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irst visit to Daulad Ship,Story of Kashgar's humble and humbleservant of the Emperor,2nd visit to Sindbad, Second visit toSindbad,Sixth visit to Sindhad Sawaari, fourth visit to SindhadShahi,Fifth visit to Sindhad,Seventh journey of Sindbad cruiser,story narrated by Christian,Story of the trader of grain,The storyof Darji in front of the King of Kashgar,The story of a man whosefour thumbs were cut off,The story described by the Jewish Hakim,the story of Dabji's Jabani Barber,The story of a lame man, thestory of the hairdresser boy,The story of the barber's secondbrother, Bakbarah,The story of Barsha's third brother blindBubak,The story of the hairdresser Kane Alukuz,The story of thehairdresser's fifth brother Alsankar,The story of the barber'ssixth brother Kabak,The story of Abul Hassan and Haroon Rashid'sbeloved Shamsunnihar,Story of Kamruzzjam and Badoura,The story ofNuruddin and Paras' country maid,The story of the princes of theIranian emperor Badr and Shamandal,The story of guanim andfathna,Shahzada Jainusamnam and the King of Jinnah,The story of theprincipality of Shahzada Khudadad and Dariyabar,The story of thethrone of Dariababad, the story of the sleeping man,The story ofAladdin and the magical lamp,The story of Khalifa Haroon Rashid andBaba Abdullah,The story of blind Baba Abdullah, story of SidhiNoman,The story of Khwaja Hasan Hawwal, the story of Alibaba andforty robbers

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What is it that is bad and going too badDead in the day;Now I amegotistical, what am I?My name for two letters;I live forever;Thepaper is my handkerchief;What is my name?White chicken, greentail;If you do not come, then ask black.Tell?
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Saturn's seventeenth-century measures, the effect of Saturn'sascendancy,How to Start Saturn, Saturn, 2017,Satsa Amavasya onreduction of measures, the auspicious even fifty sati,What isSatya's Dhadiya and Sadhasati, Saturn's Satya,Shawn'ssister-in-law, important period of Sadeesati,The variations of theedges, the prices of the second half,What is a fifty-seven Sati,measures to avoid the wrath of Saturn,The fruits of the steps ofSadhasati, the prevention of Saturn.