1.0 / February 16, 2016
(3.4/5) (69)


Alarm, alarm! City in chaos!
Is it an earthquake?
No, it is an angry giant elephant rampage!
This wild animal is destructing everything. It smashes car, bike,wheels, buildings, landscapes,
everything. City looks like to be in apocalypse.
It is now heading towards the airport to smash airplanes andhelicopters. Shield them or we will
be in real trouble.
Look, it is going to kill little children! Save them.
This African safari creature seems strayed from its herd. Now it isgone mad and destructing the
Save the city from this dinosaur like wild animal. Grab your gunand kill this.
You are a person with special abilities of hunting. You have beenhunting in lush green jungles
in Africa. In many critical situations, you have survived. Now itis time to brag. It is the time to
show off your special abilities.
Your target is to kill this mad enemy using your sniper rifle. Useyour sniping skills to shoot a
precise and accurate shot.
Another fun game by Angry Rivals

App Information Angry Elephant Hunter

  • App Name
    Angry Elephant Hunter
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  • Updated
    February 16, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Angry Rivals ( Sniper, Action, Simulation Games)
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Alarm, alarm! City in chaos!Is it an earthquake?No, it is an angry giant elephant rampage!This wild animal is destructing everything. It smashes car, bike,wheels, buildings, landscapes,everything. City looks like to be in apocalypse.It is now heading towards the airport to smash airplanes andhelicopters. Shield them or we willbe in real trouble.Look, it is going to kill little children! Save them.This African safari creature seems strayed from its herd. Now it isgone mad and destructing thecity.Save the city from this dinosaur like wild animal. Grab your gunand kill this.You are a person with special abilities of hunting. You have beenhunting in lush green junglesin Africa. In many critical situations, you have survived. Now itis time to brag. It is the time toshow off your special abilities.Your target is to kill this mad enemy using your sniper rifle. Useyour sniping skills to shoot aprecise and accurate shot.Another fun game by Angry Rivals
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*** WARNING TRUCK DRIVERS !!!Warning to Rashly and Bad Truck Drivers ! Fully 3D featuredHeavyTruck Cargo delivery is a new challenging Cargo delivery gameatAndroid gaming Planet. This will test your sharp driving skillsinhard and limited time. So if you think that you are goodhighwaydriver then this is best driving simulator for you to playfor freeat the Play Store.*** TIME IS SHORT : TASK IS MORETruck has several Packages to deliver after regular intervalsofdistance. An interesting and challenging racing game withintimelimits is available. This is challenging racing game due tothelimit of time. You have to drive fast and safely. Goal is toreachat destination on time without losing any package.*** IGNITE & STEERING & ACCELERATEAre you ready for this challenging tour !Sit on driving seat, Fasten seat belt, Ignite Engine andpressAccelerator to complete this task. On the way, towardsdestination,You have to pass away from different challengingtracks. Tilt yourdevice screen, use brake to stop immediately.Avoid from packagelosing, as it can reduce your score points.*** MORE CHALLENGING TASKNo rocket science is required to finish task, just act likeaCargo agent. Use user friendly UI and controls accelerator,Brake,Forward and Reverse Gear. Cargo truck is fully loaded andready tostart its journey. Navigate through sharp turns and twists.Whenyou apply brakes, must care about loaded Packages. Try to nottodrop them anywhere during traveling as it isyourresponsibility.*** TIPS & FEATURES+ Tilt your device to drive and control Cargo Truck+ Compatible to all Mobiles and Tabs.+ Fast speed Accelerator to move forward.+ Sharp angles, turns and twists to thrill game task.+ Powerful Immediate and instant brake to stop truck.+ Easy and fully functional Tilt detection to control truck.+ Control the speed of the truck using the brakes at turns+ User friendly interface.+ Real physics control racing game+ Easy to handle+ Cargo delivery and rally style racing levels+ Amazing graphics and interactivity+ Cool background music+ Drive with precision and accuracy like a pro+ Multiple camera views to enhance your gaming experience
+ Smooth steering and gear control to drive vehicle+ Always keep in mind that time is short so be fast andcarefulwhile drivingJoin us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates:https://www.facebook.com/AlliedGamerzz?fref=tshttps://twitter.com/allied_appshttp://alliedmarketing201.wix.com/alliedgamingYou can write us for any improvements or suggestions as wewantto hear from you and honour your feedback.
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Real Walking Dead Hunter is a modern game thatblends the classic shooter and car racing &derby games. It makes it to be one of the most addictive zombiesurvival games. Theme is verysimple - Target the Endless Waves of the Walking Dead or have yourbrain eaten.When your city was under attack of zombies, you decided to joinyour brother in arms, Mr. Xand drive your car through a zombie tsunami and shoot down thezombies using machine gunsand rifles.Stay alert in your car. Zombie apocalypse has happened. Overrun theundead, shoot them up withweapons of modern warfare and outbreak them during this roadtrip.Game Features: Easy controls Intense gameplay Enjoy shooting and racing / car driving in one game Stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures Super sound effects Fill your killing appetite, become serial killer Absolutely free gameA zombie game by Angry Rivals