1.0.5 / April 6, 2015
(3.7/5) (64)


Are you calling out for destruction? Than this American MonsterTruck Jam awesome game is going to make sure they get it! Getbehind the wheel of one of the coolest monster trucks and put it toits limits to destroy everything in sight. Upgrade your monstertruck with powerfull engines, turbo boost and greatsuspenions!Drive 9 different levels throught American desert,accelerate over the most scary rocks and destroy everything thatstand in front of you! Test your handling and freestyle races wheredestruction and stunts wow the crowds! Play around with truckphysics! Smash boxes, barrels, and othe objects to see the dynamicsystem in action and the impressive graphics! Visit the garage andupgrade your trucks with new engine, turbo boost, and suspensionspart that radically change your ability to leap further over!Thisone of a kind monster truck game that includes tons of huge jumps,hill-climbs, raised platforms, and unbelievable angled roadsdesigned to challenge the best drivers! There is no room formistakes, as even a tiny movement in the wrong direction can costyou your life. In order to finish the race you will have to get tothe finish line in one piece!You never thought a car could betransform in an awesome monster truck and rock you driving skills!Time to prove you can be the best!

App Information American Monster Truck Jam

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    American Monster Truck Jam
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    April 6, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    CAA Studio Games
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