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Various animals are on the colorful Ferris wheel. Operation is onlya tap! After a few taps, the Ferris wheel will fall! but it's okay.If there is a balloon, you can fly in the sky like a balloon.Background music: Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/

App Information Animal Ferris Wheel

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    Animal Ferris Wheel
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    July 1, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    monois Inc.
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    東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-15-3 Maffice北参道
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Select the desired rail and connect it. Just tap to lay rails.Create a railway with elevated rails, forking rails, etc., as youwant. Create a railway for your favorite train or bullet train andexercise your imagination and creativity. Great fun to run a trainon a railway you created, and a great sense of accomplishment! Addtrain stations and tunnels to customize it. Then run trains on it!Instructions Tap the screen to add the desired rail. Tap the arrowin the direction you want to lay the rail. Very easy to lay rails.Tap on a background part to add buildings and trees wherever youwant. After building the railway, tap on the Put Train button andselect a train! You can add and delete trains and change therunning direction. After you are done, tap the Start Train buttonto start running the train. When the train approaches a fork, usethe following Fork button to switch the train's direction. CameraMode Press "+" to zoom in. Press "-" to zoom out. Press the arrowto change the camera angle. Train tracking: Press ON to track atrain.
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You will be healed by a mysterious feeling like being in the water.Tap to roll a colorful ball. The ball rolls according to theinclination of the smartphone. If you follow the ball slowly, youwill feel relaxed! 【how to play】 ・ Tap to roll the ball. ・ The ballrolls little by little toward the back of the screen. ・ At the sametime, it rolls up, down, left and right under the influence ofgravity according to the inclination of the smartphone. ・ When youpress the button on the upper left, the device will not be affectedby the tilt of the device and will gradually fall toward the backof the screen. musics: Sound effect material: Pocket Sound –http://pocket-se.info/
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Welcome to Touch Land!
Fireworks Fun 1.4.1 APK
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Easy to operate! Simply tap the screen, and beautiful fireworkswill start to shoot into the sky from that location. By pressingthe paper fan button at the bottom of the screen, you can changethe type of fireworks. Try rapid firing, and combining differenttypes of fireworks to create your very own unique fireworksdisplay. At the end of the fireworks display, you can finish it offwith a big firework shot. *In some old devices, if you place a lotof fireworks, the screen may become slow and unresponsive. *Werecommend using new models that have more processing power.
Animal Ferris Wheel 1.3.1 APK
monois Inc.
Various animals are on the colorful Ferris wheel. Operation is onlya tap! After a few taps, the Ferris wheel will fall! but it's okay.If there is a balloon, you can fly in the sky like a balloon.Background music: Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/