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the best in its genre kill timeSpend a ball between the lines sothat it does not touch them

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    Among lines
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    August 30, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Поле чудес 3D + Квартира 13 APK
Поле чудес 3D — развлекательная интеллектуальная игра.Игра проходитв три раунда. Загадывается слово, указанное на табло. Игрок каждыйход крутит барабан. На барабане могут выпасть сектора с различнымчислом очков, которые игрок получит, если угадает букву, илиспециальные сектора:* Приз (П) — игрок может выбрать: продолжитьигру или выбыть из неё, но получить приз, спрятанный в чёрномящике. За приз ведется торг, в качестве которого может оказатьсялюбое число. Также вместо чёрного ящика можно взять очки (игрок самвыбирает сумму). Если игрок отказывается от приза, то считается,что игроку выпал сектор с 2000 очков.* Плюс (+) — игрок можетоткрыть любую букву по счёту (если эта буква встречается несколькораз, то открываются все).* Банкрот (Б) — очки, набранные игроком,сгорают, переход хода.* Ноль (0) — набранные очки не сгорают, ноход передаётся другому игроку.* х2 — набранные игроком очкиудваиваются, если он верно назовёт букву (если две буквы, тоутраивается, если три — умножается на 4, и т. д.)Далее игрокназывает букву, которая, как он считает, присутствует в загаданномслове. Если такая буква есть, то она открывается на табло, а игрокполучает выпавшее количество очков (если таких букв несколько, ониоткрываются все и очки начисляются за каждую), и может крутитьбарабан ещё раз. Буквы «Е» и «Ё», «И» и «Й», считаются за однубукву. При трёх подряд верно угаданных буквах игрок имеет право навыбор из двух шкатулок, в одной из которых очки, а в другой —пусто. Если он угадывает, то получает очки.Супер игра. Игрокупредлагается кроссворд из трех слов. Игрок вправе открыть любыебуквы в половину главного слова. Если слово будет отгадано, то очкис барабана засчитываются с очками в игре и засчитывается победа.Если будут угаданы все слова , то к очкам с барабана и игрыдобавляется 1000000. Удачной игры!Golf Wonderland 3D - anentertaining intellectual game.The game is played in three rounds.Guessing word specified on the scoreboard. Player each turn byspinning the reels. The drum may fall sector with a differentnumber of points that the player will receive if the guessedletters, or special sectors:* Award (R) - the player can choose: tocontinue or retire from it, but to get a prize, hidden in the blackbox. For the prize being the trades, which may be any number. Youcan also take points (player chooses sum) instead of the black box.If a player refuses the prize, it is considered that the player hasdropped a sector with 2000 points.* Plus (+) - a player can openany letter of the account (if this character occurs more than once,all open).* Bankrupt (B) - Points scored by a player, burn, powertransition.* A zero (0) - the scores do not burn, but the progressis transferred to another player.* X2 - player scored points aredoubled if it is true will call letter (if two letters, thentripled, if the three - is multiplied by 4, etc...)Then the playercalls the letter, which he believes is present in the hidden word.If such a letter is, it opens on the scoreboard, and the playergets precipitated points (if there are a few letters, they areopened and all points are awarded for each), and can turn the drumagain. The letters "E" and "E", "I" and "J" are counted as oneletter. With three consecutive letters correctly guessed the playerhas the right to a choice of two boxes, one with glasses, and inanother - is empty. If he guesses he gets glasses.Super game. Theplayer is offered a crossword puzzle of three words. The player hasthe right to open any letters of the main words in half. If theword is guessed, the points are counted from the drum with theglasses in the game and scored the victory. If they guessed all thewords, it points to the drum and games added 1000000. Have funplaying!
com.valentin.baldalive 47 APK
You made the right choice that you chose the best game inGooglePlay and AppStore. Balda and full online access for alldevices right from the AppStore to Google play. Balda and fullonline access. Play on the Internet without registration and forfree. ⭐︎ Personal account (avatar, name) ⭐︎ Vibration actions ⭐︎Hints ⭐︎ Playing with everyone on the Internet without registrationand for free. ⭐︎ Play together on one device. ⭐︎ Play against thedevice. ⭐︎ Intuitive management. ⭐︎ Fields from 2х2 to 9х9. ⭐︎ Playon time (the ability to choose a time from 30 seconds to 5minutes). ⭐︎ Ability to turn off time. ⭐︎ The robot player adaptsto your playing style. ⭐︎ Constantly updated dictionary. Rules: Inthe middle of the field the word is selected. You compose a wordconsisting of letters already on the field and necessarily one newletter that you add. The longer the word you come up with, the morepoints you get. One letter is one point. Then the opponent goes,adding a new letter, and so on in turn. Words in one game can notbe repeated. The word is composed of letters that are sequentiallyin any direction from cell to cell up, down, left or right. You canuse only nouns in their main form, that is, in the singular andnominative. Words that exist only in the plural - LIBRA - areresolved. The game ends when the last square of the field isfilled. The one who has more points wins. Good game!
STALKER find artifacts 3D 1.0 APK
Scientists ask you to find as many artifacts in the coreanomalies.Your task: 1. to get into the territory of the detector2. find left by the missing scientists. 3. The time to collect asmany artifacts and return to the hopper.
Among lines 6.0 APK
the best in its genre kill timeSpend a ball between the lines sothat it does not touch them
Cubizm 3.0 APK
Guide cube and collect as much as possible!● Minimalist graphicsand flat color● One-touch control
Love dice 3D 6.0 APK
Treat yourself and your sweetheart a game of erotic dice. Ifdesired, and a vast imagination the opportunity to change theirnames cubes. Cubes performed in 3D graphics and physics.
+ Edit your words and play :)Treat yourself and your sweetheart andyou friends a game of love dice. If desired, and a vast imaginationthe opportunity to change their names cubes. Cubes performed in 3Dgraphics and physics."Valentine's Day is the most" - note by
BATTLESHIP 3D - a slot machine, which stood in all entertainmenthalls. Try yourself in the role of the captain of the submarine.Test your accuracy, hitting on enemy ships.Easy control periscopegives a great advantage over similar games.rule:One game will have10 shots. If you hit 10 out of 10, the chance to play the bonusgame.