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Welcome to Animal Fun Park, a crazy carnival full of fun mini gamescontrolled entirely by animals. Create your avatar and bring yourfriends along for a game experience out of the ordinary. Animal FunPark is the perfect game for families and friends who wants to playtogether.LET THE GAMES BEGINCompete against your friends in 15totally different, awesomely crazy mini-games. Who is building thehighest ice tower for the penguin? Who rules at giraffe basketball?And exactly who is doing the robot dance dressed up like arabbit?PLAY TOGETHER!In Animal Fun Park you have possibility tocreate game groups to play online with up to 6 friends or familymembers. You can also join game groups from all around the world.Play Single Player Mode to practice your skills and beat your ownhighscores. Perform well in the mini games to earn tickets andunlock amazing outfits for your character.CREATE YOUR OWNCHARACTERUse your tickets to unlock hundreds of differenthairstyles, hats, make-up, accessories and taunts to customize yourcharacter just the way you like. Tell your opponents what’s on yourmind by sending taunts and messages and see how they respond.FREEVERSION FEATURES- 10 games with unique design and gameplay- 5 extragames to be unlocked- Online multiplayer- 100+ clothes, hairstyles,accessories and taunts- Single player mode- No Ads

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    Animal Fun Park
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    May 15, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Filimundus AB
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    FOLKUNGATAN 44 118 26 Stockholm Sweden
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BRIO World - Railway 4.0.3 APK
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Build your own BRIO railway! In this app you can build your ownrailway with all the classic parts from the world of BRIO. You canlay down tracks, place stations and figures, combine your own trainsets and travel out to solve missions in an amazing train world.The app stimulates creative play where kids can create their ownworld and play freely. When they play in the world and solvemissions they receive more elements to build with. Features - Buildyour own railway with an awesome collection of parts - Createamazing train sets with more than 50 different train parts - Jumpinto the trains and ride on your own track - Help the characters indifferent missions in the world and collect joy to unlock newelements to build with - Load cargo with cranes - Feed the animalsto make them happy - Create up to five different profiles in theapp The app is suitable for kids between 3 and 10 years old.KIDSAFETYThe safety of kids is very important for us at Filimundus andBRIO. There is no offensive or explicit material in this app, noads and no IAP (in app purchases).About FILIMUNDUSFilimundus is aswedish gamestudio focused in creating developing games for kids.We want to stimulate learning by giving them challenges where theycan create things and then play with it. We believe in giving kidsa creative environment where they can develop through open endedplay. Visit us at: www.filimundus.seAbout BRIOFor over a century,our driving force has been to spread joy among children around theworld. We want to create happy childhood memories where theimagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brandthat creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toysthat give children a safe and fun play experience. The company wasfounded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For moreinformation, please visit www.brio.net.* Please note: This game isnot playable on Nvidia Tegra 2 based devices (some tablets andphones released around 2011) *
Inventioneers Full Version 4.0.2 APK
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* FROM THE CREATORS OF PETTSON'S INVENTIONS DELUXE **** Nominatedfor the Best Nordic Children's Award 2015 at the Nordic Game Awards***BE CREATIVE!In this game you can create your own crazy, funinventions! With the help of the Inventioneers, our tiny helperswith unique characteristics, you can invent fun, creative and oftenquite weird inventions. A lot of inventions are included in thegame, the more you solve the more parts you receive for your owninventions!LEARN ABOUT PHYSICS!Inventioneers is an outstanding toolfor learning about realtime physics and the science behinddifferent features like air, fire, magnetism and jumping bunnies.What you can do with the tool is virtually endless. SHARE WITHFRIENDS!Invite friends to share their crazy inventions and you canshare yours too! If you are a teacher you can set up the wholeclassroom as a user and share with other classes!The full version:•8 chapters with a total of 120 inventions!• Create! - A fullyworking tool to create your own inventions• Share up to 16inventions with your friends!• 100+ objects• 18 characters that youcan help • 8 Inventioneers with unique features - "Windy", "Blaze","Sporty", "Zappy", "Bunny", "Magneta", "Freezy" and "Maggie"
Inventioneers 4.0.0 APK
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** FROM THE CREATORS OF PETTSON'S INVENTIONS DELUXE ***** Winner ofParents' Choice Gold Award ******* Nominated for the Best NordicChildren's Award 2015 at the Nordic Game Awards ****BE CREATIVE!Inthis game you can create your own crazy, fun inventions! With thehelp of the Inventioneers, our tiny helpers with uniquecharacteristics, you can invent fun, creative and often quite weirdinventions. A lot of inventions are included in the game, the moreyou solve the more parts you receive for your own inventions!LEARNABOUT PHYSICS!Inventioneers is an outstanding tool for learningabout realtime physics and the science behind different featureslike air, fire, magnetism and jumping bunnies. What you can do withthe tool is virtually endless. SHARE WITH FRIENDS!Invite friends toshare their crazy inventions and you can share yours too! If youare a teacher you can set up the whole classroom as a user andshare with other classes!ONE TIME FEE TO BUY THE FULL VERSIONTomake it easier for families to try the game before buying, we haveimplemented a one time fee to buy the full game. There are norecurring in app purchases or consumables. It is important for usto protect the integrity of the children. Features in the freeversion: • First three chapters with 45 inventions• The first threeInventioneers - "Windy", "Bunny" and "Blaze"• Create! - A fullyworking tool to create your own inventions• 40+ different objectsto use in the inventions • Share up to 4 inventions with yourfriends!The full version (purchase: one time fee):• 8 chapters witha total of 120 inventions!• 40+ new objects• 10 characters that youcan help • All 8 Inventioneers with unique features - "Windy","Blaze", "Sporty", "Zappy", "Bunny", "Magneta", "Freezy" and"Maggie"
Pettson's Inventions 2 APK
Filimundus AB
The sequel to the praised Pettson's Inventions. Bigger, better andmore fun than ever! Please note that the inventions from this gameis a part of the inventions in the collection Pettson’s InventionsDeluxe! Help old man Pettson and his cat Findus build their amazinginventions! Which of the objects should be included and where dothey fit in the machinery? Drag and drop the parts to their rightspot and watch the invention go! As usual a secret waits to beunlocked for those who manages to complete everything. A fun andpedagogic app that teaches logic and stimulates creativity forchildren of all ages. ★ A whopping 37 ingenious inventions tosolve! ★ Possibility to increase difficulty by including fake partsin the inventions. ★ Voices in English, German and Swedish. ★Fantastic original artwork! ★ Kid-friendly interface! ★ No in-apppurchases. Keep inventing! Check out Pettson's Inventions 1 &3.
My Little Work – Garage 2.0.1 APK
Filimundus AB
** NO ADS. NO IN APP PURCHASE. LONG PLAYTIME. **Let's playgarage!Clients are waiting to get their cars fixed! They need newtires, fuel, an oil change, a thorough wash, an awesome paint job,a new front or maybe just a cool accessory? Help them out and earnmoney to buy new parts for your own dream racing car and racetogether with up to 4 players on the device. My Little Work –Garage is the first game in a series from Filimundus where smallchildren can play and pretend that they are working at a real workplace, just like adults. No stress and infinite play time. Suitablefor children between 3 and 9 years. Features: • Run your own garagewith customers lining up for help! • Gas station where you fill upfuel or charge vehicles. • Fix the engine, fill up oil, add washerfluid, find broken parts. • Choose between different wacky tiresfor your car. • Change front, mid-section or back to createthousands of extraordinary and funny cars! • Spray paint just likein a real garage. Add cool flames and other effects. • Earn moneyand buy parts to build your own racing cars. • Compete in raceswith up to 4 simultaneous players • Wonderful characters withnon-language voices, suitable for all ages and nationalities! •Kid-friendly, simple interface. • No in app-purchases AboutFilimundus: Filimundus is a game studio dedicated to createentertaining and educational apps for children of all ages! Westrongly believe good games stimulate children’s creativity andimagination. We are very serious about privacy. We do not trackbehavior, analyze nor share information in our games.
Pettson's Inventions APK
Filimundus AB
Help Pettson and Findus build their inventions! In this tricky gameyou should help building these clever inventions. You need tofigure out which ones of the objects should be included and whereto put them in the machinery. Drag and drop the objects to theirright spot and watch the invention start. For every inventionfinished there will be a reward of a cogwheel. When you havefinished all the inventions a special invention will be unlockedwhere you will help Findus fly out to space! Pettson’s Inventionsis a pedagogic app that practices logic and stimulates creativityfor preschoolers.Please note that the inventions from this game isa part of the inventions in the collection Pettson’s InventionsDeluxe!- All-in-all there are 27 inventions, some easier, some abit harder! - Choose to play with or without fake objects to adjustthe difficulty level - Choose whether Pettson and Findus shouldspeak English, Swedish or German
Pippi's Villa Villekulla APK
Filimundus AB
Explore Pippi Longstocking's amazing houseVilla Villekulla! In here there are no rules. Bring out your innerchild and do whatever you want!★ Dress up Pippi and her friends in all sorts of crazyoutfits!★ Bake your own wacky cakes and serve them to Pippi and her friends– did they like it?★ Juggle with the best china or why not make a lovely painting onthe walls.★ Make your own music in the kitchen or dance with the sailors theliving room.★ Don’t want to go to bed? See who can stay awake thelongest!★ What happens up in the attic? Maybe you want to play hide andseek the Pippi way?★ Don’t miss the closet where you can hide and curse together withPippi...★ Why should Christmas and birthdays only happen once a year – inVilla Villekulla every day is a special day!Pippi Longstocking is the world’s strongest girl and she certainlyhas her own way of doing things! Pippi lives in the big house VillaVillekulla with her horse Lilla Gubben and her monkey Mr Nilssonand every day her friends Tommy and Annika comes to visit.✓ 20 different games and activities!✓ Extremely long playtime!✓ Explore Pippi's amazing house and discover all the funinside!✓ Voices in English, German and Swedish.✓ Kid-friendly interface!✓ No in-app purchases.✓ No ads. No in-app purchases.✓ Suitable for the whole family!* Please note: This game is not playable on Nvidia Tegra 2 baseddevices (some tablets and phones released around 2011) *
Pettson's Inventions 3 1.1 APK
Filimundus AB
In the third game about Pettson’s Inventions you get to explorePettson and Findus farm while completing even more of their amazinginventions.Enjoy 36 brand new inventions divided into 6 differentareas, each with it’s own unique theme. Construct a ferris wheel inthe woodshed, create an egg-painting machine in the henhouse orbuild a wake-up invention by combining an apple, a dog and somepaint! Look for the missing bike parts and see if you can completethe final mission, to fix Pettson’s bike!Drag and drop the itemsonto the unfinished invention and put them in the right place.Press play and see what happens! Follow Pettson’s instructions andhelp him to finish all inventions.The simple interface combinedwith challenging tasks makes this game appealing for both kids andparents who are interested in learning more about physics andcreativity. Pettson’s Inventions 3 is a pedagogic app thatpractices logic and stimulates creativity for preschoolers.- 36brand new amazing inventions- 6 fantastic areas- Voices in English,German and Swedish- Original artwork from the creator of Pettson,Sven Nordqvist- Kid friendly interface- No in-app purchase- No ads-Choose to play with or without fake objects to adjust thedifficulty levelCheck out Pettson’s Inventions 1 & 2 for moreamazing inventions to complete.* Please note: This game is notplayable on Nvidia Tegra 2 based devices (some tablets and phonesreleased around 2011) *