1.1 / May 16, 2017
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Aliens have invaded your farm. Use your sniper guns to Take aim andshoot down the Alien mob that is approaching. Shoot down as manyAliens as you can before they attack your position. This game isalien hunting at its best. You have been left alone to fend foryourself. There is no army around to protect you. You are the lonesharpshooter and you have no choice but to defeat the attackingenemy.Features:--2 Realistic sniper weapons - long range fire andshort range guns--3 Gameplay modes -Full Scale Alien Attack, CombatMissions, and Target Practice--Realistic 3D Killer Aliens--Huntdown the Aliens before they hunt you.--Awesome Sniper Simulationwith super quality special effectsExcellent 3D Gameplay with highquality graphics. Realistic Sniper guns with easy touch controls.Load up and fire away.6 Exciting missions to complete. The missionsstart out easy and get more and more difficult as your skill levelimproves.Full Alien Assault Mode with more than 50 Aliens attackingat once. This mode is full scale Alien war. The Aliens have teamedup and formed a huge mob. Aim and Shoot them down before they getto you. Target Practice mode for you to practice with your snipergun - either the long range or short range gun. This mode containsa wide variety of targets for you to practice your alien hunting.Both near and far targets allow you to hone sniper skills.If youwere looking for a game with true alien warfare action with gunsand plenty of fast paced action, this is the game you have beenlooking for. High Quality 3D sniper simulation action direct toyour mobile device. Good luck and happy hunting!

App Information Alien Sniper 3D Combat

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    Alien Sniper 3D Combat
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    May 16, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Big Baja Apps
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    Estadio 1 Fracc. Estadio 82123 Mazatlan, Sinaloa
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You must drive a mobster crime boss around the city while he takeson the police. Its an offer you cannot refuse. Be careful - he's alittle crazy. The goal is to race around the city without gettingstopped by the cops. All in super fun 3D graphics and Taxi drivinggameplay.6 INSANE LEVELS:Mobster Taxi Training - you gotta get somedriving skills firstTruck Thief - steal some boxes from a truckRoba Bank - you gotta get the money, watch out for the policePay yourdebts - this crazy taxi driver owes some moneyRevenge - time forsome paybackEscape from the City - you are a wanted criminal, getoutta the city.REAL 3D CITY ENVIRONMENT-Race the Taxi through areal city environment-Encounter other cars and objects-Watch outfor the police, they will chase you.Don't wait any longer, come andgive Mob Taxi a try.
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Things just goat serious. The Goat you have been asking for. Yourgoat has just woken up to find itself in a post apocalyptic worldfilled with zombies, spiders, and dinosaurs. Fortunately, he hasbeen given an unlimited supply of ammo. Choose from Shotgun,Machine Gun, Super Missile, and Rocket Frenzy weapons. Destroy whatyou like, as often as you like. Or just live in harmony with allthose bad guys - yeah right! There are plenty of surprises, so besure and look everywhere.This 3D game was designed for those of you who are playing goatsimulator and say - "You know what this goat needs?" - Superpowerful weaponry so he can blow stuff up? Message received. Thisapp is for you. Enough smashing with the head - lets goat serious.Give the goat a gun so he can do some serious damage.Zombies are about to Goat owned. Smash then into the ground,shoot them into the air. Nothing is safe when you give the goat amachine gun. Missiles, frenzy rockets! What can go wrong?**Just a note - we read ALL the reviews and appreciate thefeedback. We are doing are best to add more objects, butunfortunately there are limits. If we push it too much, only themost powerful devices can handle it. If we do that, then people say'nuff bad tings bout us. And that's not fun either. 3D Environmentstake lots of juice.A few more Goat puns please:You wont even know how you Goat there.Ain't nobody goat time for zombies.You have goat to be kidding me.Okay, enough of this. Get playing, what are you waiting for?!Its beyond epic. It's Goat Commando. Stay tuned, more updatescoming soon.
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This version has all content unlocked and noads.Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Penguin? Comeand explore the world as a Penguin. Take him to the Beach or lethim swim around some icebergs. Make him happy by accomplishing allthe objectives. He moves his feet and swims like a real penguin.Highlights:--Control a funny 3D Penguin--4 Fun and Interactive 3D Maps to Explore - Loads of Effects andSecrets--SHARKS! Lots of Sharks are out to get your Penguin. Swimfast!--Seagulls, People, Goats,Bears, Horses--Super Fun Music--Excellent 3D Graphics and Exciting 3D Penguin Gameplay--Loads of Achievements--Break some crystals, Smash some tables and chairs--Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects*Note* This app works best on quad core devices**Play the Ice and Snow level or the fun Beach levels. You've playedShark Simulator, Wolf Simulator, Bear Simulator, and GoatSimulator, and Dinosaur Simulator. Now see what it feels like toswim like a Penguin.When your penguin enters the water, we careful of the sharksbelow. If your penguin hits them, they will cause him damage. Toomuch damage from the sharks, and your penguin will need to rest awhile.Say hello to some friendly birds as you walk around the maps.Bump into the horses. Watch out for the Bears though . . .they arenot friendly.Be sure and look around in all the corners and uncover all themap secrets. We love these funny birds and we had a great timecreating this app. Hopefully you will have a fun time playing it. .. it's 3D magic! Straight from Antarctica to your mobiledevice.
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Have you ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of aCrocodile? Take this huge croc to the Beach and see what chaosensues. Features: **Control a HUGE 3D Crocodile**Fast and ActionPacked Gameplay **4 Maps to Explore - Farm and Beach settings**Swimaround and eat people**Get up on the beach and eat some morepeople**Girls, Bears, Horses, Cows, Goats**Super FunMusic**Excellent 3D Graphics**Plenty of fun sounds and visualeffectsCrawl around the huge farm map looking for your next tastymeal. Find the Hearts to stay alive. Smash into the moving train,chase down a tank, explode the huge Gas Tanks. Super fun specialeffects and fast gameplay.Be sure and look around in all thecorners and uncover all the map secrets. We love these funny birdsand we had a great time creating this app. Hopefully you will havea fun time playing it. . . You've tried Wolf Simulator, BearSimulator, Shark Simulator, and Goat Simulator, and DinosaurSimulator. Now give Crocodile Simulator a try!!