic cook of the time. Try something new anddelicious with the glitter makeup box on the top of the cakes.Little chefs give your cake an incredible cosmetic makeover anddesign with a yummy dessert featuring in a unique gameplay. Showyour creativity and cooking skills by making wonderful makeup itemcombinations with tons of fresh creams and beautiful toppers.Choose your favorite style makeup box and decorate your cake withthe same style to show your designer skills in the cookingadventure. Girls and kids will definitely love playing this game asthey realize that they can have any flavor they want for theircake, including elements with makeup, from the traditionalchocolate cake to new glitter cosmetic box toppings. It’s a girl’schoice cake making and baking fun and adventure mania. Cake loversare embracing the trend that being delicious is beautiful in and ofit which can be done in the glitter cosmetic box cake factory.Enjoy baking the most beautiful light and delicate flavors, whichseems versatile, as it can be folded, torn, printed on, and paintedwith the beautiful metallic luster dust or edible glitters of freshcreams. In order to design for the contemporary little cake lovers,it’s important to look at the world for inspiration from a varietyof cosmetic items. Understanding the elements and principals ofdesign as well as embracing cultural trends allows us to play withcake in new ways. Therefore baking a cake inspired by makeup boxeshelps to create something yummy, beautiful and mouthwatering whichis loved by everyone. Glitter Cosmetic Box Cake factory is idealfor the little girls and chefs who may not want the traditionalfresh or sugar flower only but desire to bake cakes based on makeupthemes.
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Choose from a variety of professional makeup kits from popularbrand names and find the perfect set for a gorgeous look. Themakeup kit factory helps to prepare all the things which every girlneed to have in their makeup kits. Girls join us to learn toprepare best makeover items for every skin tone and satisfy thegirls from your factory products. The girl’s makeup kit includesall the essential makeup accessories and items for the makeover.You don't need to be confused by the thousands of products on thecosmetic shelves. From eyelash curlers to kabuki brushes, there areso many makeup tools on the market that it can be tough to figureout exactly what you need in your makeup kit. But all of them areexpensive and needs a lot of time to decide what is best for you.The cosmetic kit factory provides the solution to prepare your ownmakeup kit with all the desired items for completing your makeover.The routine makeup item includes Moisturizer, Concealer, SettingSpray & Powder, Contour, Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer, Mascara,Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, False Eyelashes, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, LipLiner, Lip Balm & Treatment, Lip Sets, Brushes &Applicators with Accessories including Makeup Bags & TravelCases, Tweezers & Eyebrow Tools, Eyelash Curlers, MakeupRemovers, Blotting Papers, Nail Polish, Manicure & PedicureTools, Glitter, High Shine, Shimmer, Loose powder, Pencil, Pressedpowder, Serum, Spray, Stick, Polish. Girls if you're ready to stepyourself up with excellent makeup but don't want to waste money onunnecessary items, we've got your back with an excellent makeupfactory. Here you can learn to manufacture yourself all the thingswhich help to complete your perfect look for the next party or anyspecial gathering. It’s not only just lipstick making fun but alsoincludes nail polish, hair colors maker which proves to be the bestmodels, princess makeup factory or a royalty makeup maker game.Makeup Kit factory has rounded up the must-have cosmetic kit itemsnothing more, nothing less to satisfy the girls' needs withoutwasting their time. Not only are they easy for every girl to use,they've been put to the test and have quickly become pro favorites,too. Discover exactly what you need to have on hand with ourselects of makeup preparation in the makeup kit factory. Aftersuccessfully making the cosmetic products of girls now it’s time todeliver all the products to the cosmetic shops. Pack all the itemsin the makeup kits and wrap them in the beautiful boxes. Supply themakeup items on different makeup shops, parlors, and salon andsatisfy your customers.
Build a bicycle making factory 1.0 APK
After the success of Quad Bike Factory here we present Build abicycle making factory under the platform “frolickids”studio.Little manufacturer! Whether you're looking for a work ofart or a rideable frame or both there's a method for every skilllevel when building your own bicycle. If you have tinkered withyour bicycle, but are not an expert you can get basic and advancedtraining of making and building a bike in this vehicle factory.Enjoy the bicycle maker and building factory simulator in a veryfun and entertaining gameplay. Bicycle making factory offers thereal world factory simulation with incredible vehicles and advancedrepairing plant. Build a bicycle making factory provides a guide tobuilding up a bike from parts. The game helps you get the parts andtools you need to get you pedaling along in no time. Build theBicycle Factory First of all, build the bicycle factory and garagewhere you will start your vehicles assembling procedure. Thefactory building process requires bricks, cement, sand, andmachinery. Bicycle Parts to Manufacture The first step in buildinga frame is to design the frame you intend to build. Here is a listof parts you'll need: Frame, Fork, Headset, Rear derailleur, Frontderailleur (optional), Brakes, Brake Levers, Shifters, Headset,Cable guide, 2 x derailleur cables, 2 x brake brakes, 4' derailleurhousing, 4' brake housing, cranks, bottom bracket, pedals, wheels,cassette, chain, seat post, seat, seat clamp, brake hangers front /rear if you use cantilever brakes, stem, handlebars, tires/tubes.Enjoy super exciting bicycle factory building, bicyclemanufacturing, repair workshop, mechanical garage and design salongame designed for kids and little boys. Bicycle Assembling ToolsForthe assembling of the bicycle parts you need following tools chaintool, Allen keys, wire cutters, pedal wrench, hacksaw, nuts/boltsor headset press, adjustable wrench, bottom bracket tool, andscrewdriver. Besides these, modern machines are also installed inthe bicycle building factory. When you complete finishing thebicycle manufacturing work be ready to test ride it now. Doublecheck everything is tight, check the brakes, the cables, the barand the stem. Ride it and have fun.
Kite Flying maker and factory game 1.0 APK
Kite Flying maker and factory is the boys and kids most favoriteplay now available on the smartphone.Flying a kite is a great wayto spend a windy day outside. Instead of going out and buying one,you can easily make one at home with a few basic materials. You canmake your kite any color or length you want, and you can make itwith or without dowels. Flying a kite is the best activity in thefree time and give long hours of entertainment. Make yourselfexpert in kite flying and kite making activities. Kite Flying makerand factory game is designed for kids and little boys who like tofly kite in the sky. In this amazing factory simulation, you willlearn through step by step process of making kites with differenteasy techniques. Make your own kite, do not pay any penny for thispurpose and challenge your friends for next kite flyingcompetition. Little kids and boys are welcomed to become the partof this crazy kite flying mania. It’s time to show your draftingand creativity skills. Unleash your ingenuity to make the kite withkite making skills and able to start kite tournament. Kite Flyingmaker and factory invited you to Get ready to become the best kitemaker in the town and start kite making process. The materialrequired to make a beautiful kite includes:-Paper-Cardstock-Tape-Glue-Scissors-Ribbon-Twine-Two bamboo dowels KiteMaking ProcessAt the initial step of kite making process hold thepaper with which you are going to make your kite. Fold your paperin half diagonally. Crease the paper well and open it up again.After this create the desired structure or shape. Use the dowel tocombine the structure and taped the entire smaller dowel. Arc thedowel and cut the extra tape from its edges. Glue the ribbon andmake the colorful tail. Kite is ready for a flight in the sky. Giveeach kite a final visual inspection before it is packaged anddelivered to the shops for supply.Kite Flying maker and factory isexclusively designed for kite flying lovers.
Cooking Christmas Cake Factory 1.0 APK
Enjoy Christmas cake mania by cooking, baking and decoratingChristmas cakes in the best cake bakery in lucknow game. LittleGirls and kids! No need to open cookbook and recipes videos whichrequire hours of learning to make you perfect for kids cooking.Cooking Christmas cake factory provides you a dedicated foodcooking solution with recipes from top chefs. Cooking Christmascake factory is the best bakery shop in the town providingChristmas feast. Kids it’s time to use your master chef skills toprovide the best Christmas cakes in the town. In the preparation ofChristmas cakes heavy sweets and creams are used instead of otheringredients to spread delight everywhere. Kids and girls can learnto bake a rich, moist and delicious cake with variety of greatflavors including, Ice Italian cake, Berry ice cake, peach cobblericecream, chocolate cake, molten lava cake, fresh cream cake, dryfruit cake, vanilla buttercream, Luscious Lemon, Grand Marnier,Hazelnut Almond, Ginger Spice, Spiked Red Velvet, Coffee and Cream,Bananas Foster.To cook the Christmas cake you can follow the simplesteps which helps to make the yummy and delicate cake for theChristmas guest.Preheat oven to 350 degrees and Grease the squarepan. Beat eggs in a small bowl until very thick. Add the sugar andthe vanilla, beating well.Combine the flour, baking powder, andsalt. Add the flour mixture in three parts, alternating with thewhipping cream, mixing until combined. Pour the batter into theprepared pan.Bake in preheated oven until a toothpick inserted nearthe center comes out clean, 30 to 40 minutes.After cooking cooldown the cake and cut into desired shapes. Uncover the cake, theninvert onto a plate; remove the spring form ring and the remainingplastic wrap. Cover the top and sides with the whipped cream. Topwith the reserved berries, candies, cream and remaining fruitmixture.Make the remarkable shapes with different flavoredtoppings, use fruits, berry, fresh cream, chocolate syrup, andcandies to decorate the cake. Apply red and white color on the cakeand design the Cake to spread happiness. Bake a beautiful anddelicious Christmas cake with the best Cooking Christmas Cakefactory mania.
Surgery Tools making factory 1.0 APK
Little girls, boys and kids, frolickids Studio is back with a knockof latest surgery tools factory simulator and maker of factorygames series. Surgery tools factory is as much fun as mineral waterfactory and robot factory. Be a super crazy surgical tools producerto build, design and make the surgical tools in an original andentertaining game. Get the unmatched experience and exclusiveknowledge of designing and manufacturing constraints for theorthopedic industry. Help the doctors to Prepare for surgeryanytime, anywhere with the latest surgical tools. Build the medicalequipment and tools in your own factory. frolickids studios inviteyou to Learn some basic tips to open store for surgical instrumentsand implants. Little players! Surgery tool-making factory will helpyou learn and pass your surgical tech providing a thoroughknowledge of the metal, alloys, and polymer manufacturingtechniques. Here you will learn about Surgical Instruments, theirnames and their manufacturing method with modern machines. Surgicaland Medical Instruments making factory is specifically meant forall professionals who work in Surgery, Medical Students andDoctors, Scrub Nurses to get the tools Designed in expert hands.Play this fun-filled exciting game presented by frolickids studiosand Get the amazing experience to make Professional Surgical Toolswith Innovative Designing and layout. Little boys, girls, and kidsthis game are designed for you where you can safely and ethicallymanufacture, service and supply Surgical Instruments for the Publicand Private Healthcare Sector and provide accurate information,flexibility and continuous quality improvement in the surgicaltools business. Use your surgical instrument making experience todesign and produce the best quality surgery tools with less time.Offer your services to the customer to innovative new things forsurgery, become the specialist manufacturer and repairer ofhigh-quality surgical instruments.Make high-quality tools Forgedand finished with surgical-grade steel. surgical instrumentsinclude a wide variety of Bender's, Compressors, needles, tweezers,hemostat, surgical drills, Cutters, Distractor, retractors, bone& disc prep, calipers, handles, inserters, rongeurs, andGrippers. Get the specialized training to be on top of the list ofskilled instrument manufacturer and technicians. Crazy fun part ofthis building and factory game is that you’ll build your own tools.So kids: design, build and sell the surgery tools in this excitingsurgical tools making a factory of frolickids studios.
Princess Glitter Makeup Box Cake Factory 1.0 APK
After the success of cosmetic kit factory, and party ice cream cakefactory frolickids proudly present a new addition to our cakemaking and factory series “Princess Glitter Makeup Box CakeFactory”. Everyone especially girls and kids loves the cake, make avariety of makeup cakes by yourself to enjoy the cooking adventurewith makeup kit decoration fun. Trained yourself to become theworld’s best cake baker and kitchen chef. Bake and ready princessglitter makeup cakes in the makeup box cake factory like a realcake master. The game is full of sweet, delicious makeup themedcakes for girls and kids. To bake the desired cake, first of all,you need to shop all the necessary items and ingredients from thesuperstore, and experience real-time cooking process withoutgetting help from your mom. Every girl wants to look like a realprincess for party, wedding and birthday events, so we think thatour newest makeup game called Princess Glitter Makeup Box CakeFactoryWill give the girls an excellent chance to imagine how tochange their look for the party with glitter makeup items. The funof cooking becomes double when cosmetics box is designed with thefresh cream and puddings of cake. All the things are included ascake decorations which are needed to complete the girl’s makeoverand look them like a real princess.Facial makeup is an act ofchanging the appearance of the original true shape with the help ofcosmetic ingredients and materials. Therefore girls feel happy tolook the makeup items as toppings on the cake. In the PrincessGlitter Makeup Box Cake FactoryThe cosmetic items serve as caresubstances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the humanbody. Step into your kitchen and whip up some incredible makeupcake designs including fancy makeup cakes and princess withcosmetic box cake by showing your creativity in the cookingprocess. Little kitchen master! Learn how to make a DIY Makeup cakewith girls favorite glitter makeup toppings in this crazy PrincessGlitter Makeup Box Cake Factory game of frolickids studio.
Convertible Roadster Car Factory - Maker & Builder 1.0 APK
Welcome to the Convertible roadster car factory simulator where youare going to learn how to make roadster cars. Assemble differentparts of the car with great care and make sure everything isaccording to the demands of the customers. Let’s start assembling aconvertible roadster car in the modern car factory. Roadster Carsare used in the marathon long-distance endurance race, where superfast cars are needed with additional features along with the racingcars. With modern Roadster car, you can easily drive in sunny,rainy and dark roads. Are you ready for an exciting factory andmanufacturing game? Now is the right time to start production onthe freeway. If you are looking for real world factory games forkids, boys and girls then you are on the right platform offrolickids studio. Join our factory to successfully designautomobiles that fit public tastes. Now it’s very easy to Run a newconvertible car factory and turn it into the best automobilemanufacturing enterprise in the world. Build your own cars withmodern tools and equipment, create unique models with newmachinery, make your employees happy and delighted with your soundmanagement. Please, your customers design your own car showroomwhere you can display all the models of convertible roadster carwhich you have built them all in your factory. To make yourself ontop of the automobile manufacturer you need to Manage & evolveyour workers from worlds best employees. Design the factory,Improve your factory work and showrooms to attract customers fromall over the world. Assemble and design modern vehicle and theirparts with the best mechanical tools available. So much fun iswaiting for you in this convertible roadster car factory. Are youready for this exciting manufacturing and assembling adventure?Let’s get going!