7.6 / December 20, 2017
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Part 2 of our animals jigsaw puzzles, 100% free and fun for adultsand youths! This new edition has even more different animals! (Part1 is Wild Animals Puzzle: Jigsaw)Slide all the puzzle pieces to theright place and recreate all the different animals. Our gametakes you on a journey through the jungle! The game has manypictures of different wild animals like lions, elephants, insectsand many more. Every picture is cut into small jigsaw pieces andmixed up.  Slide the jigsaw pieces to the right place and thebeautiful animals wil appear. The more you advance, the harder thepuzzle gets! You can also save all images on your phone or set themas wallpaper.The game as 4 different skill levels: • 5 levels of3x3 jigsaw pieces• 10 levels of 4x4 jigsaw pieces• 20 levels of 5x5jigsaw pieces• 30 levels of 6x6 jigsaw pieces• 35 levels of 7x7jigsaw piecesRate and +1 our game if you like it and also downloadour other free games!Copyright © MadRabbit Studio

App Information Animal jigsaw puzzles 2 (FREE)

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    Animal jigsaw puzzles 2 (FREE)
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    December 20, 2017
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    Ellewoutsedijkstraat 2 3086LE Rotterdam the Netherlands
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