1.1 / September 1, 2016
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Peak hours, Grandpa is getting ready tohisexciting adventure game.

Angry Flying Grandpa is a fast and supper addictive game. Itleadyou to enter a fantastic world without the control by
the gravity.

With all of that being said , What are you still waiting for?Download the game and enjoy this daring super adventureplatformergame!

Grandpa Run is a jumping game where you need to crossdifferentobstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many coinsas youcan to score the highest..
Features of Uncle Game Grandpa Adventure :

Several missions to accomplish.
Good graphics.
Great music and sound effects.
Adventurous theme in a fun way for kids.

If you like adventure games and you have a few minutes tospare,this game should be your next distraction—and you don't evenhaveto leave.

download Grandpa Adventure game and have fun!

App Information Angry Flying Grandpa

  • App Name
    Angry Flying Grandpa
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 1, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Fun Time Entertainment
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email addrdwan@gmail.com
    21 Hay ezzohour2 oujda DB zaid Ibn Sultan 60000 MOROCCO
  • Google Play Link

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بيانو طيور الجنة هو تطبيق لتعليم البيانو علىالموبايل .يكفي ان تشاهد فيديوهات تعليم عزف اغاني طيور الجنة على يوتوب ثمالتطبيق مباشرة على تطبيقنا لتتعلم عزف اجمل المقاطع.قائمة بأسماء الأناسيد التي يمكنك تعلمها :آخر النهارالابتسامةالأنانيإلعب إلعبأن تدخلني ربي الجنةأنا واميبابا شكوبعنينا اقصانابكرا دوامتحقق حلميجدو وتيتاشهرنا الغاليالأرنب والسلحفاةالأصابعداداالدودةالفراشةحميدوالطيارةسنجوبةالراعيعالروضة بنروحالحلو صار يحبيPiano Paramore is anapplication to teach piano on mobile.Enough to watch videos teach fiddle music Paramore on Youtube andthen directly applicable to our application to learn playing themost beautiful passages.Alonasid list of names that can be learned:eveningthe smileSelfishPlay PlayThe Tdechlni Lord paradiseMy mom and IBaba UbuntuBnina OqsanaVirgin Timemy dream came trueGedo and TitaOur month dearThe tortoise and the hareFingersDadaThe wormButterflyHamidouFlyerSnjubhshepherdAalrodh BnrouhSweet became Ahabay
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هل تبحث كثيرا عن برامج تزيين الصور بشكلمحترف؟هل مللت البحث عن برامج تزيين الصور والكتابة عليها ؟هل مللت البحث عن برامج اضافة مؤثرات للصور ؟اليوم قمنا بتطوير برنامج صغير لكن مفعوله كبير جدا و هوبرنامجتعديل الصور والكتابة على الصور الجديد في المتجر.العديد من المستخدمين في المتجر يبحثون عن برامج تزيين الوجهفيالصور بالمكياج و برامج تغيير لون الشعر في الصور و تغيير لونالعيونلكن بدون جدوى.بعض مزايا هذا التطبيق التي لن نذكر كلها لأنها كتيرة جدا :اضافة تأثيرات على صورك لتبدو إحترافية.اطارات للصور باشكال جديده.تركيب الصور في بعضها البعض.تعديل الصور واضافة الفلاتر.برامج تعديل الصور والكتابة عليها او عمل التاثيرات علي ايصورةتعجبك.تطبيق لديه مميزات جملة جدا لتحرير على الصور وبسهولة تامةهل تفضل برامج التعديل او تحرير الصور مثل فوتوشوب او هل انتهاويالتصميم ؟ هذا التطبيق يناسبك بالتاكيدمميزات التطبيقاللغة العربية مدعومة للكتابة على الصور بخطوط عربية جميلةهنالك عدة افكتات "مؤثرات " جميلة ومميزة تشبه برامج تصميمعالميةphotoshop Snapchatيمكن تغيير كل من السطوع والتباين او تشبع الالوان حسب الدرجةالتيتفضلهايمكن طمس او اضافة تخبيش على المنطقة التي تفضلها "مفيدة لتشويش جزءمنالصورة لمسحه"يمكن معالجة الصورة عبر الفلتر لتغيير الالوان كما تحب او جعلهاصورةقيدمة واكثر .يمكن تغيير الحجم كما تفضليمكن تدوير الصورة بعدة اشكال مختلفةهنالك ملصقات جاهزة يمكن اضافتها على الصور بسهولةيمكن قص الصورة كما تحبيمكن اللعب بالالوان عبر منحنيات الالوان لعكس اللوانالصورةتمامايمكن اضافة اطارات جاهزةوالافضل من هذا ان التطبيق سهل تعلمه جدا وبسرعة يمكن تعلمهبسرعةكبيرة أي انه لا يحتاج الى خبرة سابقة بالتصميملتشغيل التطبيق كل ما عليك فعله هو إختيار الصورة المرادتعديلهاوإما عن طريق إلتقاطها عن طريق الكامرا أو إختيارها من محررالصور فيالهاتف بعد ذلك إبدأ في إختيار التأثيرات التي تناسب صورتك وإختيارإطارات جميلة و إصافة كتابة معينة على الصورة أو إضافة مؤثراتمضحكةعلى الصورلا تنسى مشاركة التطبيق مع أصدقائك و وضع تقييمك على التطبيق.شكرا لك لتحميلك لتطبيقنا ووضع تقثك فينا.Are you looking for alotdecorate photos professionally programs?Tired Find decorate photos and write programs?Tired Search programs add effects to images?Today we have developed a small program, but a very largeeffectand is to modify the images and writing on the new images inthestore program.Many users in the store looking for a face in thephotosdecorating programs makeup and hair color in the picturesandchange the eye color change programs, but to no avail.Some features of this application is that you will notrememberall of it is very Ktarh:Add effects to your pictures to look professional.Photo Frame in new forms.Installation of images in each other.Edit images and to add filters.Edit images and write programs or work influences on anyimageyou like.Application has features very sentence to edit the imagesandseamlesslyDo you prefer the amendment or image-editing programs suchasPhotoshop or are you amateur design? This application iscertainlyright for youApplication featuresArabic language supported for writing the images beautifulArablinesThere are several Avictat "effects" beautiful and distinctivedesignresembling a global photoshop Snapchat programsYou can change both the brightness, contrast or saturation ofcolorsdepending on the degree to which you preferYou can blur or add Tkhbayh on the area you prefer "usefultoconfuse the part of the image to erase."You can process the image through a filter to change colors asyoulike, or make it an image Qedmh and more.Size can also prefer to changeYou can rotate the image in many different formsThere are posters Templates can be added to images easilyYou can crop the image as you likeYou can play with colors through curves colors to reflectSuperman'scompletelyYou can add ready TiresBetter that this application is easy to learn very quicklyandcan be learned very quickly that he did not need anypreviousexperience to designTo run the application, all you have to do is select the imagetobe adjusted by either pick them up by Alcamra or selectedimageeditor in the phone then start to choose the influences thatfityour image and choose a beautiful frames and Asafh certain typeonthe image or add funny effects on the imagesDo not forget the application with your friends and putyourassessment on the application post.Thank you for uploading to our application and put Tqzq us.
Cute Pig Run 1.0 APK
Addictive and simple gameplay make Cute PigRun a great game! Touch the screen to run, collect coins and escapefrom enemies.★ Challenge a friend to beat you in this great funny game! Playnow!!Pigs fell out of the stars and are back from space. They are angryand have to rush to collect coins.Let this bad pig run and climb the hills to earn a greatscore!★ Features:- Simple but addictive gameplay!- Play with your friends and challenge them to beat you- Google Play Game Services: Leaderboards and Achievements- It's free!★ A few words from our fans:"Alot of fun!! Time your jumps right and watch out for theenimies!! It's alot of fun you should download it!!""Very easy to pick up and play anytime. Great graphics and fungameplay really like it.""This game is very fun" "Amazing game" "Kinda like Sonic" "Lovethis app"
Bismillah I Am A Muslim 1.0 APK
The most popular Muslim app.Recognized by more than 30 million Muslims around the world asthemost accurate prayer time & azan application I Am AMuslim,Bismillah also features the full Quran with Arabicscripts,phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as aQiblalocator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurantsandMosques, etc...MAIN FEATURES:• Accurate prayer times based on your current locationwithmultiple settings available (angles)• Azan: visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayerwithmany muezzin voices to choose from• Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan• Access prayer times directly from the Today menu of thedevice(iOS8 and iOS9 only)• The Holy Quran (Al Qur'an) with audio recitations (mp3),phoneticsand translations• "Tasbih" to count your dhikr• Halal restaurants and mosques locations around you• Animated Qibla compass and map to show you the directiontoMecca• Complete Muslim Hijri calendar to estimate holy dates suchasEid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha• 99 names of Allah• Beautiful Islamic greeting cards (Eid Mubarak, RamadanKareem,etc...)• Hisn'ul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim): a collection of doasandsupplications)IMPORTANT NOTES(1) if you feel that the app is giving you wrong prayer times,itis most likely related to your settings. In most cases,enablingauto-settings is the safest way to obtain the most accurateprayertimes.ANDROID PERMISSIONSIn-app purchases / Billing: should you decide to upgrade tothePremium version of Muslim Pro, this will allow you to useyourexisting Google Play Store account to make a securepayment.Location (GPS and network-based): your location is requiredtocalculate accurate prayer times, the Qibla and to findhalalrestaurants and mosques nearby.Storage / Photos / Media / Files: this permission is requiredtosave downloaded content such as additional adhans,audiorecitations and translations of the Quran.Phone / Device ID & Call Information: this permissionisrequired to obtain a unique device ID to secure the usage ofourfree credits and invitation code as well as to secure yourpurchaseshould you decide to upgrade to the Premium version ofMuslim Pro.This device identifier is anonymous.More info onpermission:https://support.muslimpro.com/hc/en-us/articles/218049898========يعتبره الملايين من أتباع الإسلام في أنحاء العالم الإسلاميالتطبيقالأكثر دقة لمواعيد الصلاة والأذان على الأجهزة المحمولة. كمايحتويBismillah أيضًا على القرآن بالكامل بالنصوص العربية والعلاماتالصوتيةوالترجمات والتلاوات المسموعة إلى جانب محدد موقع القبلةوتقويم هجريإسلامي وخريطة لمطاعم الأكل الحلال والمساجد وما إلىذلك.الميزات الرئيسية- حابة دقيقة لوقت الصلاة على أساس موقعك الحالي- الآذان: تنبيهات بصرية وصوتية / آذان الصلاة- القرآن الكريم مع التلاوات (ملفات mp3 صوتية) والعلاماتالصوتيةوالترجمات- مواقع مطاعم الأكل الحلال والمساجد في محيطك- بوصلة متحركة للقبلة لتوضح لك اتجاه مكة- تقويم إسلامي لتقدير تواريخ الأعياد الدينية مثل عيد الفطروعيدالأضحىملاحظات مهمة(1) إذا كنت تعتقد أن التطبيق يعطيك أوقات صلاة خاطئة، فمنالمرجحأن هذا الأمر يعود إلى الإعدادات التي وضعتها. يرجى التأكد منأنك قدحددت طريقة التوثيق/الحساب والمعاملات الأخرى الصحيحة.(2) لا يمكننا الرد على الآراء المنشورة على موقع متجرالتطبيقات.يرجى الكتابة إلينا (من داخل التطبيق نفسه) أو الوصول إليناعلىالشبكات الاجتماعية أدناه إذا كنت بحاجة إلى إبلاغنا بعيب.
لعبة الديك بيصحى - طيور الجنة 1.0 APK
لعبة الديك بيصحى طيور الجنة هي لعية ممتعة منبيبي مرفقة بأغنية الديك بيصحىحاول تعليم الديك كيفية الطيران مع تفادي الأعداء ومحاولة عدمالسقوطلعبة الديك بيصحى طيور الجنة هو تطبيق مجانى يشمل ملفات صوتية لاغانىطيور بيبي لكل نجوم القناة يعمل بدون انترنت تمام فقط ماعليك سويتحميل التطبيق :) .ويمكنكم من خلال التطبيق الاستماع للاغانى .والتطبيق يحتاج للانترنت حتى تعمل كل الملفات بطريقة سليمة .وسيحتوي التطبيق علي الاغانى التالية :* حميدو* الببغاء* عيدك مبارك* ام جميل والشهر الفضيل* قد افطرت* الأرنب والسلحفاة* التفاحة* الطيارة* الفراشة* دادا* حرف التاء* تحية الإسلام* نهاية ثعلب* حرف الباء* البنت الشطورة* الديك بيصحى* الحلو صار يحبي* النحلة* نني* سم الله* انشودة قمرة* عسل* مدرسة لين* الراعى الكذاب* الموزة* بابا جبلي بالون* الليمونة والبرتقالة* خالي عندة 7 اولاد* ما أحلى التوفير* ماما جابت بيبي* حرف الجيم* من مصروفي* بابا بحبك* الممرضة* بابا ما عاد يكذب* احكي الحقيقة* الصيدلاني* طبيب العيون* المصور التليفزيوني* شرطي المرور* رجل الاطفاء* نزلوا عالشارعالتطبيق سيتم تحديثة اولا بأول نرجو عدم ازالة التطبيق وتحديثة.Game cock Basahy Birds ofParadise is a fun consciousness Bibi accompanied by a song yourparents BasahyYour parents teach tried how to fly while avoiding enemies and trynot to fallGame cock Basahy Birds of Paradise is a free application includesaudio files of songs birds Pepe each star channel works withoutInternet fully all you had to do only load the application:).And through the application to listen to songs.And the application needs of the Internet so that all files areworking properly.And it will contain the application on the following songs:* Hamidou* Parrot* happy Eid* M beautiful and holy month* May Your Password* The tortoise and the hare* the Apple* Flyer* Butterfly* Dada* V characters* the greeting of Islam* The end of the Fox* Alaba symbols* The girl Alhtorh* Rooster Basahy* Sweet became Ahabay* Bee* Nenni* The name of Allah* Song of the cockpit* Honey* Lane School* Shepherd liar* Banana* Baba mountain balloon* Lemon and orange* Uncle has 7 children* What sweeter savings* Mama roamed Baby* Gym symbols* From his pocket money* Papa love* the nurse* Pope returned lie* Tell a truth* Pharmaceutical* Optometrist* Illustrated TV* traffic cop* fireman* Pitched AalstreetThe application will be updated aphid hope the application is notremoved and updated.
Angry Flying Grandpa 1.1 APK
Peak hours, Grandpa is getting ready tohisexciting adventure game.Angry Flying Grandpa is a fast and supper addictive game. Itleadyou to enter a fantastic world without the control bythe gravity.With all of that being said , What are you still waiting for?Download the game and enjoy this daring super adventureplatformergame!Grandpa Run is a jumping game where you need to crossdifferentobstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many coinsas youcan to score the highest..Features of Uncle Game Grandpa Adventure :Several missions to accomplish.Good graphics.Great music and sound effects.Adventurous theme in a fun way for kids.If you like adventure games and you have a few minutes tospare,this game should be your next distraction—and you don't evenhaveto leave.download Grandpa Adventure game and have fun!
Bad Baby Victoria Face Maker 1.0 APK
Bad Baby Victoria from Freak Toys ForSocialMedia Apps Lets You Create Awesome Comics Photos To ShareWith YourFriendsIn All Social Media Apps You Are Using and Installing InYourSmatphone, the best part it's FREE!Have you ever thought of your friends reaction when they sawyourface in a funny look?You can now get their feedback using our Bad Baby VictoriaFunnyFace Maker For Social Media Apps that provide several looksandimage that help you change your face in a funny way and shareyourphotos using all social media apps that you might think aboutlikeTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp andmanymore...Looks Available Inside Funny Face For Social Media Apps :- Cute Rabbit- Doggy Face- Emoji & Smileys- Lovely Eyes- Rainbow Effects- Sad Tears- Stickers- Cool Text With Emoji- Thag Life lookHow To Use Funny Face Maker For Social Media Apps Sharing:- Take a picture using your phone camera of you or of one ofyourfriendsOr- Select an image from your photo gallery.- You have more than 50 attractive images, stickers and funnyfacechoose from- Select Emojis/stickers to put your images on.- Choose funny face template or theme that you like- You can Zoom in Or Zoom out any object you add- You will be able to rotate left Or right with 2 fingers toadjustimages, Stickers and theme selected.- Save Images in your seed-Card.- Share it with your friends using the share button available onthetop rightSocial networks have become a place to connect with yourfriendsin an easy an convenient way especially using photosharingoptions.The sharing feature available on the social media networkappsmakes your opinion about any topic reach huge number of peopleevensome funny thinking...If you need to edit any picture taken by your camera ormaybeyour friends' photos, you have to use an android photoeditor..Now we have provided you with all in one android photo editorandsharing app at the same time, you can now take pictures, editthemand then share them with your friends...
Boost And Clean My Phone 3.0 APK
Has your phone become laggy and lack of space?Boost And Clean My Phone is the speed booster & junk cleaneryou need!Boost And Clean My Phone optimize your Android CPU, RAM, andbattery with a single one-tap.Boost And Clean My Phone could killstasks, frees up android phone`s memory and optimizes your devicespeed. You could select the entire app at once or individually,kill their process, free your phone memory and boost your Androiddevice speed. Boost And Clean My Phone is an Android performanceoptimizer & cleaner master. It can boost the speed of yourphone by up to 80%, it cleans junk (cache) files from your system,and increases the available storage space on your phone and SDcard. It is a total Android phone performance optimization solutionthat combines the advanced functionality of an apps task cleaner,speed and ram booster, storage (junk & cache) analyzer for yourphone.Boost And Clean My Phone Features:One Touch Boost: A single touch saves you time and effort to boostyour phone.Junk Cleaner: Fully scan and cleanup every bit of junk and cachefiles.Smart Cleaner: Pre-set automatic cleanup of unwanted processes andtrash.Powerful Speed Booster: Boost the speed of your Android by up to80%!Cleaning Optimizer & Speed MasterGAME BOOSTER1.Improve your gaming speed and experience.2. Concentrates system resources to support game operation3.Smoothes game play and boost s FPS.JUNK FILE CLEANINGThe junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzed sothat Boost And Clean My Phone can efficiently hone in on itstargets (cache and residual files) with perfect accuracy. Deletecache and residual files to reclaim storage, boost speed andimprove the performance of your device and SD card.MEMORY BOOSTBoost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up yourdevice and save more battery. Our 1 Tap Boost Now and Game Boostfeatures make it easy to optimize directly from your homescreenGame BoosterAutomatically improve your game speeds when launching games becauseit sets your memory free and CPU cool so that they can performbest..Phone speed booster makes Android apps and games faster than everbefore!