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Listen to a great collection of 40 Bible verses, touching sermons,and wise parables to help you become more fulfilled in your life,grow deeper in your faith, achieve long-lasting and healthyrelationships, and create a life full of delight and wonder. LEARNABOUT THE BIBLE: Are you unfamiliar with the information containedwithin the Bible, but don’t feel like reading? Do you need to‘brush-up’ on your knowledge? Discover powerful verses,meditations, exciting parables, and thought provoking sermons tohelp you grow in your understanding of the Bible, its material, andwhether not it is for you. BECOME YOUR GREATEST SELF: Have youheard of the healing and transformational powerful of the Bible?Are you ready to experience it for yourself? With help of numerousfundamental Bible verses, guided meditations, and moving sermons,you can change your lifestyle, take pride in being healthy, and bea better parent and spouse. DISCOVER THE DEPTH OF YOUR FAITH: Haveyou never considered yourself a spiritual or religious person? Doyou get nervous at the thought of religion and spirituality, butare still curious? You are not alone! With the help of engagingsermons, Bible verses, meditations, and other popular accounts fromthe Bible, you can learn about the Bible and what it can offer youwith absolute ease. FREE APP: This app is completely free todownload, and includes hundreds of hours of free audio programs andcourses. Subscribe now to unlock and gain access to all availablecontent (in-app purchase fees apply). GET ON TRACK: Audiojoy makesit simple to stay disciplined in diving deeper into yourspirituality, exploring the Christian theology, applying theteachings into your life, and improving the quality of yourrelationships with yourself, others, and God, through the power ofmeditations, 40 hand-selected Bible verses, compelling parables,and sermons. This app makes it easier than ever to grow deeper inyour faith, apply the lessons of powerful parables in your life, bemore fulfilled in your accomplishments, and strengthen yourfamily’s connection and communication with the help of assortedBible verses, enthralling sermons, prayers, andmeditations.FEATURES:This app is packed full of incredible featuresto assist you in becoming more acquainted with the Bible:+ 1000+audio tracks, 100+ hours of content+ Daily featured audio content+Search and explore all content+ Add to a favorites list+ Listenwhen offline+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear+ Readalong with the text version+ Sleep and meditation timer+ Loopingrelaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)+Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep youmotivatedAudiojoy creates comprehensible, how-to content to assistin the cultivation of happier, more fulfilling lives. We believeeverybody can be the very best they can be. Audiojoy makes it easyto learn and practice these techniques so that you can master whatyou want and stop what you don’t. Download our apps, launch yourown course, and start learning today!CONTENT INCLUDED: This appincludes audio recordings of Bible verses, various stories from theBible, and powerful sermons and testimonies. Here are samples ofthe bonus content you will discover in this app:+ Best Bible VersesAudio on Prayer, Hope, Forgiveness, Love & More+ Best ChristianAudiobook Excerpts+ Best Self Help, Inspiration & MotivationBooks Audiobook Excerpts+ Best Spiritual and Meditation AudiobookExcerpts+ How to Be Thankful - Step By Step Guide to Gratitude,Love and Appreciation+ Find Your Passion - Step by Step Guide onBeing Passionate+ Live in the Moment - Learn the Keys to Living inthe Moment+ How to Love - Multi Part Overview on Expressing andReceiving Love+ How to Meditate - Step By Step MeditationInstructions+ How to Pray - Step by Step Guide on Prayer+ Inspiringand Thought Provoking Bible Sermons Vol. 1and much more...

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12 Step Meditations & Sober Prayers AA NA AL-ANON 1.4.5 APK
Listen to 12 step meditations, prayers, daily readings andreflections all for Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous,Al-Anon, Cocaine Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, SexaholicsAnonymous and more 12 step anonymous programs. Anyone who suffersfrom an addiction can go far with the help of this app. To startwith, you get 20 amazing guided meditations and much more 12 stepmaterials for free.There are many recovery workshops that helpaddicts to overcome addictions. The information offered here is oneof the greatest ways to find out more about a 12 step program. Youwill hear from speakers who are in recovery and others who haveheart-filling stories and who you can connect with. Whether youneed to stop drinking, stop using drugs, quit masturbating, stopwatching porn, quit eating so much or need to give up otheraddictive tendencies, this app is here to help you. Overcoming anytype of addictive lifestyle is not easy but you don’t need to dothis alone. Going to rehab, meetings and other treatment programshelps. When you need extra or daily support, you can get thatwithin this app as well. RECOVERY LIFESTYLE: Did you know that youget to decide where your life is headed? You get to decide whetheryou will stay clean and in sobriety? It doesn’t matter what type ofaddiction you are recovering from, there are so many amazing thingsyou can do with your life if you stick with a recovery plan.Recovery means so much more than just staying clean and insobriety. It means changing your ways, being more positive andmaking better choices in all areas of your life. Let this app helpyou overcome drug addiction, alcohol addictive lifestyle and otherstoo.12 STEP TRADITIONS: There are many types of addicts out there.Some people have a sex, drug, alcohol, lust or another type ofaddictive lifestyle. While there is a difference between differenttypes of addictions and the 12 step traditions, the basis behindthose traditions is still fairly similar. They are set oftraditions that allow recovering addicts to manage their recoveringlifestyle. The Narcotics Anonymous, AA and other traditions giveyou something to stand for and give you a sense of community. Allowthis app to give you that type of guidance starting today!WONDERFULMEDITATIONS AND OTHER RECOVERY TOOLS: Throughout this app, you willalso get many wonderful meditations as well. There is even a sleepand meditation timer so you can relax and get calm before you fallasleep. You will get guided meditations, meditation musicbackground, nature sound meditations and much more. All thesemeditations can help you at some point or another in your recovery.In addition to these meditations, you will get other recoverytools. There are prayers, workshops, stories and so much more.Explore it all within this app.FEATURES:+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+hours of content+ Listen when offline+ Build a playlist of thetracks you want to hear+ Sleep and meditation timer+ Loopingrelaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)+Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep youmotivatedCONTENT INCLUDED:Here are samples of the audio content youwill discover throughout this app:+ 365 Days of 5-MinuteMeditations and Mindfulness Practices+ Beginner Guided Meditationsto Help You Develop a Consistent Practice+ Binaural Beats +Brainwave Trances+ Chants, Chimes & Bells + A Practical Guideto Making it Through the First 30 Days+ Guided Meditations forMindfulness, Relaxation & Sleep + History of AlcoholicsAnonymous and Recovery Beginnings+ How to Live Sober 12 StepsAudio+ How to Meditate - Step By Step Meditation Instructions+Hypnosis Audio Programs for Life, Happiness, Love & Success+Meditation Music and Soundscapes + Nature Sounds and Melodies+ TheAA Big Book 12 Steps and Traditions+ Narcotics Anonymous PersonalAudio Stories of Recovery + SA, SLAA, S-ANON Speaker Tapes for Sexand Love Addictionand much more...
NA Basic Text Audio Stories of Recovery Clean Time 1.4.6 APK
Listen to NA Stories Recordings from the Basic Text of NarcoticsAnonymous to get personal stories of clean time from NA membersfrom around the world. You will get 3 personal recovery stories anda lot more Narcotics Anonymous audio content for free.Additionally, you can unlock and download hundreds more hours ofwonderful Narcotics Anonymous content in this app as well! When youhear the speakers talking, it might set off a lightbulb in yourmind, speaking directly to what you have been through. It is likesomeone else is telling your story and this can help you gainawareness to what you need to do to make your life in recovery thatmuch more successful. Whether you are thinking about overcomingaddiction or you are already in recovery, this app is full ofmotivational stories to help you meet your recovery goals. JUMPINTO RECOVERY: Are you tired of letting your addiction to narcoticstake over your life? Would you like to set your life on the rightcourse instead of swirling around in circles and never finding thebest possible path? Would you enjoy actually living your lifeinstead of letting the drugs take over everything? If you said yesto any of these questions, be sure you get the NA StoriesRecordings form the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous today! Youcan jump into recovery right away and start the process to makingyour life clean, sober and happier.LIVING CLEAN 12 STEP WORKSHOPS:The 12 steps are the basis to working past any addictive lifestyleand creating a recovering lifestyle. If you have a narcoticsaddiction, it is time you start attending the Living Clean 12 stepworkshops. The great news is that with this audio app, you can dothat. With this app, you can hear these workshops and the stepswill be led by someone who has been through what you have. Theywill help you to better set up a process that works for you so youcan get through all the 12 steps. MEDITATIONS AND PRAYERS: Whenovercoming an addiction to narcotics, you need to have a way to getout of your own head for a bit. Yes, a lot of your focus every daywill need to be on recovering and staying clean from drugs.However, that can’t be the only thing you focus on or you will losesight of why you need a recovering lifestyle in the first place.The meditations and prayers in this audio-based app are just whatyou need to relax, stay calm, be at peace and to remind yourself ofwhy recovering is so important to you.PERSONAL STORIES: When tryingto overcome an addiction to narcotics, stepping into NarcoticsAnonymous meetings might be one of the most helpful things you cando. Hearing personal stories from others who have or are sufferingfrom this addiction can change your life. It can allow you to seethat you aren’t the only one who needs to work at fighting off anaddiction. You aren’t the only one who needs a certain program tohelp improve your life. There are millions of others out there whoneed to create a recovering lifestyle and some of them share theirstories in this audio-based app.FEATURES:+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+hours of content+ Listen when offline+ Build a playlist of thetracks you want to hear+ Sleep and meditation timer+ Loopingrelaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)+Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep youmotivatedCONTENT INCLUDED:Here are samples of the audio content youwill discover throughout this app:+ Narcotics Anonymous PersonalAudio Stories of Recovery+ Narcotics Anonymous Speaker Tapes + 4thStep Chapter 5 Big Book Study by Rick and Bob+ AA Way of Life UsingTraditions in Relationships by Dave & Polly+ Cocaine AnonymousSpeaker Tapes+ Getting Sober - A Practical Guide to Making itThrough the First 30 Days+ Guided Meditations for Mindfulness,Relaxation & Sleep + History of Alcoholics Anonymous andRecovery Beginnings+ How to Live Sober 12 Steps Audio Companion+Inspiring Personal Stories of Sobriety & Recovery and muchmore...
Where's Mommy - Kids Game 1.8 APK
☆ ☆ New Version! Now Download Image Packs ☆ ☆☆ ☆ Over 400K peoplecan't be wrong! ☆ ☆☆ ☆ Top downloaded kids & toddler educationgame ☆ ☆---------✪ WHO: Designed for Toddlers & Kids game(ages1-6)✪ WHAT: Hear an audio clue then identify the correspondingphoto✪ WHY: Child has fun and learns new things very quickly✪ HOW:Comes pre-loaded with popular animals or use your own photos andrecord clues with your own voice!---------"Where's Mommy" is akid’s seek-and-match game that can be customized with your ownphotos and audio recordings. The game is similar to Where's Waldo,but it's more fun, educational and best of all, parents get tointeract with children because YOU record the audio. Your kids willreally identify with the game and they'll learn new things, veryfast.---------***IMPORTANT***Please send us feedback rather thangive us a poor rating if there is a missing feature or improvementyou want to recommend. It's good today, but it will get much bettersoon.---------PLEASE SEND BUGS/FEEDBACK TO:contact@wheresmom.me-------------------How the gameworks!---------✪ Choose photos you took on your mobile camera orhave downloaded from the web.✪ Record your own voice giving yourchild a clue about the photo (i.e. "Where's the Firetruck" for apicture of a fire truck)✪ Do this for as many photos as you want,the more there are, the more fun for the kids (it comes with 12preloaded animal images and recorded clues)✪ Give to your child toplay. They will see 12 images on screen and it will randomly playone of the clues and your child must select the correspondingphoto. You'll be surprised at how much your child alreadyknows!---------***NOTE*** If aren't sure what it does, don't worry,its super self-explanatory. Just give it a try, it'sFREE.------------------What parents are saying!---------"It took mea minute to figure out what this game did, but as soon as itclicked, I was hooked. Then I gave it to my 2 year old son, and hewon't put it down. Now everywhere I go, I take photos of things wesee together and record my voice. The game never gets old for him."– [Jenna]"Way better than flash card games. It's like I'm readingto my 3 year old when he's playing the game." – [James]"We havedozens of picture books, flashcards and other interactive iPhonegames, but nothing is like this. My kids have learned literallyhundreds of new words, objects, people, places and things becausethey recognize my voice telling them what it is. It's so cool." –[Cindy]"It's simple, fun and long lasting. It doesn't get oldbecause I get to choose the photos. I can't wait until they havemore pre-loaded packs (they told me that's what was coming soon) soI can record my voice." - [Gail]---------***BONUS*** Game is funfor kids no matter what language you speak! Record clues English,Spanish, French, whatever. It's unlimited how people can use thegame. Get creative. Have fun!------------------Playing theGame:---------✪ Click the "Start New Game" button on the homescreen✪ Twelve photos will be randomly shown from all that youcreated in the game setup✪ Your child will automatically hear thefirst clue (i.e. something like "Find the Pig")✪ When your childcorrectly identifies the photo by clicking it, a green check markwill appear and the next audio clue will play✪ The audio clue willrepeat whenever they choose an incorrectphoto---------***SUGGESTION*** Download pictures from the web ortake them with your mobile camera, then record your voice! The morephotos you have, the more fun it is for you kids!---------
NA Speaker Tapes & Workshops Addiction Recovery 1.4.6 APK
Listen to NA Speakers Tapes & CD from Narcotics AnonymousMeetings to hear stories from NA members and to better your ownrecovery journey. You will get 12 free speaker recordings and morefree NA audio content as well. In addition, you can listen to over200 NA speaker tapes from NA meetings from around the world. Withthis wonderful audio app, you will also get high-quality workshopstoo. With the PRO edition, you will get over 1,000 hours of amazingNA and AA content. It is a true blessing to hear personal storiesfrom others who have or are overcoming an addiction to narcotics.Those who have gone to Narcotics Anonymous know the process andthey can help you learn it as well. There are even hand-chosenAl-Anon Forum Magazine audio stories. That is not all. You willalso receive beneficial meditations, reflections and the Big Bookin audio format too. There are so many recovery tools in this app,you should get it today, so you aren’t missing out on what could bethe best push for you to live the greatest recovering lifestylepossible. NA WORKSHOPS: One of the best things you get with thisaudio-formatted app is the NA workshops. Overcoming a narcoticsaddiction can be extremely difficult. Every person who is trying todo this needs as much support and as many helpful recovery tools aspossible. The Narcotics Anonymous workshops in this app allow youto work through the steps and gain insightful information into howto create the best possible recovering lifestyle.LISTEN TO AMAZINGRECOVERY STORIES: Overcoming a narcotics addiction means puttingall you have into trying to improve your life in every possibleway. It is much more than just quitting the use of narcotics. Youmust create a recovering lifestyle in which you don’t feelpressured or triggered into using these drugs again. When you getthis audio app, you can listen to amazing recovery stories thatmotivate you to create this great, clean life for yourself.DAILYREFLECTIONS: You will also get wonderful daily reflections in thisapp. These are a tool that help you make it through every day withthe most positivity, awareness and focus on your recovery. This iswhat you need if you are going to stay clean from drugs for thelong run. When you think about these daily reflections, be proud ofyourself and grateful for your recovery each day.GUIDEDMEDITATIONS: In this audio-based app, you will also get many guidedmeditations. There are so many of these, you are bound to find somethat help you work through the recovery process. When you arehaving a tough day, these meditations can help you make it throughwithout relapsing. On your good days, there are meditations thathelp you to keep looking forward and appreciating your recovery aswell.FEATURES:+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content+ Listenwhen offline+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear+Sleep and meditation timer+ Looping relaxation and meditationsounds (over 2.4 million combinations)+ Daily inspirationnotifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivatedCONTENTINCLUDED:Here are samples of the audio content you will discoverthroughout this app:+ Narcotics Anonymous Personal Audio Stories ofRecovery+ Narcotics Anonymous Speaker Tapes+ AA Big Book PersonalStories of Recovery Audio+ AA Speaker Tapes from AlcoholicsAnonymous Meetings+ 4th Step Chapter 5 Big Book Study by Rick andBob+ AA Way of Life Using Traditions in Relationships by Dave &Polly+ Al-Anon Personal Audio Stories from The Forum Magazine+Al-Anon Speaker Tapes+ Binaural Beat+ Brainwave Trances+ Chants,Chimes & Bells+ Cocaine Anonymous Speaker Tapes + DailyReadings and Reflections from the AA Big Book+ A Practical Guide toMaking it Through the First 30 Days+ Guided Meditations forMindfulness, Relaxation & Sleep+ History of AlcoholicsAnonymous and Recovery Beginnings+ How to Live Sober 12 Steps AudioCompanion+ Inspiring Personal Stories of Sobriety & Recoveryand much more...
5-Minute Headache Relief LITE 1.0.0 APK
✪ ✪ LITE Version - #1 Headache Relief App ✪ ✪----------Relievepainful headaches in 5 minutes - The popular headache & stressrelief app is now on Android---------What is it?---------5-MinuteHeadache Relief is a simple but very effective mobile app thatpeople suffering from headaches. The app guides you through fourproven steps that release tension in the neck, which is the #1cause of headaches.45 million Americans experience chronicheadaches and consumers spend more than $400 million annually onheadache relief. 5-Minute Headache Relief is a quick and easy wayto alleviate pain when if you have a headache right now. Plus, ifused regularly, this app can help you dramatically reduce thefrequency and severity of your headaches.--------- How itworks?---------✪ Guides you through four steps in 5 minutes✪ Fullyillustrated walk-through so you can easily follow along✪ Built-intimer ensures you follow each step for the right amount oftime---------Why I created this?---------I've personally sufferedfrom headaches for as long as I can recall. I remember being 10years old in excruciating pain and having to go to the hospital forwhat I thought was a terrible migraine headache.Over the years, myheadaches sometimes got worse, and sometimes better, but Iconsistently got them, and they ranged from 5 to 10 on the painscale.I tried every migraine and headache medicine on the market;nothing really worked. I just learned to live with them. But thenabout 3 years ago they started getting bad again, so I threw up myarms and started to research to find out what I could really doabout this debilitating problem. I stumbled on a number of booksthat talked about "Tension Type Headaches (TTH)". From my research,I built this app to help millions of others suffering just like me.No longer suffer, and find relief!Let me know what you think andenjoy life again, without headaches.Regards,Jeff Solomon; Just anormal guy who gets bad headaches.---------***IMPORTANT***This isversion 1.0, so please send us feedback rather than give us a poorrating if there is a missing feature or improvement you want torecommend. It's good today, but it will get much bettersoon.---------PLEASE SEND BUGS/FEEDBACK TO: info@pitashi.com
AA Joe & Charlie Workshops & Big Book Step Study 1.4.5 APK
Listen to the Alcoholics Anonymous steps and traditions, dailyreadings & reflections and personal stories of recovery tobetter grasp the recovering process. Wouldn’t it be great to have awhole system in place where you could learn about 12 step programs,Alcoholics Anonymous and so much more? Well, there is. With the AAJoe and Charlie Big Book Study, you get amazing, in-depthinformation to help you grow your personal well-being in recoveryfrom an addiction. You will get 3 study sessions and even more forfree. There is also additional information regarding overcomingsubstance abuse and recovery you can unlock and download too. Thereare hundreds of hours of wonderful Alcoholics Anonymous audiocontent that you don’t want to miss. Listen to the entire big bookstudy with this high-quality app!GUIDANCE FOR RECOVERY: Anyone whosuffers from an addiction to alcohol can benefit from this app.Hearing the Big Book read and getting additional recoveryinformation and tools can guide your recovering lifestyle. It canhelp you to understand the Big Book better and learn what is neededto keep yourself in sobriety. The free sessions are a brilliantstart for leading you into that better lifestyle. Alcoholism is aterrible disease, but it is treatable as long as you keep with it.Let this app help you to do that.BIG BOOK STUDY: The Big Book issomething that is needed to help most recovering alcoholics staysober. If you haven’t yet started on the Big Book or you need arefresher, this app is going to help you. Some recovering addictsfind it difficult to read this on their own so allowing thespeakers to do that for you, so you can just listen and take it allin, is a very beneficial way to learn the principles and otherinformation that you need. LEARN WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY IN SOBRIETY:With this app, you can learn what it takes to stay in sobriety.There is so much information out there about recovery andpreventing relapse, it can be tough to take it all in. Let this appgive you a simple, yet in-depth way to learn what it takes to stayin sobriety. The speakers give you a wealth of informationregarding the 12 steps of aa , bad habits to overcome, dailyreflections and even more to help you stay in sobriety. MEDITATIONAND OTHER RECOVERY TOOLS: As you get this app, you will see thatthere are many recovery tools from Joe and Charlie that help forliving sober. There is a sleep and meditation timer. You will getmeditation and relaxing sounds. There are even daily inspirationalnotifications with amazing artwork that help you to keep motivatedin your recovery. Get all that and so much more with this Big Bookstudy. Alcoholics Anonymous is a remarkable way to overcomeaddiction and this app gives you the basics and detailedinformation on all of it.FEATURES:+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hoursof content+ Listen when offline+ Build a playlist of the tracks youwant to hear+ Sleep and meditation timer+ Looping relaxation andmeditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)+ Dailyinspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep youmotivatedCONTENT INCLUDED:Here are samples of the audio content youwill discover throughout this app:+ AA Workshop - Lack of Power isour Dilemma by Joe H.+ AA Workshop - The 12 Steps and Stories ofRecovery by Sandy B+ AA Workshop - The Famous Joe & Charlie BigBook Study+ AA Workshop - The Ultimate Big Book Step Study - Bob D.and Scott L.+ AA Workshop - Understanding and Living the AA 12Concepts by Des T.+ Al-Anon Speaker Tapes Vol. 1+ Al-Anon Workshop- Living With Crazy People by Tom W.+ Beginner Guided Meditationsto Help You Develop a Consistent Practice+ Daily Readings andReflections from the AA Big Book+ Hand Picked Sober RecoveryMeditations Vol. 1+ The AA Big Book 12 Steps and Traditionsand muchmore...
5-Minute Headache Relief 1.0.0 APK
✪ ✪ #1 Headache Relief App ✪ ✪----------Relieve painful headachesin 5 minutes - The popular headache & stress relief app is nowon Android---------What is it?---------5-Minute Headache Relief isa simple but very effective mobile app that people suffering fromheadaches. The app guides you through four proven steps thatrelease tension in the neck, which is the #1 cause of headaches.45million Americans experience chronic headaches and consumers spendmore than $400 million annually on headache relief. 5-MinuteHeadache Relief is a quick and easy way to alleviate pain when ifyou have a headache right now. Plus, if used regularly, this appcan help you dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of yourheadaches.--------- How it works?---------✪ Guides you through foursteps in 5 minutes✪ Fully illustrated walk-through so you caneasily follow along✪ Built-in timer ensures you follow each stepfor the right amount of time---------Why I createdthis?---------I've personally suffered from headaches for as longas I can recall. I remember being 10 years old in excruciating painand having to go to the hospital for what I thought was a terriblemigraine headache.Over the years, my headaches sometimes got worse,and sometimes better, but I consistently got them, and they rangedfrom 5 to 10 on the pain scale.I tried every migraine and headachemedicine on the market; nothing really worked. I just learned tolive with them. But then about 3 years ago they started getting badagain, so I threw up my arms and started to research to find outwhat I could really do about this debilitating problem. I stumbledon a number of books that talked about "Tension Type Headaches(TTH)". From my research, I built this app to help millions ofothers suffering just like me. No longer suffer, and findrelief!Let me know what you think and enjoy life again, withoutheadaches.Regards,Jeff Solomon; Just a normal guy who gets badheadaches.---------***IMPORTANT***This is version 1.0, so pleasesend us feedback rather than give us a poor rating if there is amissing feature or improvement you want to recommend. It's goodtoday, but it will get much better soon.---------PLEASE SENDBUGS/FEEDBACK TO: info@pitashi.com
ALANON Speaker Tapes Audio 1.4.5 APK
Listen to Al-Anon audio stories, speaker tapes from the meetings,the Living Sober Companion book and more so you can learn how todeal with someone who has an addiction. You must know what anaddictive lifestyle can tear down one’s self-esteem, dreams,relationships and mindset. However, you don’t need to let thathappen to your life because of someone else’s addictive lifestyle.Al-Anon can help. You can also use the ALANON Audio Companion forAl-Anon Family Services PRO app. With this, you get to listen tohours of hand-selected audio content including alanon speakertapes, AA Big Book, 12 traditions and steps and a lot morefamily-beneficial content. With the pro version of this app, youget lifetime access to more than 300 hours for just one low price.That will also bring you new features and content each month. HELPFOR YOURSELF: Are you unsure of how to deal with a loved one’saddictive lifestyle? Are you at a loss for what you should bedoing? Maybe, all you can think about is helping them to see thatthey need treatment but in the meantime, you have lost completesight of who you are and what your dreams are as well. Now, it istime to help yourself. You won’t be able to help them if you aren’thelping yourself first. This app is going to help you figure outwhat you should be doing for “you” and then, what you can do withtheir situation. COMPANIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY: If you have a lovedone who is an addict, you may feel very alone. It might seem likenobody else understands. However, there are millions of othersaround the world who get what you are going through. There aremillions of people who have a story to tell about what they haveseen with their addicted loved one and what they have done aboutit. With this app, you get a great sense of companionship andcommunity which can help you regain your sanity. LEARN FROM OTHERSIN YOUR POSITION: Sometimes it can be difficult knowing what to sayor do with the alcoholic from your life. You may feel like you arealways saying or doing the wrong things, even when you aren’t. Itmight be tough not to enable them. However, you can change the wayyou feel. The person’s addiction isn’t your fault. If you get thisapp, you can learn from others in your position. You can learn howto handle certain situations that you might face with someone wholives an addictive lifestyle. HOLD ONTO YOUR SANITY: Having analcohol addict in the family or as a friend can be excruciating.Everything you do may see wrong or off in some way. People withsubstances abuse issues have a way of manipulating so they can keepdrinking. They may not see it as anything they are doing wrong butwhat everyone else is doing to them. This can cause you to loseyour sanity if you aren’t careful. Let the stories and other toolsfrom this app help you so you can hold onto your own sanity.FEATURES:+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content+ Listen whenoffline+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear+ Sleep andmeditation timer+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over2.4 million combinations)+ Daily inspiration notifications withpowerful artwork to keep you motivatedCONTENT INCLUDED:Here aresamples of the audio content you will discover throughout thisapp:+ Al-Anon Personal Audio Stories from The Forum Magazine Vol.1+ Al-Anon Personal Audio Stories from The Forum Magazine Vol. 2+Al-Anon Speaker Tapes Vol. 1+ Al-Anon Workshop - HavingRelationships in AA & Al-Anon by Keith and Sue D.+ Al-AnonWorkshop - History of Al-Anon and Steps by Vannoy S.+ Al-AnonWorkshop - Understanding the 12 Steps, Sponsorship and Spiritualityby Blanche M.+ Beginner Guided Meditations to Help You Develop aConsistent Practice+ How to Live Sober 12 Steps Audio Companion+Inspiring Personal Stories of Sobriety & Recovery Vol. 1+Motivation & Inspirational Speeches for Life Success, Happinessand Personal Power Vol 1.and much more...