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Amplifier Volume and bass Boost is a native app which will allowyou adjust your bass level. Just tap on the speaker, set Bass levelslider and enjoy clearer and stronger Bass. For maximum resultsplease plug-in external speakers or headsets.This app increases thelow frequencies of the Android Equalizer.It is VERY IMPORTANT TOKNOW that if any other apps that use Android Equalizer are working,they will block BASS BOOST!!!!!! For this reason you must STOPevery other Equalizer using apps, and it is better to restart yourdevice and then try effect of BASS BOOSTER!!!!!Try this new amazingsound booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to10-25%.uses the built-in Android equalizer to optimize thefrequency channels by means of a special algorithm. So the resultis a stronger and clearer sound.Play with the Amplifier Volume andbass Boost, ringtone and alarm and get extra manual control foradjusting loud volumes.Amplifier Volume and bass Boost works on allseven of your phone's sound streams to make them hear loud:- Alarmsound volume (this is the alarm sound)- DTMF sound volume (this isthe sound your keypad makes dialling)- Music sound volume (this isthe music volume)- Notifications sound Volume (the notificationsinclude SMS sounds, Email sounds, etc.)- Ring sound volume (this isthe ring sound)- System sound volume (other system sounds like lowbattery, etc.)- Voice Call sound volume (the voice volume for youcall partner)Ξ Summary for Amplifier Volume and bass Boost♪ HeadPhone Volume Booster Support all device♪ Music sound increaser withmusic equalizer boost Increase Volume.♪ Enhance bass boost andspeaker booster loud and other sound effects.♪ Volume Increaser cancustomize sound for many applications in the phone.♪ Music playervolume booster for headphonesThis volume booster works within yourdevice's technical specifications to provide you with a rich anddeep bass experience without damaging your phone speakers.You canchoose three types of volume to be boosted:* Media player volume,*Ringer volume,*volume booster for headphones,* Alarm volume,*volumebooster,*volume booster for android,* Any combination of allthree*volume booster pro*volume booster for android phone- Boostyour sound volume- Boost your alarm volume- Boost all your systemsounds- Support more and more the speaker for the speaker andheadphones- Support for most models- Helps increase the volume ofthe earphone, bass boost- With regard to the loudspeaker- Changethe volume of system applications- Boost your call voice volume-Boost your notification sounds- Install more and more supports thevolume of the loudspeaker according to the intended use- Easy touse,- freeAmplifier Volume and bass Boost is really able to makeyour sound louder - it's not a volume controller, not a musicplayer, it's a free booster app that enhances sound volume andenables you to experience as much loudness as possible.If AmplifierVolume and bass Boost doesn't work on your device, make sure youdon't have any other volume boosters or audio boosters, enhancersactive. If that doesn't help, try using a different mediaplayer.Remember this app works best with headphones!Use at your ownrisk and enjoy the free Volume Booster! If you like this app,please rate and tell your Facebook, instagram and Google+ friendsso they can also enjoy the loud, boostedsound.www.facebook.com/AmplifierVolume&bassBoost.It willimprove the volume and sound of your speakers and headphones andmake them sound like a HiFi system.If you like our app, pleasereward us with a 5 star rating and click the +1 button, thussupporting the future development of this app.Get FREE Bass Boosterand enjoy it!

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    Amplifier Volume and bass Boost
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    October 15, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    khalid abaaoud
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