1.1 / November 8, 2017
(3.1/5) (228)


Take control of 3D rendered shark in this action packed shark game.The objective is to keep survive and eating to score this actionshark game. The shark is hungry and starving till dead, you need toget some food for it, try to eat everything that floating in theocean to regain your stamina and energy to survive.Features:+ 3Dimages graphic+ Unlimited fun and challenging levels+ Intuitivetouch or tilt controls+ Easy to play difficult to masterAngry SharkRush is all new action packed shark game. You need more practicesand training to master controlling this hungry shark to swim fastwhile avoiding all the obstacle, and accurately attacks the target.Beside eating, you can also regain your energy by reach to nextcheckpoint, hence rush all you can to reach next checkpoint beforetime is running out.Play as much as you like! Challenge your friendwith high score.

App Information Angry Shark Rush

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    Angry Shark Rush
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    November 8, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Mak's Game Studios
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