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You have an incredible task - to follow the evolution ofordinarydragons and develop your own kind of new, more powerfulandimproved dragons. You ask - where is the logic? Everythingissimple and explained by science, but we will not go intodeepdetails, just play and enjoy the gameplay and great graphics!:)HOW TO PLAY • Click on the dragon and drag it to another, thesamedragon, to create a new mysterious creature • No need for alongwait boxes: use dragons coins to buy new creatures and makeevenmore money • If you feed the dragon with a food, you will getaninteresting effect • Alternatively, fiercely tap dragon tomakecoins • Ancient fossils can be obtained by sacrificing thelastdragon by collect 3 points of his charge • For ancient fossils,youcan buy unique runes • Open new planet for main coins andbitcoin(BitFossils) HIGHLIGHTS • Different stages and many speciesofdragons to discover • Interesting improvement, allowing fasterandbetter development in the game • Unexpected mixture ofalpaca-likeevolution, 2048, stage-by-stage clicker and incrementalclickergames • Runes of the dark king-dragon giving an advantage inthegameplay • Interesting graphics • No dragons were harmed inthemaking of this game, only developers Please note! This gameiscompletely free to play, but it contains elements that canbepurchased for real money. Some functions and additionalelementsthat are marked in the description can also be purchasedfor realmoney.

App Information Angry Dragon Evolution-Idle farm tap free clicker

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    Angry Dragon Evolution-Idle farm tap free clicker
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    August 31, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Russia, city Chelyabinsk, street Bluhera, 89-45, 454087
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Features:A large number of HD blocks.Farm animals and monsters.Enchanting tools.Large selection of picks and drills of different materials.How to play:Click on the block to break it.Click many times using a pickaxe or dig in one click at high speedin using a drill.For each type of blocks you get different amounts of resources andexpertise.Buy new pickaxes and drills for the mining of more valuableblocks.Use the farm for permanent replenishment of resources andexpertise.You will find emeralds if you have a diamond pickaxe orbetter.Enchants tools for the experience, it allows to improve theirperformance.Caution! If your pickaxe will break then enchantment will belost.Variations enchantments:Luck: Increases the chance multiplier blocks.Multiplication factor: Responsible for the multiplier factor, iewhen "x2" factor for the block at 2 resources you will get 4resources also increasing and the experience of block.Luck and a Multiplication factor should be enchanted at least oncebecause they depend on each other.Efficiency: Allows you to quickly break blocks.Durability: Reduces wear of the picks / drill (longer use).Cost depends on level of enchantment, it is calculated 1 to1.In the first level of enchantment you have to pay 1 level ofexperience, for the second level of enchantment - 2 level ofexperience, etc.Please note that starting level is not considered, and forenchanting the first level you need a minimum 2 level ofexperience.More game options will be added in the following additions!The game is translated into 4 languages (English, Russian,Korean, German)If you find a bug or want to improve the translation, pleasecontact us.The game is in beta testing, about all bugs, please report toourE-mail: [email protected]
Egg Clicker - Idle Cute Tap Pick Evolution Game 1.1 APK
A new clicker from the creators of Clicker Mine Mania! Features: Alarge number of eggs and various mobs (monsters and animals) in HDquality! A large number of improvements to fine-tuning yourfighting abilities! Accounting Records - Compete with your friends!Being able to play without any investments! How to play: Sleight ofhand and no fraud! 30 seconds .. this is not so much, it was duringthis time you have to break an egg! Grind eggs! Tap for break eggand gettings mobs. Each egg - a new level. After breaking the eggout of it will hatch the mob who will help you in your battles, orwill help to get the resources! Each new record is rewarded withdiamonds! For maximal profit resources and diamonds you can buy themobs, and buy upgrades for more efficient game. Catch it faster!The flying food will give temporary improvements combatperformance. Just try it! This game will not leave you indifferent!Fascinating clicker with great graphics to help pass the leisureand arcade mode pleasantly complement the gameplay and will not letyou get bored!
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"Чего не хватает?" - это увлекательная игра, которая будетинтересна не только детям, но и взрослым!180 уровней разнойтематики бросят вызов вашей интуиции, логике и внимательности!А дведоступные подсказки - открыть любую букву или убрать все лишниебуквы - помогут пройти уровни, если вы испытаете затруднение сответом.Игра вдохновлена многими популярными играми: где логика, 4фото 1 слово и прочими головоломками и викторинами. Поэтомубезусловно будет интересна вам если вы играли во что-то похожее.Какиграть? Просто!На картинке чего-то не хватает, нужно угадать чтоэто, и собрать слово нажимая по табличкам с буквами. Если выошиблись в слове, вы можете возвращать буквы назад нажимая по нимже.Особенности:★ Игра развивает внимательность и логику.★ Помогаетскоротать время по пути на работу, учебу или во время ожидания.★Можно играть всей семьей дома.★ Простой, красивый, и главноепонятный интерфейс.★ Система звёзд и подсказок.Сотни тысячдовольных пользователей из России и СНГ и оценка 4.7 говорят засебя!Присоединяйтесь к нашему большому, дружному сообществу.Качайте и играйте абсолютно бесплатно!"What is missing?" - is afascinating game that will be interesting not only for children butalso for adults!180 levels with different themes will challengeyour intuition, logic and attentiveness!But two clues available -open any letter or remove all unnecessary characters - to help passthe levels, if you have trouble with the answer.The game isinspired by many popular games where logic 4 photos 1 word and theother puzzles and quizzes. Therefore, certainly it will beinteresting to you if you played in something like that.How toplay? Just!In the image of something is not enough, you need toguess what it is and build a word by clicking on the plate with theletters. If you make a mistake in the word, you can return back theletters by clicking on them also.Features:★ The game developsmindfulness and logic.★ Helps pass the time on the way to work,school or while waiting.★ You can play with the whole family athome.★ Simple, beautiful, and most importantly friendly interface.★system of stars and tips.Hundreds of thousands of satisfiedcustomers from Russia and the CIS and evaluation 4.7 speak forthemselves!Join our large, friendly community. Download and playabsolutely free!
Angry Bee Evolution 3.0.2 APK
Collect income from the bees and manage your own the bee farm. Openhive for new bees, crossing bees for opening new kind of monstersbees. Get levels and set records, compete with thousands of playersaround the all world or your friends. HOW TO PLAY • Click on thebee and drag it to another, the same bee, to create a newmysterious creature • No need for a long wait hives: use bees honeycoins to buy new creatures and make even more money • If you feedthe bee with a flower, you will get an interesting effect •Alternatively, fiercely tap bee to make coins honey • Chaos honeycan be obtained by sacrificing the last bee-queen sacrifice bytyping 3 of its charge • For honey of chaos, you can buy uniquerunes • Open new planet for main scrap and bitcoin (BitHoney)HIGHLIGHTS • Different stages and many species of bees to discover• Interesting improvement, allowing faster and better developmentin the game • Unexpected mixture of alpaca-like evolution, 2048,stage-by-stage clicker and incremental clicker games • Runes of thedark queen giving an advantage in the gameplay • Incrediblybeautiful HD graphics • No bees were harmed in the making of thisgame, only developers • Get cash even offline
Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Tap Simulator 1.1 APK
Features of Clicker Mine Mania:A large number of HD blocks.Farm ofanimals and monsters.Enchanting tools.Make more profits withdrills.Large selection of pickaxes and drills of differentmaterials.How to play:Click more on the block to break it! Becomean the best miner in the goldmine and use idle farm way.Click manytimes using a pickaxe or dig in one click at high speed in usingidle drill.Buy new pickaxes and drills for the mining of morevaluable blocks.Collect monsters in farm to make idle profits ofresources and experienceYou will find emeralds in the mine if youhave a diamond pickaxe or better.Make your tools more productivewith enchanting and get more profits!Enchants tools for theexperience, it to improve their performance.Caution! If yourpickaxe will break then enchantment will be lost.In the mine alarge number of different blocks, break them all to collectresources!There are many different animals and monsters in thefarm! Use them for idle income.Variations enchantments:**Luck:Increases the chance multiplier blocks in mine.**Multiplicationfactor: Responsible for the multiplier factor, ie when "x2" factorfor the block at 2 resources you will get 4 resources alsoincreasing and the experience of block.Luck and a Multiplicationfactor should be enchanted at least once because they depend oneach other.**Efficiency: Allows you to quickly break blocks and getmore profits.**Durability: Reduces wear of the picks / drill(longer use).Cost depends on level of enchantment, it is calculated1 to 1.The game is translated into 4 languages (English, Russian,Korean, German)If you find a bug or want to improve thetranslation, please contact us.Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle MinerSimulator team.E-mail: [email protected]
Build & Mine Wild West Tycoon - Idle Miner Clicker APK
Build and Mine is an interesting game in the genres: tycoon,clicker (clicker).You're the sheriff of the city. You need to buildyour dream city by building beautiful buildings. Build a mine andstart making gold! Get it as much as possible, because thisresource is the most popular in the wild west! Build differentbuildings: office sheriff, ranch, bank and much more! Build housesto bring people to your city. Hire people to work in the mine orother buildings. You will not miss anything that is going on inyour city, because your personal assistant will notify you aboutearned achievements or cases in the city. Each new level - newopportunities and new buildings. Earn experience building, get newlevels, and build new homes. A huge number of improvements inbuildings and beautiful graphics will drag you on for a longtime!The game will be interesting to many, then you can and croaklike in any kind clicker, and build your own city, and monitor whatis happening. The game is very exciting and definitely worth atry!)The game is still being finalized, let us know about all thedeficiencies found in the mail: [email protected] a goodgame! :]
Angry Shark Evolution 1.0 APK
You probably already played the CAT EVOLUTION, DRAGONS EVOLUTION,BIRDS EVOLUTION, UNICORNS and many others! But what about ANGRYSHARKS? Have you seen HUNGRY SHARKS? And spiked SHARKS? What aboutSHARK robots? No? It's time to see it! It's crazy!You have anincredible task - to follow the evolution of ordinary sharks anddevelop your own kind of new, more powerful and improved sharks.You ask - where is the logic? Everything is simple and explained byscience, but we will not go into deep details, just play and enjoythe gameplay and great graphics! :)HOW TO PLAY• Click on the sharkand drag it to another, the same shark , to create a new mysteriouscreature• No need for a long wait boxes: use sharks caviar coins tobuy new creatures and make even more money• If you feed the sharkwith a food, you will get an interesting effect• Alternatively,fiercely tap shark to make coins caviar• Runestones can be obtainedby sacrificing the last shark-queen sacrifice by typing 3 of itscharge• For runestones, you can buy unique runes• Open new plannetfor main scrap and bitcoin (BitCrystal)HIGHLIGHTS• Different stagesand many species of sharks to discover• Interesting improvement,allowing faster and better development in the game• Unexpectedmixture of alpaca-like evolution, 2048, stage-by-stage clicker andincremental clicker games• Runes of the dark queen giving anadvantage in the gameplay• Incredibly beautiful HD graphics• Nosharks were harmed in the making of this game, onlydevelopersPlease note! This game is completely free to play, but itcontains elements that can be purchased for real money. Somefunctions and additional elements that are marked in thedescription can also be purchased for real money.
Clicker Mine Mania 2 - Idle Tycoon 1.2 APK
Become an industrial tycoon, an excellent builder and theworld-beating miner!Obtain resources and experience, get a pet andmonsters, construct and upgrade buildings!Whether researchingmastery in all things is within scope of your abilities?FEATURES★Best mining - tap the block for getting resources★ Craft pickaxesand borers from the resources obtained earlier★ Get idle cash, evenwhen you are offline or afk★ Level up, finding rare ores andminerals★ Use enchanting to improve your tools and get moreresources★ Construct amazing buildings from the resources obtainedearlier★ Select your own way of development the economy: passive oractive income★ Get profit from daily awards★ New function: thealchemy - allows studying and using pots★ Automate production ofresources and lvl by force of such animals and monsters as:chicken, golem, zombie, dragon, shriveler, herobrine★ Get 30 typesof resources, including: diamonds, gold, coal, iron, emeralds★ Nointernet connection needed💎💎💎Become the most successfulminer!💎💎💎⚒⚒⚒Become enormously rich!⚒⚒⚒💰💰💰And the rich man what werenot seen before!💰💰💰We're looking forward to answer all yourcomments!We will consider your ideas and problems with game -contact us: [email protected]❤️Your Toolbex team❤️