2.01 / May 17, 2017
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Aladin, Croatian weather forecast for wind and precipitation.Tochange area click the button with area description.You can alsodownload all with menu/download all and use it offline later.

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    Aladin HR
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    May 17, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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Aladin HR 2.01 APK
Aladin, Croatian weather forecast for wind and precipitation.Tochange area click the button with area description.You can alsodownload all with menu/download all and use it offline later.
Yacht Timer - Simple and Smart Sailing Timer APK
Sailing start timer. - big numbers, easy to see - speaks time -easy controls - can hook to GPS seconds, as many race officers donow - shows distance to start line, need to enable it in options -shows speed in knots - shows time to start line - shows how muchtime to kill, not to be over the line. Red means slow down. - colorcoded distance, blue->more than 3 boat lengths, green 1-3 bl,yellow 0-1bl, red OCS - lock screen to get bigger digits andprevent accidentally pressing - can switch landscape and portraitorientation - can log google earth kml files to check your startlater - special mode for race officers and coaches. says 5 secondsbefore each full minute Guide: Timer Buttons NOTE: Timer Buttonsare activated when lifting your finger from the button, so when thebutton is released. PROG MIN, PROG SEC Adds a minute or a second tothe timer starting value. Only shows up when timer is stopped.CLEAR Clears the timer to 0:00 SYNC +, SYNC -, SYNC Rounds thetimer to higher or lower minute. Used to synchronize accurately ifyou missed the timing of the earlier signal. In app settings youcan decide if it rounds to nearest minute no matter which SYNCbutton pressed START, STOP Starts or stops the timer RC Sets rightend of starting line.(usually race committee side) Pin Sets leftend of starting line.(usually pin side) Setting up the startingline App can show distance and time to start line. Setting thestart line is simple. Just press RC button when at the right sideend of line. Press Pin button when at left side end of line.Distance will be shown if turned on in app settings Line can be setby entering coordinates manually. You can find it in the appsettings. If showing distance to line, you get new fields on thescreen. DST - distance to starting line in meters TTL - time toline in seconds with current speed TTK - time to kill to reach theline on time. Red when you are too fast. Green if you are too slowSPD - Your speed in knots ACC - GPS accuracy in meters Timer willchange the background color depending on your distance to startline. More than 3 boat lengths it would be cyan. 3-1 boat lengthgreen. Less than 1 boat length yellow. If over the line, it is redSettings Timer Landscape mode - switch between landscape andportrait orientation Repeat timer - timer starts over when reachingzero Round seconds higher - Start is exactly when seconds reachzero. Otherwise you need to wait for zero second to expire AutoLock - locks buttons as soon as you start the timer. Preventingaccidental button presses Sync to GPS - syncs seconds to GPS time.Some Race Committees are using GPS time Sync Button rounds toclosest minute - having SYNC button rounding to closest minute.Otherwise there are two buttons, SYNC+ and Sync- Text Sizepercentage - make numbers bigger or smaller Start Line Showdistance to start line - turns on start line distance calculationSpeed to line averaging - amount of seconds to calculate yourspeed. Used to show time to line Boat length in meters - used toset the color change depending on boat lengths to line distance LogStarts - logs your track for viewing in Google Earth Use ManualStart Line Values - under it you can set coordinates for your startline Speak RC mode - speaks last 5 seconds before each minute. Forgiving starting signals
Sailing Groups Calculator 1.1 APK
Simple table with groups split for sailing competition.
Medal Race Viewer 2.03 APK
Watch the medal race and see the overall results as the race goes.Excellent tool for knowing the final results at any point of therace.If there is an internet connection actual races are downloadedautomatically.Simple drag and drop. Save races as files to openlater. Touch team in live view mode to edit names/points.Calculateodds table for each team.Importing is possible from textfile.Create text file on your phone.Example:AUS1154CRO8358...
Sailing Course Setter 1.0 APK
Early phase app.Helps you set the racing course.So far veryroughand can make only Windward/Leeward course.Input your boatshortname, and create new course or join others.At the momenteveryonecan edit and change courses.Lets you know where to setthemarks.Other boats can connect and get the same data. So yourcoursesetting boat can know exactly where to put the mark.With edityoucan change parameters and set new course.Course settingphoneshould be on the starting boat.