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You were keeping cute pet birds at your home. You really love themand were spending most of your free time with them .But cute gotbored of you and wanted to escape. Few of them were flown away fromyour place and for the reason you got angry on birds leading to beviolent. Some of cute birds have gone really Rebel and are tryingto fly away from you but you have decided now to crush the RebelBirds when they attempt to fly away. The game play is allinteractive. Crush the rebel birds by swapping your finger on thesmartphone screen. There are hard shells floating randomly in thegameplay. You have to avoid your finger swap on the hard shells, inthat case you lose the game. Get as many score as you can tosucceed in the game and play the later phases of game. The interestin game will follow the elevated rise in the successive gamephases. Angry on Birds in the idea conceived to entertain users wholove hunting and are habitual to birds hunting or they wish to be ahunter in the jungles. The birds lover will also love this game tocheck their love for pet birds. There are no other bird enemies butyou are itself the enemy of these cute birds. The bird animationsare interactive and realistic. The voices of the birds are alsoreal. You shall really be addicted to the interactive game play of"Angry on Birds" game. It's not the ninja fight or crush fruits,candies, smashing fruits etc. But it's the entire new action game.The idea is not to rescue bubble shooter or rescue birds fromenemies. But you have itself trapped the cute birds. It's from thedevelopers of Appimum who have created Bean Blast - Crush SmashCandy, Subway Rush Runner, Blast Eggs - Candy Game Puzzle, ToffoCrush, King of Riders, Super Truck Simulator, Candy Twist, ChocoCrush and Glacier Birds Rescue etc. Angry on Birds - Full of Fun,Arcade and Action.

App Information Angry on Birds - Ninja Action Hunting

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    Angry on Birds - Ninja Action Hunting
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    June 9, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Office 1 & 2, First Floor, Plaza 57 (J&K), Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Contact Phone: +92-331-5222000, +92-51-2724034
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Subway Rush Runner: Bus & Rail 1.6 APK
The gaming idea is entirely new and purely a jungle adventure andarcade running game based on the story of Pinto. Pinto is a swiftand smart boy. Pinto went to Jungle on his bicycle and lost hisway. A wild tribe trapped him in the old temple of the jungle .Play Subway Rush Runner game in the jungle and rush to run onstunning tracks, rails, strange bus tracks and astonishing templetracks avoiding the obstacles like trains, blocks and the wildanimals. It needs a smart drive by the gamer to escape fromenemies. It's very addictive subway arcade running game. - - Playfeatures and Functions of Subway Rush Runner Game - - ** The gamesubway is endless, making it the long-lasting gaming experience. **The game runs on the advanced designed tracks. ** You will findtemples, trains, buses, rails, wild animals, bridges, trucks etc.on your way.** Double tap on the Pinto while he is running, toslap/kick to the wild animals. ** Rail, bus and temple tracks arecomplex and you need to be tricky to cross these tracks.** Alltracks are dynamically behaving. ** Some rail, bus and templetracks are small and some are long enough requiring patience fromyou for play. You may lose lives and need to act fast with yourfingers to survive. ** Wild animals and Wild Tribes are hard tokill. The jungle propel are trained foresters and belong to a groupof deadly people. ** The wild animals and tribe people are spreadon the rail tracks, bus tracks and temple tracks and appearrandomly. The trains are on the tracks. Rail, Bus & templetracks shift dramatically. ** The obstacles are dynamic and thejungle people are continuously following up the pinto and the gamerneed to rush run to play this Subway Rush Runner game.** The gameincludes interactive animations of pinto, wild tribe people and ofwild animals. ** The game is completely free for moves, lives andbonuses.The game is neither simply the subway running but asequential and filmic story of Pinto. The gamer must act like thesmart Pinto who is striving to rescue from the enemies by rushingin this endless running game, on long striking subways includingrail tracks, bus tracks, trains and temple tracks.
Super X-Racer: Flight Pilot Simulator 1.0 APK
Super X-Racer is the full action Flight Pilot Simulator game. Thisthe flying flight racing game but not with the opponents. Fly yourCraft Plane and avoid strike with the obstacle blocks on the go.More distance covered without collision with the obstacles willscore you more. Gain more scores to power your Craft plane from thepower shop. The obstacles are dynamic and are generated on the goin random sequence. If you feel you are the War pilot and want totest your plan drive. You will really enjoy this mind drivegame.The game is the Flight Pilot Simulator games full of action.Flight pilot simulator need to be mindful and tricky. Experience isnot the game here but the tricky mind to play this Flight PilotSimulator game. The flight simulator X-Racer is the really theunique racing game idea, best of the racing flight pilot simulatorgames. The game is full of action and is not simple but for thetrue flying game players. Super X-Race is for fun only but thecollision of craft plan breaks it in to small pieces. The play isof racing games but the obstacles are amazingly blocks. Theenvironment is full of randomly generating blocks in the sky. Thedrive is possible full of fun. Lets wear your polit kit, be mindfulto plan this action race game and Start to go on Super X-Racer.
King of Riders - Highway Racer 1.1 APK
King of riders is the fast paced motorcycle racing game withhigh-speed racing tracks. Be the King of riders and motorcyclistsand play the real bike racing game. A true bike racing game for theplayers of racing games - By Appimum - The creators of Bean Blast,Toffo Crush, Glacier Rescue Bubble Shooter, Candy Twist, SubwayRush Runner and Super Truck Simulator. King of Riders is the realgaming experience of a racing game and is surely one of the bestracing games. King of Riders is the endless racing genre for racinggames' players that includes full career mode, perspectives offirst person view,e, high quality environments and high qualityreal bike sounds. This is 4th Generation racing game where Ride ofbike is in the endless highway roads. Overtake the traffic andavoid collisions to earn coins and with coins you can upgrade yourbike, buy new bikes and powers. King of Riders - King of MotorcylceRiders - King of Bike Racing. Game Features- First person cameraview- 4 motorbikes to choose from- Real motor bike sounds- Threestunning and thrilling tracks, winter, summer and spring. There are4 playing modes:1- Traffic Time 2- Traffic Ride3- Time Trial 3-Free RideYou can choose the traffic intensity on roads.REALMOTORBIKES- 4 different motorbikes in realistic cockpit view.-First person motorcycle driving.- Realistic motorbike handlingexperience.- GAME MODES - - Ride on the highway with rush traffic.-Race in oncoming traffic in one way. - Avoid roadside collisions,STUNNING ENVIRONMENTS- Stunning 3D environments, works fine onlow-end devices.- 3 different environments.i- Jungleii- Snowiii-Desert- Thrilling music and audioHOW TO PLAY- Avoid collisions withtraffic and roadsides- Overtake traffic vehicles- Play on Tilt ortouch- High end brakes to slow downHINTS- Drive faster to earn morerewards.- If you overtake cars closely, it will increases yourcombo and will give you extra scores
Toffo Crush:Jelly Cookie Candy 1.1 APK
Toffo crush is another Match 3 Puzzle game from Appimum, thedevelopers of bean blast, Birds Bubble Shooter and Subway RushRunner. Toffo Crush is entirely the new idea with enhanced gamefeatures. We have defined Toffo as the largest Mania of Candies,Jellies and Cookies. The combinations of items are challenging andanimations are amazingly engaging. The gameplay is made up ofinteractive animations, making it a crushing mania of jellies,candies & cookies, all in one Match 3 brain puzzle game. Thereare engaging and amazing animations of blasting, bubbling,crushing, smashing and breaking effects. The candies, jellies andcookies do not fall free but engagingly drop with engagingly randomanimations. Match of Candies, jellies and cookies is really the funplay. The combination of animations is frenzy, creating thecandies' fun mania.Features of Toffo Crush:** 300 game levels inthe first phase, adding 100 levels every week. ** Match 3 jellies,candies or cookies to crush and progress in the game. ** Match 4jellies, candies or cookies to create special sweet bombs to blastsurrounding candies, jellies and cookies with random amazinganimations. ** Match 4 jellies or candies or cookies to create theSuper Bees.** Super Bees will fly and fall to crush a jelly orcandy or cookie at random. ** Match in L or T paths to create thespecial candy.** Special candy will crush candies, jellies andcookies in the row and column.** Match 5 in a row or column to makethe Super Candy. ** Super candy on match will blast, smash andcrush all candies, jellies and cookies on the scene with anelectric effect. The game play is all unique, full of dramatic gameanimations to keep you full time in game. The game is addictiveenough and will fever you to play and play all time Toffo Crush, asthe name displays.
Impossible Racer: Car Stunts on Sky Off Roads 1.0 APK
Impossible Racer is an addictive game for arcade racing game anddriving simulation game players.Pick your favorite car and join theultimate challenge!HIGH SPEED DRIVINGRace at high speeds, drive onsky off roads. Nothing is forbidden in Impossible Racer, MoreObstacles = More Score!HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICSHigh end 3D graphicswith realistically created offroads on the sky environments andsuperb options of cars.THE CAR OF YOUR DREAMSUpgrade your cars byusing the gained coins.EXPLORE DIFFERENT THEMESTake a ride invarious game environments. Each 4 environment are realisticallycreated and highly detailed.DRIVE IT YOUR WAYControl car with swiftand smooth controls.Choose Steering Wheel, Buttons orJoystick.MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLESRace on off roads with Top or Backcamera, or dive into action with Hood camera.Camera angles forunique driving experience.
Bean Blast: Crush Smash Candy 1.4 APK
This is a unique and one of the most thrilling candy games. All inOne game play including candies, jellies, cookies andsweets/toffees. The candy game is created based on the largevariety of beans which takes the shapes of sweet candies, beancookies, jellies, bubbles etc at various game levels. The Candybeans are excitedly Hot and are ready to be crushed, smashed,bubbled and blasted. If you are excited to play this extreme candygame "bean blast", be noted that you may be extremely addictleading to have fever and frenzy of this candy game after even onceyou have played it. Lets wear Magic Hats to get into Bean Blast.The play is all free but do not let beans, candies, sweets,jellies, bubbles or cookies to fall free. You can shop from theCandy Bean Power shop against these magic hats. This candy game"bean blast" is the series of hundreds of episodes and levels. Thegame is neither just the match any 3 candies or bubbles nor itsfree fall of sweets, eggs, fruits, cookies, vegetables, frenzies,frozen bears, bubbles, magnets or toys etc. but it's full ofcrushing, smashing and blasting animations of the candy beancharacters bubbling in the game. The game targets in any stage ofthis special candy game are neither simple nor candies, jellies andcookies fall free but jump up and down through trendy animations.On match of three sweet candy beans, the bubbles are created withthe blast of those candy beans. Bean Blast - Candy Game Features –Match 3 Candy Beans to Crush, Smash, bubble and Blast Sweet beanCandies, Jellies and Cookies, All in One - Best of Candy Games. **Match Sweet Candy Beans to achieve specific game targets.** Match 3Candy beans to bubble up and crush candy beans in a move. ** Match4 Candy beans in rows and columns to make a Jet Sweet Jelly** JetSweet Jelly will Shoot to crush and bubble to smash sweet candybeans in rows and columns** Match 5 Candy Beans in L or T shape tomake a Hyper Sweet Cookie** Hyper Sweet Cookie have Fever and gotfrenzy. It will shoot to crush & smash and bubble to blastsurrounding sweet andy beans with a bubbling blast effect. ** Match5 or more candy beans in rows or columns to make a Chief SweetJelly Cookie.** Chief Sweet Jelly Cookie will shoot to crush andbubble to smash all sweet candies of one color on collision with asweet candy bean. ** Collision of Chief Sweet Jelly Cookie with aJet Sweet Jelly or Hyper Sweet Cookie will turn all same colorcandy beans to Hyper Sweet Cookies or Jet Sweet Jellies of thatcolor. ** Collision of two Jet Sweet Jellies will crush, smash andbubble to blast with a double effect. ** Collision of two HyperSweet Cookies will shoot to smash and bubble to blast with a doubleeffect.** Collision of a Jet Sweet Jelly and a Hyper Sweet Cookiewill have a triple effect of shoot to crush & smash and bubbleto blast simultaneously. It is the biggest blasting effect withbubbling animations, incorporated in this bean blast game. ** WinMagic Hats and shop from the Candy Bean Power Shop against theseMagic hats.All the stages in this one of most exciting candy games- Bean Blast, are specially designed and created for a largevariety of game targets. Your passion will lead to a desirous feverto crush, bubble up and smash candy beans and make sweet candycookies, as you go through each game level and stages. There is along map of episodes and game stages, you must have to complete agame stage to open next stage.The game is developed by Appimum, theexpert developers of Subway Rush Runner, Toffo Crush:Jelly CookieCandy, Glacier Rescue: Bubble Shooter, Super Truck Simulator andCandy Twist: Top Legend Crush. Happy Candy Gaming!.
Super Truck Simulator Off Road 1.2 APK
Ever Wished to drive loaded truck off Road in Mountains and onHighway? Then you should play 3D Super Truck Simulator Off Road& Highway. Driving a huge and loaded truck on roads is hard butnot for the super king drivers. The game assigns you to load thetruck and to the reach the target destinations. 3D Super TruckSimulator Off Road & Highway is set on Stunning ZigZag Highwaysand in Mountain Roads (Hill Off Roads), peak mountain areas,Curving Hill Roads sorry Off Roads. Super Truck Simulator Off Roadand Highway includes 20 stunning and thrilling environments. Thereare all mountainous Off Roads, needs you to have the super kingdriver's courage. The Game includes a lot of unexpected featuresbut there are game options to deal with those features. Don't beshaky and try to be the best Off Road and Highway Truck SimulatorDriver in the world, Prove you are the Super King of the road!OnlyTruck parking is not the job here, become a real truck simulatordriver and drive 3D Super Truck Simulator! for thrilling yourself.Game Features - Super Truck Simulator off Road and Highway 3D - TheOff Road environments includes all stunning and Off Roadmountainous paths. - Real truck driver physics and game layout.-Real Driving Mechanism and gameplay.- Make your own Trucks todrive, by changing their colors, selecting controls and more. 3DTrucks' customizations** Change Colors of the truck to yourchoice** Load cargo of your choice, various options** Day &night environment modes to drive 3D super truck simulator.**Includes interactive 3D animations for Real damage of the trucks,fuel levels and the driver fatigues.** High end Arrow, Steering andTilt controls ** Smooth tilt buttons and Truck wheel controls**Exterior Camera with high resolution** Interior Camera for all thereal trucks and the customly designed trucks. ** Engaging andrealistic graphics** You have initially 100 coins, watch ad videoor banner ads to reward you with free coins.** Shop with the coinsin your pocket to earn new levels, upgrade your trucks, fuel yourtrucks etc. So now, its the simulation gaming time and you areready to play this Super Truck Simulator 3D game. And the timestarts now. Check you truck fuel and don't care of driving yourSuper Truck Simulator Off Road and Highway.Super Truck SimulatorOff road and Highway 3D game is Produced By Appimum - Thedevelopers of Bean Blast, Glacier Rescue Bubble Shooter, ToffoCrush, Subway Rush Runner and Candy Twist. We do the testing of ourgames among atleast 20 game testing players and then our games arepublished in stores. So be fully confident to play and enjoy thisbest 3D truck driver simulator game. You truck is ready and you areon Job, lets start the truck and be off raod now! Happy Play! 3DSuper Truck Simulator Off Road and Highway - REALLY AMAZINGCHALLENGES.
Speedo Ball: Sliding & Maze - Roll Puzzle Ball 1.0 APK
Speedo Ball is a new brain teaser puzzle from the developers ofBean Blast, Subway Rush Runner, Toffo Crush, Candy Birds, ToffoCrush, Angry on Birds, Blast Eggs, Impossible Racer, King ofRiders, King of Racers and more!If you really like the challengesand the Brain Teaser Puzzle games, you should surely challengeyourself for Speedo Ball. puzzle has all the elements. ;)SpeedoBall is the Ball Rolling Puzzle - A full of Fun and challenginglyaddictive that forces you to keep playing all the times. •Procedural infinite level generation• Test and Exam your mind -Prep & tutoring.- Prepare and Train yourself. Practice yourbrain to active mind.• Its one of the best family puzzle games,enjoy the this superb puzzle speedo ball game with your family.-Tap to roll the ball and avoid obstacles. - Its simply the slidingPuzzle then.• It's the true puzzle game, it's really the thoughtprovoking entertainment.• The game is also for the players of mazepuzzle Games, you need to escape the maze.• It's the well thoughtand planned brain teaser puzzle, challenge yourself and test youryour brain.• The physics of the game is high end science, It's thePhysics based puzzle gaming.• Ball Rolling Puzzle, It's very easyto learn but not simple to master.• Its one of the retro games too,Re-enter the new world of puzzle classics.Roll the balls with yourfinger tap on your smartphone to roll and change the path of yourball roll. Achieve your goals and cross the game levels. The blockson the way can't be changed or removed. Ready to play Speed BallBrain Teaser Puzzle? Install and start your best ball puzzlenow!This rolling balls is the pure sliding puzzle game for adult tokids of all ages. Infinit level generation for long game enjoy.Playanytime anywhere. Play offline - No Wifi is not the problem .-Pause, Restart and Start where you left. Gain points and Scores touse more game features. Play Speedo Ball and roll the ball. Youneed to crush the blocks, avoid collisions and crush the puzzlechallenge.