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--- Unofficial app: this app is not affiliated or endorsed by theNFL in any way --- If you find gathering NFL news from multiplenews sources to be annoying and time consuming - you've come to theright place. This app will get you up to speed with the latest NFLnews for the team you love - and with no effort! WHAT WILL YOU FINDINSIDE? All the news, trades, rumors, videos & scores about theNFL and NCAA brought to you from dozens of websites in one easy touse interface! The app also covers the NFL Draft & Playoffs andprovides NFL teams specific news. News sources include NBC Sports,Pro Football Talk, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, The Guardian andmany teams dedicated sites! Note - if you're solely interested incollege football - check out our College Football News & TradeRumors app. Features include: THE TEAMS YOU WANT TO FOLLOW DallasCowboys, Seattle Seahawks, the 49ers, Packers, Broncos or you nameit - we got you covered. Choose the teams you want to follow, orstay with the default of getting the NFL highlights from all teams!Hate or dislike a specific team? No problem - block it and filterit out from your feed! FULL COVERAGE FROM THE TOP NEWS OUTLETS Thenews feed covers the news & rumors from the top NFL newssources! News include latest highlights, match previews, fixtures,transfers and rumors and more. Use our 'more coverage' feature forviewing the coverage of the story from all the news outlets thatcovered it. You won't find this feature anywhere else! LIVE SCORESA live scoreboard with the full results of the NFL & NCAA games! SPEEDY PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Timely push notifications for importantbreaking news! Optional, of course. RELEVANT VIDEOS Videos from thetop leading YouTube channels covering the latest NFL highlightsevery day! A COMMUNITY OF NFL FANS! Post stories or polls, commenton stories, tag articles and earn badges! SAVE FOR LATER READINGSaw an amazing story about Drew Brees or Calvin Johnson - but yousimply don't have the time to read it now? No problem - Save abookmark to interesting articles inside the app for free!! STAYINFORMED EVEN WHEN THE APP IS CLOSED Install our awesome widgetpurely focused on delivering up-to-date stories from the NFL andits teams (Broncos, Colts, Cowboys, Ravens - you name it)! Exampletopics you can select for personalizing your feed: Teams you canfollow include Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Colts,Cowboys, Ravens, Cardinals, Steelers and Bengals. WE ARE CONSTANTLYADDING NEW TEAMS, so try to search for it even if it's not on thislist. Also try selecting top players like Matt Ryan, MarioWilliams, Charles Johnson or Eli Manning by typing their name inthe topics search box! Follow us @SportfusionApps! Use of theSportFusion Application is governed by the SportFusion Terms of Use(http://sportfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).

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    American Football - Latest News, Scores & Rumors
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    October 15, 2021
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Bollywood News & Gossip 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
All the stories & videos from all the top sources on yourfavorite Movies & movie stars! Pictures, videos, behind thescenes, interviews and official trailers! Easily follow yourfavorite actors/directors/movies, view trailers and read the gossipbehind the scenes ! Main Features: Features include - - A newssummary covering stories from all sources ! Clean feed with norepeated stories. For each story - see all sources that covered itwith a simple tap ! - Push notifications for prominent storiesmaking sure you're up to date, even when you're busy (optional)! -Videos & trailers curated from Youtube channels - In appcommenting system! Comment on any story easily from inside the app!- Tag the articles with your opinions and they will be shown nextto the headlines! - Your very own news feed - choose the topics youwant to follow or the topics you want blocked! Don't botheryourself with news that don't interest you! - Read later - saveinteresting stories easily and for free! - Collapsed mode - aneffective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what youwant to read, save or share! - Block source - filter out unwantedsources Full satisfaction guaranteed, and for free! Enjoying theapp? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear fromyou. Please write us what’s on your mind to support@newsfusion.comUse of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the NewsfusionTerms of Use (http://newsfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
חדשות חרדים - יהדות משפחה ועוד 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
כל החדשות, כל העדכונים במקום אחד! ריכזנו בשבילכם באפליקציה אחת אתהמקורות של העדה החרדית - שטיבל, כל האמת, JDN ועוד! אין צורך לעבורבין אתר לאתר יותר, הכל נמצא במקום אחד. מה זה אומר? כל המקורות במקוםאחר, לכל כתבה ראו את המקורות השונים שסיקרו אותה בלחיצה פשוטה!התראות פוש על חדשות חשובות במיוחד! חדשות אישיות - מערכת נושאיםמשוכללת מאפשרת לכם לבחור את הנושאים שמעניינים אתכם, אין צורך להטריחאת עצמם במה שלא מעניין אתכם! חסימת מקורות אותם אינכם מעונייניםלראות באפליקציה שמירה לקריאה מאוחרת - אין לכם זמן לקרוא את הסיפוראך הוא נראה לכם מעניין? בלחיצה אחת שמרו אותו לקריאה מאוחרת יותר.מערכת טוקבקים בתוך האפליקציה! הגיבו על כל כתבה והביעו את דעתם!תייגו את הכתבות בתוך האפליקציה! ועוד... הוסיפו את הוויג'ט שלנווהישארו מעודכנים גם כשאתם עסוקים! אהבתם? דרגו אותנו בחנות ושתפו עםחברים! לידיעתכם - המידע נאסף באופן אוטומטי וללא מגע יד אדם. איןסכנה לפגיעה בכבוד השבת. להישאר בעניינים, עם המקורות המותאמים אישיתלכם - מעולם לא היה קל יותר!
India News & Politics 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
The app covers national India news in the English language. Itcovers domestic, international, finance, entertainment (Bollywood)and sports news. Based on our unique fusion engine - the appaggregates and delivers the content in most effective way possible.Full coverage and satisfaction are guaranteed. Features: * Allnews, all categories, one app. Clean feed with no repeated storiesand no need for configuration. * Make it you own - select thetopics/categories you're after, and use 'my news' tab for gettingonly the news that matter to you. Or simply block out topics you'renot interested in! * For each story - see all sources that cover itby using the 'more coverage' feature * Automatic push notificationsfor prominent events * Blocking unwanted sources - you can nowfilter-out entirely any source you don't want in featured in theapp! * In app commenting system! Comment on any story easily frominside the app! * Tag the articles with your opinions and they willbe shown next to the headlines! * Videos curated from relevantYoutube channels * A great widget keeping you up to date even whenyou're busy! * Collapsed mode. An efficient reading mode that willlet you skim fast through the news, on the expense of visuals. * Abuilt in-app Read Later feature to save any item you wish to readlater! * Share via mail, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or whateverEnjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting tohear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind tosupport@newsfusion.com * Use of the Newsfusion Application isgoverned by the Newsfusion Terms of Use(http://newsfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
News for Barcelona Arabic 3.931 APK
Loyal Foundry
**All the news & videos about Barça FC in a single totally freeapp!*** Barcelona News cover all main football sources, blogs andYoutube channels to bring you a clean & effective summary tofollow club Barcelona you love ! The app can also be customized toprovide personal feeds on the leading Barcelona players, includingLionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Neymar and others. Features include: * Anews summary covering stories from all sources ! For each story -see all sources that covered it with a simple tap ! We coverBarcelona general news, Barça transfers news and FC Barcelonarumors. * Push notifications for important news! * Scoreboard forBarcelona FC live results and matches. * Videos from Youtubechannels - all about FB Barça. * In app commenting system! Commenton any story easily from inside the app! * Tag the articles withwhat you feel about the story. Most voted tags will appear next tothe headlines. * Customized news feed - if you want to followspecific players (e.g. Lionel Messi/ Neymar Jr) or specific topics,like 'Transfer rumors' - no problem. Just select the topics youwant in the topics menu. Or - you can simply filter out (block)topics that don't interest you! You can get a personal news feed onany of the following: Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Neymar, AndrésIniesta, Xavi, Gerard Piqué, Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, JérémyMathieu and Jordi Alba. For other football clubs - please downloadour other football clubs teams or our general football app! * Youcan now block any source you don't like! Simply long-tap thearticle and block it! * A built in-app 'Read it Late'r feature -for saving any Barca news item you wish to read later! * An awesomewidget - all about Barcelona FC! * Collapsed mode. An efficientreading mode that will let you skim fast through the news, on theexpense of visuals. Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is- we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on yourmind to support@newsfusion.com Use of the SportFusion Applicationis governed by the SportFusion Terms of Use(http://sportfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
Photography News & Reviews 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
A photographer MUST HAVE app! Discover new and exciting cameras,lens and photography gear from the industry. Photography News iscovering dozens of photography & reviews websites to bring youthe best and most important news first! ==Features== - News arealways up-to-date and gathered from top photography sites and thefeed is sorted by importance/online buzz of each story! News coverall manufacturers and photography styles, including latest DSLRs,video photography and product announcements from Nikon, Canon,Olympus, Pentax, Sony and the other leading manufacturers. Don'tworry - we also cover latest mobile cameras photography, includingApple, Samsung, HTC and LG phones! - Watch YouTube videos of newsand reviews for new cameras, photography gear and more! - Your ownpersonal news feed - whether you're a Nikon or a Canon guy, whetheryou're interested in stealth or video photography - you can easilymake it your own! Select your favorite brand/topics and/or blocktopics you don't want! - You can now block any source you don'tlike! Simply long-tap the article and block it! - An awesomewidget! - A community of photography lovers! Post stories or polls,comment on stories, and tag articles and earn reputation points andbadges! - Get notifications whenever important news occur(optional). - Built in read later - save interesting articles forlater reading! Follow us on Twitter @NewsfusionApps! Enjoying theapp? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear fromyou. Please write us what’s on your mind to support@newsfusion.comUse of Newsfusion applications is governed by the NewsfusionTermsof Use (http://newsfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
Новости России и Мира - Погода, Бизнес, Спорт 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
Лучший бесплатный способ быть в курсе всех последних национальныхроссийских новостей! Спорт, Развлечения, Политика, Здоровье,Экономика, Технологии, Мировые новости и многое другое! Приложениесобирает воедино новости из всех наиболее авторитетных российскихновостных сайтов и блогов. В результате Вы можете знакомиться совсеми самыми главными новостными статьями и видео-роликами ваккуратном и удобном интерфейсе. Все, что Вам нужно, в одном месте!Так что же делает это приложение таким потрясающим? - Обзорновостей, содержащий статьи со всех доступных ресурсов! Аккуратноподобранная лента новостей без повторяющихся статей. Однимприкосновением Вы можете просматривать все ресурсы, в которыхосвещается каждая новость. - Персональная лента новостей -выбирайте темы, которые Вы хотите отслеживать, темы, которые Выхотите заблокировать, и темы, по которым Вы хотите получатьуведомления! Не задумывайтесь о новостях, которые Вам совсем неинтересны! - Новостные видео-ролики, отобранные с Youtube - Читайтепотом - сохраняйте интересные истории легко и бесплатно! -Свернутый режим - эффективный режим чтения! Просматривайте новостии решайте, что вы хотите читать, сохранять и делиться! - Выскажитесвое мнение! Встроенная система комментирования позволяет вамначать обсуждение по любой статье. - Поставьте тег на статью ипозвольте другим пользователям знать, что вы думаете! - Блокировкаисточника - отфильтруйте ненужные источники - Добавьте наш виджет,чтобы всегда оставаться в курсе! Пользователи обожают нашиприложения - попробуйте и убедитесь в этом сами! Мы гарантируем,что Вам понравится! Понравилось приложение? Сообщите нам об этом:поставьте хорошую оценку приложению и расскажите о нем друзьям!Использование приложения Newsfusion регулируется условиямипользования Newsfusion.
College Basketball News 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
Get all of the college basketball news in one place! Matches,rumors, drafts, analysis, injuries and more! Features include: * Anews feed covering the news from all the major college basketballsources! A clean feed with no repeated stories, includingpredictions, game previews and winners announcements! * A livescoreboard for all the games ! * Push notifications for importantbreaking news! * Videos from the top leading YouTube channels toshow you the top plays every day! * Customized news feed - chooseyour favorite topics and/or block topics you don't want to readabout and get a personal news feed! You can get a full coverage forany of the teams you want. * Read it later - busy? Save interestingarticles inside the app for later reading, for free!! * A communityof NCAA BB fans! An in app commenting system, article tagging,reputation points and badges! * Block source - saw a source youdon't like? Long tap on the article and block it! * An awesomewidget! Follow us @SportfusionApps! Loved it?? Share it with yourfriends and rate us high!
Travel News, Guides & Ideas 4.0.6 APK
Loyal Foundry
Need a vacation and not sure where to go? Read tips, guides,stories and reviews from all around the world and get inspired!Personal stories, pictures & tips, guides for city travel,hotel and restaurant reviews, pretty much anything you need todecide where it is you want to go! Check it out and find your nextdestination! Features include - - A news summary covering storiesfrom all sources ! Clean feed with no repeated stories. For eachstory - see all sources that covered it with a simple tap ! -Subscribe for push notifications for prominent stories (optional)!- Videos, landscapes, tours & tips - brought to you from theleading Youtube channels! - Your very own news feed - choose thetopics you want to follow and/or the topics you want blocked! Don'tbother yourself with news that don't interest you! You can evenblock a source you don't like ! (long tap any article) - In appcommenting system! Comment on any story easily from inside the app!- Tag the articles with your opinions and they will be shown nextto the headlines! - An awesome widget! - Free built in read later -save interesting articles for later reading! Enjoying the app? Notsatisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Pleasewrite us what’s on your mind to support@newsfusion.com Use of theNewsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use(http://newsfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).