1.1 / October 27, 2017
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Record your voice and change it with different voices.Save allthevoices you want without limits.Share your recordingseasily.Putrecordings as ringtone easily.

App Information Alien Voice

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    Alien Voice
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    October 27, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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    San Sebastián Baratzategi 24 20015 España
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Hidden recorder APK
With this application you can record audio and video without eventaking your phone, simply by repeatedly pressing the button on yourdevice for two or three seconds (by pressing a twice per second)and it will automatically recording, you will know it by a slightvibration. You can stop recording in the same way.★ Record audio inthe background.★ Record video on the front or rear camera inbackround.★ Start recording without having the application open.(You only have to have opened the application once since the lasttime you turned on the phone)★ Starts or stops recording bypressing the power button on the device repeatedly.★ Starts orstops recording by pressing six times over the hidden WIDGET(transparent)★ Start recording when the countdown reaches zero.★Call recording.★ Three qualities available for audio recording andfour for video.★ Simple and unobtrusive interface to avoidattention.★ The application name will not appear in your device as"hidden recorder".★ Protect access to the application by password.★Completely free App.Any feature that is suggested for theapplication will be considered for future updates.
code.motion APK
***ATTENTION***: For proper operation, the phone must be located ina place with no movement. NOT HOLD WITH YOUR HAND , put it in asolid place. + What does this app? Detects movement of objects thatare being targeted by the camera. When the detection occurs, soundswith the selected sound. + For what I can use? You can use it toleave your phone or an old phone that you no longer use at theentrance of a room or a shop. + How does it work? Uses an algorithmto process the video from the camera and detect motion by comparingframes. Unlike others, the algorithm used allows detection evenwith very low light condition.
Calculate the floating point operations per second (FLOPS). Makesthe average of all tests. The accuracy increases with the number oftests.
My servers 1.2 APK
Continuously monitors the status of any visible network machine.Tool designed for server administrators and webmasters.When any ofthe target servers goes down, an alarm is generated based on yoursettings. Alarms are generated at any time even when theapplication is not open or after rebooting the smartphone.Toconfigure a server must set a host and a port. The host can be aURL or an IP address. In case that you want to connect to a website, must be indicated port 80 and http connection will beestablished. In the case of setting any other port, it will try toestablish a connection on the specified port, if not receiving anyresponse, a ping request is realized to host and the result isdisplayed.
Voice Reverser 1.3 APK
With this application you can listen phrases that you recordreversed.You can have fun in the following ways:-Record Palindromesphrases and check what happens, for example Try to say the phrase"An igloo! Cool, Gina!" and see what happens!-Try to talk reversedto heard the phrase correctly.-Save all audio reversed you wantwithout limit.-Set reversed audio you want as a ringtone ornotification.
File observer 1.0 APK
Application especially designed for developers and securityresearchers.Get file events of system and filter them by extension,path or type of event.
Device score 1.0 APK
With this application you will get ascorebased on your device hardware (processor, graphics,memory,cameras, sensors, ...).All this information is stored online so from the applicationyoucan see in real time updated, all devices that were used appwiththeir respective scores and features.
System rating 1.2.5 APK
+ With this app you will get a score of hardware of your device,for that, all components are categorized by different scores foreach category and also a total score.+ As a goal of this app isalso that all users understand the basic operation of thesecomponents, for that reason, if you hold or click in a component aconcrete explanation on its functioning is provided.+ Compare yourdevice with others with the online ranking, you will see the scoreof all other devices that have used this app.+ Explore otherdevices, you will see details of all the other devices.-Additionalinformation: With this app your device obtain two scores.The firstscore is bounded between a scale from 0 to 10 and is on the mainscreen of the app. This rating is intended for anyone to understandthe significance of how good or bad is the hardware of device. Asnew devices are introduced in the market, this score will varybecause a device that now has a ten, in one year or two will surelychange by the emergence of new devices with more powerfulhardware.On the other hand there is the score that appears in theonline ranking screen. This score is represented by a number on ascale that has no upper limit, and the scoring method never changesover time so it is ideal to compare devices.