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All in One Calculator and Converter : Most Popular Calculators andConverters. A simple android application containing the top andmost useful calculators for our day to day life. Most usefulapplication for students, teachers, financiers, scholars, engineersand for every individual.This all in one calculator is availablefor free download and is packed with calculators categorized underFinance, Mortgage, Statistics, Geometry, Matrix and UnitConversion.List of Calculators and Converters:NUMBERSAll in OneNumbers CalculatorsPercentage Calculator : Calculate percentages ofnumbersFraction Calculation : Add, Subtract, Multiply, DivideFractionsFactors Calculator : Find Factors of a NumberDecimalConverters : Decimal to Hex, Binary, Octal ConverterBinaryConverter : Convert binary to decimal, hexAge Calculator : How oldAre You?HCF Calculator : Highest Common Factor CalculatorLCMCalculator : Least Common Multiple CalculatorGeometric MeanCalculator : Calculate geometric meanArithmetic Mean (Average)Calculator : Calculate arithmetic meanDays between Days Calculator: Calculate difference between two datesFINANCEAll in One FinanceCalculatorsRecurring Deposit Calculator : RD CalculatorTipsCalculator : Find tips amount for various servicesSimple InterestCalculator : SI CalculatorCompound Interest Calculator : CIcalculatorFixed Deposit Calculator: FD calculatorLoan RepaymentCalculator: Find monthly repayments on loanEMI Calculator : EquatedMonthly Installment CalculatorVAT Calculator : Value Added TaxCalculator IndiaRetirement Saving Calculator : How much do you needto retire?STATISTICSAll in One Statistics CalculatorsStandardDeviation Calculator : Find mean, variance, SDMean Median ModeCalculator : Measures of Central Tendency CalculatorAverageCalculator : Find mean of a data setSum of Squares Calculator :Find total sum of squaresVariance Calculator : Find variance of adata setNormal Distribution Calculator : Gaussian DistributionCalculatorCorrelation Calculator : Correlation CoefficientCalculatorRegression Calculator : Linear RegressionCalculatorPercentile Calculator : Find Percentile ClassRankProbability Calculator : Find probability of single, multipleeventsMATRIXAll in One Matrix CalculatorsMatrix Addition Calculator: Adding Matrices CalculatorMatrix Subtraction Calculator :Subtracting Matrices CalculatorMatrix Multiplication Calculator :Product of Matrices, Multiplying MatricesDeterminant Calculator :Find Determinant of a MatrixMatrix Inverse Calculator : Findinverse of a matrixMatrix Transpose Calculator : Find transpose ofa matrixCofactor Matrix Calculator : Find cofactor of matrixRank ofMatrix Calculator : Matrix Rank CalculatorMORTGAGEAll in OneMortgage CalculatorsAmortization Calculator : Mortgage LoanAmortization Schedule CalculatorSimple Mortgage Calculator : Findmonthly payment on mortgageBiweekly Mortgage-48 Calculator : Findbiweekly payments for mortgageGEOMETRYAll in One MatrixCalculatorsTriangle Calculator : Find area and perimeter oftriangleSquare Calculator : Find area and perimeter ofsquareRectangle Calculator : Find area and perimeter ofrectangleRhombus Calculator : Find area and perimeter ofrhombusCircle Calculator : Find area, circumference, radius ofcirclePolygon Calculator : Find area and perimeter of polygonCubeCalculator : Find area and volume of cubePrism Calculator : Findarea and volume of prismPyramid Calculator : Find area and volumeof pyramidCylinder Calculator : Find area and volume ofcylinderCone Calculator : Find area and volume of coneUNITCONVERSIONAll in One Unit ConvertersTemperature Conversion :Convert between temperature unitsTime Conversion : Convert betweentime unitsVolume Conversion : Convert between volume unitsWeightConversion : Convert between weight unitsLength Conversion :Convert between length unitsArea Conversion : Convert between areaunits

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