1.0 / November 30, 2015
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Do you want to play the game relaxing andfunto work out a sheep!
A calm and relaxing music in the game.
There is a fantastic 3D environment and animation.
Let's just try it. I think you will like it to.
This game is for you!

Highlights of the game
* 3D graphics, sound effects
* Does not require an Internet connection.
* Multi-touch is active.

How to play
* Touch to jump

This game contains advertising.

You can communicate via e-mail for your requestsandcomplaints.
Email: zaka.creative@gmail.com

Have fun
zaka creative team.

App Information Angry Sheep Jump

  • App Name
    Angry Sheep Jump
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 30, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    zaka creative
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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  • Developer
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American counter strikeAmerican Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game forandroid.There are various maps and levels in the game, player assume thesingle role of government counter-terrorism force to variousterrorist militants.The country under intense attack from the terrorists. Playermust protect the country. Clear the enemies to complete thelevel.Player is alone with the terrorists. It's time to show itself.Lets go!Highlights of the game* Real-time city life* 3D graphics, sound effects* Does not require an Internet connection.* Multi-touch is active.How to play* Swipe gesture with the left half of the screen left or right,up-down rotation is done.* The bullet is fired by the button.*WaiverThis game contains advertising.* AlertsAmerican Counter Strike has adult content. In this game you want tokeep your children* PLEASE NOTE! This app is NOT official. American Counter Strikeis an independent game developed from the scratch using self-madecode and resources.You can communicate via e-mail for your requests andcomplaints.Email: zaka.creative@gmail.comHave funzaka creative team.
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DescriptionUltimate Sniper Action 3D is a very interesting, elegant firstperson Head hunter. As a sniper, you need great courage to face thestark enemy. You must attack enemy base in the mountain area. Snipethe given number of enemies and should remain in the cover to saveyour health.Have you ever heard a single commando has attacked on the base ofenemies and conquered it? Well, here we have a commando a deathshooter, a head hunter, mentally sharp, physically tough and welltrained named as Ultimate Sniper Action 3D. Ultimate Sniper Action3D has been launched to the enemy forces camp to occupy the campand then call the forces from the head quarter to control thiscamp.There are Four Missions in the game. Ultimate Sniper Action 3D hasbeen instructed by head quarter before the mission. All missionshave different briefs and Ultimate Sniper Action 3D has to finishthe task, keeping in mind the brief.There are four missions.1). Base Hut: In this Mission Ultimate Sniper Action 3D skills willbe tested.2). Prison Break: Ultimate Sniper Action 3D will protect his teamcommando and will head hunt the enemies.3). Protector: Ultimate Sniper Action 3D will Guard his team untilthey reach and extract the confidential information.4). Head hunt the chief: Snipe all enemies and head hunt thechief.Game Features:*Free action game with multiple missions.*Multiple waves of uncompromising enemies.*Accurate Sniper gun with special Headshot effect.*Real Base camp Environment.*Awesome Graphics.*User Friendly Controls.
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Do you want to play the game relaxing andfunto work out a sheep!A calm and relaxing music in the game.There is a fantastic 3D environment and animation.Let's just try it. I think you will like it to.This game is for you!Highlights of the game* 3D graphics, sound effects* Does not require an Internet connection.* Multi-touch is active.How to play* Touch to jump*WaiverThis game contains advertising.You can communicate via e-mail for your requestsandcomplaints.Email: zaka.creative@gmail.comHave funzaka creative team.
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You are a young middle age person whoisrunning in a dungeon. You secretly infiltrate the dungeon.Quicklytry to collect gems to increase your score, collect coloredmagnetsto speed up yourself. Also try to avoid any crushes in thedungeonto survive. You have some chances to continue by using 'savemeoption' if you simply die.How To Play: It is very simple. Swipe right to move toright,swipe left to move to left and swipe up to jump.We hope you like playing Temple Dungeon Surfers 3D.FEATURES:★ Real 3D graphics and environment.★ No connectivity required while playing.★ Addictive, loving & fun.★ Sounds On / Off button display.★ Multi-touch enabled.For any questions, please write us.Mail: zaka.creative@gmail.comWith best regards...zaka creative team.
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The hothead gangsters have taken over themajorscientific research institution, concerned with researchanddevelopment of nuclear power, promotion of nuclear science,energyconservation and the peaceful usage of nuclear technology labofyour country.It has become a city of crimes where is law is superior for poorandrich and criminals make the law.Now before everything has been destroyed, it’s a time to rebuildit.A special unit has been brought consist of veterans, servedtheircountry on every border and still strong enough to stand upfor thesovereignty. A top skilled warrior has been chosen for thisspecialtask. His duty will be to hit hard and strike onenemies.Agent James is ready for this operation called “Mission lab”.TheMI16 agent will be dropped from air to enemy’s base and fromthatmoment he will be on his own, having enough modern weaponstodefend and make an offensive counter attack on enemies.Theoperation dust off will not be a piece of cake or candy.Theirglobal roots are strong enough to face and fight and give atoughtime to their opponents. The Terrorists are equipped withlatestWeapons, Heavy Tanks and Apache Helicopters. AK47 is just anormalweapon for them.Show your valuable anti-criminal skills in this Gangster Gametobecome the Boss Almighty of the town.Features:- Unlimited Challenging Missions & Stages- Real Crime City 3d Effects- Modern Weapons to upgrade- Intuitive gameplay:- Use tactical skills to counter attack- Amazing Animations- Gunner firesYou can communicate via e-mail for your requestsandcomplaints.Email: zaka.creative@gmail.comHave funzaka creative team.
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Are you ready! This is wonderful FPS game. Onebrave sniper and one city under attack terrorist. Save city andlifes. This is important mission for the save your city.You have only a sniper and bullet. You should use your skills tofinish that mission.Be cool and faster beause enemy is hard and ruthless.Let's go to save city and lifes.Game 3D graphics, you will experience a wonderful experiencewith sound effects and realistic environments.Highlights of the game* Sniper rifle hunting with* Real-time city life* 3D graphics, sound effects* Does not require an Internet connection.* Multi-touch is active.How to play* Swipe gesture with the left half of the screen left or right,up-down rotation is done.* Camera zoom is performed* The bullet is fired by the button.*waiverThis game contains advertising.* AlertsBrave Sniper Frontier has adult content. In this game you want tokeep your childrenYou can communicate via e-mail for your requests andcomplaints.Email: My zaka.creative@gmail.coHave funzaka creative team.