4.1 / August 16, 2018
(3.4/5) (121)


Skeet shooting game for one or two players. (3D) Automatic distancecompensation.

App Information AndrSkeet

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AndrFractalN 14.5 APK
Leo Rod
Julia and Mandel fractals in 2D, 3D and anaglyph. With 18predefined samples and 14 paletts (two user defined) User can makemacros to generate fractals and manipulate the fractal image
AndrLisp 7.3 APK
Leo Rod
13 predefined samples. You can edit and save/open your project.
AndrTitanic 1.7 APK
Leo Rod
Try to get as close as possible the iceberg without touching it, inthe minimum time. This app is a parody of the famous movie, and hasnothing to do with the real history.
AndrEF 1.6 APK
Leo Rod
This app shows real movement and path of small charges in anelectric field produced by two big charges- Drag big charges tochange its position-Tap to add small charges (up to 100) to thefield and see its movement and path- Sign of added charges can bechanged by user
AndrCoinsA 1.5 APK
Leo Rod
Try to catch coins and avoid glass blocks. Three levels.
AndrSudo 4.4 APK
Leo Rod
This app generates puzzles with difficulty level between 0 and 20.The probability of generating sudokus with level greater than 0 isabout 5% You can save/open your sudoku. Rules applied by generator:1. Singles 2. Hidden singles 3. Intersection 4. Pairs 5. Triples 6.Remote pair 7. Rectangles 8. x-wing 9. Hidden pairs 10. Forcingchains 11. xy-wing 12. Nishio
AndrPCompass 4.0 APK
Leo Rod
Many times the magnetic field is not good enough on your devicebecause of surrounding conditions. This app allows you to get theright orientation through the sun, moon or planets when themagnetic field is not reliable The app shows North and the positionof the major planets. Location must be enabled by network or GPSand updated, otherwise the planets will not be shown. Geomagneticand solar/moon/planets compass. When solar/moon compass is enabledpoint to the sun/moon to get North. Use the same procedure to usethe compass with planets
AndrPlast 1.9 APK
Leo Rod
Choose colors and add / remove plasticine material.