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The AJ+ app brings a new dimension to mobilestorytelling through a collection of fresh and engagingcontent.

Our content is broken down and presented in cards -:

- Video cards feature compelling and informative videocontent

- Conversation cards feature a broad question and communityconversations

- Art cards feature infographic style news content

- Debate cards feature a question and community responses

- Quiz cards feature an interactive Q/A experience over a newstopic

- Related cards feature content relevant to the currently selectedstack.

Cards are organized in a collection we like to call stacks. Makingit easy for you to dive deeper on topics that matter to you. AJ+stories are narrated via stacks and stacks never really disappear,they simply get refreshed as the stories rise to relevance.

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    Publish Date: 2016 /2/18
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 11.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
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Al Jazeera English APK
Al Jazeera for Android brings you all thelatest news and live broadcast of Al Jazeera English, free ofcharge.The 24-hour news and current affairs channel is the firstinternational English-language news channel to broadcast across theglobe from the Middle East.Al Jazeera's global footprint continues to grow and now broadcaststo more than 220 million households on six continents in more than100 countries.What's New- Share stories on Facebook, Twitter, and email- Add and remove social accounts and update weather locationthrough settings- Upload photos and videos directly to Al Jazeera through the newYour Media section- Listen to live audio broadcast- View weather forecasts by location- Easily delete articles from the My News section- Save stories to My News for easy access- View comments that have been added to stories by websiteviewersFeatures of this app:- All the latest news, features, spotlight, opinion and blogs fromAl Jazeera English- Programmes videos and information for the latest shows- News video clips- 24 hour free access to the live broadcast- Breaking news alerts- In Pictures gallery- Send your media to Al Jazeera- Search articles- Preload articlesNote: This app features content from Al Jazeera English.
Al Jazeera English Magazine 3.0.3 APK
The Al Jazeera English digital monthlymagazine showcases the very best of Al Jazeera’s journalism fromacross the globe.It features compelling documentaries that bring human storiesinto focus and highlight the use and abuse of power, hard-hittingdebate and interview shows that dissect the most pressing issues ofthe day and ask challenging questions of those in positions ofinfluence, in-depth feature articles and expert analysis andopinion, as well as on-the-ground perspectives and insights fromour team of correspondents across the world – all illustrated withpowerful photography and interactive graphics that bring the storyto life at the fingertips of the user.The magazine will introduce the reader to the full depth andbreadth of Al Jazeera’s coverage – enabling them to discover,explore and consume it in the way that best suits them.Al Jazeera English’s in-depth approach to journalism has won itnumerous awards and plaudits over the years. It is the current RTSNews Channel of the Year and Freesat Best News Channel. In the lastyear, Al Jazeera English has also picked up the Columbia Journalismaward, a DuPont award and a George Polk award.
الجزيرة مباشر 1.0 APK
تسعى الجزيرة مباشر إلى نقل الأحداث لحظة حدوثها. وبعد إطلاقها في15 أبريل/ نيسان 2005، أصبحت الجزيرة مباشر القناة الأولى في الشرقالأوسط التي تبث الأحداث مباشرة على مدار الساعة.تسعى القناة لإعطاء المشاهدين صوراً حية للأحداث العالميةوالإقليمية، وتبث مباشرة الندوات السياسية، والمؤتمرات الصحفية،والمناقشات، والاجتماعات التي تتناول المواضيع السياسية والاجتماعيةوالثقافية والاقتصادية.باختصار .. إن أردت متابعة الأحداث كما هي دون انقطاع أو رقابةشاهد قناة الجزيرة مباشر.Al Jazeeraseeks to directly transfer events the moment they occur. After itslaunch on April 15 / April 2005, the island became the first directchannel in the Middle East, which broadcasts events directly on theclock.Channel seeks to give viewers live footage of the events of theglobal, regional, and broadcast directly political seminars, pressconferences, discussions, and meetings dealing with topics ofpolitical, social, cultural and economic.In short .. if you want to follow events as they are, withoutinterruption or controlled directly See Al-Jazeera.
Al Jazeera Turk 1.3 APK
Al Jazeera Turk'un Android uygulamasıkullanıcı dostu arayüzüyle sizi en yeni haber ve gelişmelerekolayca ulaştırır.Al Jazeera Turk, haber ve belgesel kanallarıyla dünyanın öndegelen medya kurumları arasında yer alan Al Jazeera Network'ün birparçasıdır. Türkiye ve çevre coğrafyasındaki tüm siyasi ve güncelgelişmeleri takip edebileceğiniz Al Jazeera Turk, doğru ve tarafsızhabercilik ilkelerine bağlı yayıncılık yapar.Uygulamanın özellikleri:- Al Jazeera Turk'ün websitesinde öne çıkan ve uygulamaya özelolarak hazırlanmış haberlere erişim- Haberin detaylı perde arkasına erişim- İlgili haberler seçeneği- Haberlerin sosyal medyada kolayca paylaşımı- Seslendirilmiş haberleri dinleme imkanı- Yoldayken de kesintisiz haber dinleme deneyimiAl Jazeera Turk's Androidapplication with user-friendly interface, you can easily deliverthe latest news and developments.Al Jazeera Turk, with news and documentary channels among theworld's leading media agency is part of the Al Jazeera Network.Turkey and the surrounding region will be able to follow currentdevelopments in the entire political and Al Jazeera Turk, accurateand impartial reporting makes to the principles of publishing.The application's features:- Featured on Al Jazeera Turk's website and a specially craftedapplication access to news- News backstage access to the detailed- Related news option- Easy sharing of news on social media- Have voiced the possibility of listening to news- News uninterrupted listening experience on the go
الجزيرة مباشر مصر 1.0 APK
من خلال تخصصها في الشأن المصري، انطلقت الجزيرة مباشر مصر في 22مارس/ًآذار عام 2011، لتقدم لمشاهديها مشهداً متكاملا لأهم الأخباروالبرامج والتحليلات المعمقة في مصر.غطت القناة أهم الأحداث مستعينة بالتطور التقني الذي مكّـن مناستخدام ما تبثه الكاميرات والهواتف الذكية. وبذلك مكنت جمهورها منالاطلاع على أهم الأخبار السياسية والمؤتمرات الصحافية والأحداثالتي من شأنها أن تؤثر على مصر ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقياوالعالم.تعتمد الجزيرة مباشر مصر على مجموعة متنوعة من البرامج المبتكرةالتي تنقل تفاعل المتلقي مع الأحداث، مستعينة بمواقع التواصلالاجتماعي والنتيجة هي تقديم أهم البرامج والأخبار المتميزة في قالبمحترف ومدروس يرضي تطلعات المشاهد المصريThroughspecialization in Egyptian affairs, kicked off the island directlyEgypt on March 22 / March 2011, to offer viewers an integratedsight of the most important news and in-depth analyzes and programsin Egypt.Channel covered the most important events with the help oftechnical development that has enabled the use of the broadcastcameras and smart phones. And thus enabled the audience to see themost important political news and press conferences and events thatwould affect Egypt and the Middle East, North Africa and theworld.Jazeera Live Egypt depends on a variety of innovative programsthat transfer interaction receiver with events, with the help ofsocial networking sites, and the result is most important toprovide programs and news in the form of outstanding professionaland thoughtful satisfy the aspirations of the Egyptian audience
الجزيرة للأجهزة اللوحية 1.0.0 APK
غيرت قناة الجزيرة الفضائية – أولى قنوات شبكة الجزيرة – بصورة جذريةطريقة التغطية الصحافية لقضايا العالم العربي. وحظيت القناة تدريجيابتفضيل المشاهد العربي باعتبارها المصدر الأول للتغطيات الإخباريةالمستقلة. وخلال خمسة عشر عاما منذ بدايتها، قدمت الجزيرة صحافةميدانية غير مسبوقة من شتى أرجاء العالم، من الحرب في أفغانستان في2002، إلى العراق 2004، فالحرب في غزة 2008، ثم الثورتين في تونس ومصرأواخر العام 2010 وأوائل الذي يليه، وغيرها الكثير.ولقناة الجزيرة شبكة من المكاتب في عواصم ومدن حول العالم، بمايمكنها توفير تغطيات صحافية ميدانية وآنية بمهنيّة وأمانة وعمقلمشاهديها في العالم العربي وحول العالم.لمزيد من المعلومات يُرجى زيارة موقعنا على الإنترنتwww.aljazeera.netميزات هذا الإصدار:- أخر الأخبار والمقالات من أهم أقسام الموقع- البث المباشر لقناة الجزيرة- إرسال الصور والفيديو للجزيرة- إمكانية حفظ الأخبار للقراءة لاحقاً- تنزيل جميع الأخبار للقراءة لاحقاً دون الحاجة للإتصالبالإنترنت- المشاركة عبر الشبكات الإجتماعية والبريد الإلكتروني- إمكانية استخدام التطبيق في الوضعين الأفقي والعمودي ( Portrait& Landscape)Al Jazeerachanged - the first channel Al-Jazeera network - radically the wayjournalistic coverage of the issues of the Arab world. The channelreceived gradually favoring the Arab viewers as the first source ofindependent news coverage. During the fifteen years since itsinception, has provided the island journalism field isunprecedented around the world, from the war in Afghanistan in2002, to Iraq 2004, the war in Gaza 2008, then revolutions inTunisia and Egypt late 2010 and early the next, and many others.Al-Jazeera network of offices in the capitals and cities aroundthe world, so that they can provide coverage field and timelyjournalist professionalism, honesty and depth of its viewers in theArab world and around the world.For more information, please visit our website atwww.aljazeera.netThis version features:- Latest news and articles of the most important sections of thesite- The live broadcast of Al Jazeera- Send photos and videos of the island- The ability to save the news for later reading- Download all the news for later reading without the need toconnect to the Internet- Participation through social networks and e-mail
مجلة الجزيرة 3.1.3 APK
مجلة الجزيرة نت على أندرويد، طبق دسم من الموادالمنشورة على موقعنا الإلكتروني، نختارها بعناية وحرص كبيرين ونسعى منخلالها لنوصل إليك الجزيرة نت حيثما كنت وعبر أي نافذة تتيحهاالتكنولوجيا.مقالات رأي وتحليلات وحوارات وأخبار منوعة، إضافة إلى مقاطع فيديومختارة من التقارير التي يعدها مراسلو قناة الجزيرة الفضائية عبرالعالم.كل ذلك كي تبقى قريباً منا وقريبين منك......
AJ+ 1.4.4 APK
The AJ+ app brings a new dimension to mobilestorytelling through a collection of fresh and engagingcontent.Our content is broken down and presented in cards -:- Video cards feature compelling and informative videocontent- Conversation cards feature a broad question and communityconversations- Art cards feature infographic style news content- Debate cards feature a question and community responses- Quiz cards feature an interactive Q/A experience over a newstopic- Related cards feature content relevant to the currently selectedstack.Cards are organized in a collection we like to call stacks. Makingit easy for you to dive deeper on topics that matter to you. AJ+stories are narrated via stacks and stacks never really disappear,they simply get refreshed as the stories rise to relevance.