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This is an app for measuring rate of fire of Airsoft (Paintball toi suppose) guns in full auto mode.It uses sound recordings andmeasures the difference between peaks to get rate of fire..1.Record gun sound, a second or two is needed.2. Move markers to agood portion of sound.3. adjust threshold until red dots appear onall the top peaks.4. Rate of fire is shown.Features.* Customrecorder, allowing selection of recording source depending on yourdevice.* Vertical Sliders to pick the beginning and end of theuseful sound portion.* Vertical Slider tabs can be moved up/downfor better viewing.* Horizontal Slider to exclude the waveformbelow the position from the calculation.* Save your recordings.*Share the calculation. (Not yet implemented).* Enter your usualmagazine capacity and show how long to empty the mag.* Use anexternally recorded wav file. (Not yet implemented).Please note,this is dependent on quality of the sound, some microphones onphones appear too sensitive.PERMISSIONS:RECORD_AUDIO - needed torecord.INTERNET - for trial & Metric recording, Crashreporting.WAKE_LOCK - so phone does not sleep whilerecording.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - files are stored on SDCard.READ_PHONE_STATE - for phone ID used in-app billing, Metricrecording, Crash Reporting.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to find out ifdata connection is available.BILLING - for in applicationbilling.LOCATION - for advert.There is an in-app purchase to removeadverts!Note: this app uses google analytics.

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    Airsoft Rate Of Fire
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    September 17, 2013
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Mathew Winters
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    PRIVATE Clearbrook St Christchurch New Zealand
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