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Kids Learning by Animal is here to add some more fun and colorstoyour toddles world of leaning.also the child can play thegame"What animal is it?, which can teach him/her how to recognizetheanimals.It is a fun and educational learning gameforpreschool-kindergarten children and toddlers. Animals for Kidswillhelp parents teach the animals to their children while havingfunat the same time.The Kids can choose any level from the 122Animalfollowing:-Lion, Cow, Parrot, Panda, Whale, Crocodile,Canary,Goose, Giraffe, Duck, Wolf, Monkey, Elephant, Bear, Camel,Snake,Peacock, Koala, Hippopotamus, Seal, Dolphin, Pigeon, Zebra,Mouse,Bee, Dog, Cat, Chicken, Rooster, Donkey, Frog, Horse, Pig,Owl,Sheep, Turkey.Animal puzzle for kids is also looklikejigsaw puzzle, it is Learning Games will improve skillsforkid’s memory & a great mode of education puzzle fortoddlersentering age.Playing is so easy! With just a single tap,your childcan have fun learning all the animal picture from home,thefarmyard and even the jungle. Even a baby can play without thehelpof an adult!Now we can collect a wonderful, cute collectionofpuzzles and animals for toddlers and kids.Does your kid lovepetsand puppies? This is the app for you!Your toddler will lovethisapp!.Animal Puzzle for kids is Best Preschool Learning gameforkids & toddlers with tracing and phonics game. Learningofabout Animal and more other basic vocabulary.Kids and Toddlerscanlearn the Animal for skill development and Educational puzzlegameincrease child knowledge skills & interest in learningnewthings using the phone or tablet in a way.All Features:-:-Touchthescreen and drag the animal on the right place.:-Interact withallthe elements on the screen when a puzzle is solved.:-Funforchildren of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school childrenandpre-teens, designed for preschool boys and girls.:-Play withyourchild or let them play alone.:-More than 120 animalpictures.:-Allimages are high quality.:-Easy movement of puzzlepieces acrossscreen.:-Easy navigation between puzzle forkids.:-Education forKindergarten Kids.:-Learn Puzzle PreschoolGames For Kids.:-Nurserylearning Game.:-Kindergarten games forpreschools.:-Your toddlerwill learn much faster with this uniqueapp!:-This app is designedfor kid’s educational purposes.:-100%free to play.:- Braintraining jigsaw puzzles forpreschoolers.:-Wild Animals, ZooAnimals, Tropical Animals, SeaAnimals, and Pets available asalternative.Thank you for your ✫ ✫ ✫✫ ✫ valuable feedback.

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    June 27, 2018
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    The Matrixs Games
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The Challenging game like Rise Go Up Balloons in 2018! Protect yourfavorite Balloons with national flag texture from obstacle. Can youhandle Obstacle?? When Balloons Rise Go Up. Different obstaclesShield control is extremely easy but it is very difficult to reachhigh scores in Rise go Up Balloons.   Play addictive and funarcade game and protector to let your balloon rise up high andreach the sky! Rise Go Up Balloons features:- - 20+ Balloons. -Endless challenge levels. - Free to play Rise Up Go Balloons - Easyto understand all Challenge. - Endless Game and Endless Gameplay. -Beautiful balloons. - Pixel Builder graphics texture. - ExtremeGraphics - Balloons flipping simulator. - Rush Balloons. - BalloonsMaster. - Unlock all the Rise Balloons. - Rise Go Up 2018. -Hilling coming Balloons Rise. - Obstacle target Balloons. - SpeedObstacle Control. - Odyssey Rise Balloons. - Block TriangleObstacle game. - Endless Runner Game. - Neo Rise Up. - The MasterRise Balloons. - Bounce Obstacle. - Avoid Obstacle. - ChallengeRise Go Up Balloons 2018. - Endless blocks. - Endless Challenge. -Rise It UP Balloon. - Single Stroke Touch Drawing - Cursor Move toavoid Obstacle. - Rise Challenge. - Force Escape Balloons. - Simpleto play. - Rise Up Balloons. - Balloons Protect Rise Up. - BalloonsGo Up Trip. - Endless Challenging unique Levels. - Survive Rise GoUp Balloons Games. - Single finger Touch Control. - Differentobstacles Shield and experience every time. - Download rise up gameand protect your balloon. - Free to use. So the ultimate challengeof Rise Go Up Balloons is here. It's time to target your Challengelevel carefully and become high scores in Rise go Up Balloons. Ifyou love playing Rise Go Up game, share it with your friendsand families.
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3d Helix Jump most awesome Challenging Game. if you like to playChallenging game than download this amazing and cool with springlevels game to kill your time. It is awesome Ball Jumping game,thisis ball to tap rounding and falling down you just need tap and jumpto save your ball falling down from track. Features:- - HDGraphics. - Adventure Game. - Free to play. - Jumping games. - BallBalance helix. - maze jump ball balance. - addictive game. - onetouch control. - Great Musics and intense sound effects of helixjump. - Thrilling ball helix games. - Beautiful helix tower andspring. - Different helix designs. - Ball Game. - Incredible BallBalance - Helix Jump Ball Balance Special games. - Crazy Ball. -Crazy Ball Balance. We hope you will enjoy the 3d Helix Jump BallBalance. - New 3d Helix Jump Ball Balance fun.
ABC Education Game for Kids Alphabet Sound     1.0 APK
Our Abc Educational game for kids Animal ABC Alphabets Soundgameshows children the alphabet letters and teach them torecognizeletters as they appear object. This is kids game to AbcEducationalgame for kids Animal ABC Alphabets Sound is also likejigs puzzlegame.it is develop your child and easy to learn As aresult,preschooler’s kids learn the letters sounds much faster thenotherchild.This Educational game developing purpose to yourchildpreschool education like Alphabets Latters, Numbers,Animal,Vehicle, Fruits and many more object that can teach themveryeasily and understand it with sound and picture.Educationalgamelike develop for your child basics need for school environmentnowour game special design for preschool kids and toddler.itisprovide best picture of ABC Alphabets, Numbers, Fruits,Vehicle,Animal, Month and Weeks and also provide awesomeSound.LearnAlphabets, Letter Names and Sounds with ABC Alphabets ispart ofour Kids Preschool Learning Series.Phonics Alphabets Letter.Thisactivity teaches children to identify correct letter soundswithwords. The child’s task is to drag and drop alphabets lettersonmatch other alphabets object. It is fun, educational activitiesfortoddlers, kids, and parents alike.Abc Educational game forkidsAnimal ABC Alphabets Sound Touch Kids Best Learn (baby&preschool learning) is a premium learning app thatisfully-featured and absolutely free. This simple educational gameisdesigned so children enjoy success time and again andreceivepositive support in their learning aspects.Now AbcEducational gamefor kids Animal ABC Alphabets Sound provide bestanimation andpopular design environment for children and toddlers.this gamealso colorful graphics and wonderful animations to helpkidslearn.Features:--  ABC Fun, educational activitiesfortoddlers and kids.- Great Environment with Colorful graphicsandwonderful animations.- Talking alphabet sound.- Easy to use,simpleand smooth experience.- Real best animals picture fortoddlers andKids.- Learning games for kids- Numbers.- ABCAlphabets.- help forparents teach their kids.- Learn ABC.- Phonics-Animal- ABC Songs.-Day Sound.- Learn all alphabets.- Fruits -Colors Alphabets fortoddler’s app free.- Talking Alphabet Numbers.-Educational babygames free.- Vehicle- ABCD KIDS- Song Play.- Month- Preschool KidsLearning ABC Alphabets.- 100% Free. - Weeks-Fun for childrenGame.- ABC songs for kids.- ABC alphabet- Happylearning Game.-Fully Free.- ABC nursery KIDS to Learn. -Alphabets songs forKids song - ABC Preschool Game for kids.Thank you for your ✫✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ valuable feedback.