1.0 / October 18, 2016
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Become a driver of special transport truck - deliver escapedanimals to their home or catch new animals! Gain ultimate drivingexperience controlling an animal trailer truck! Enjoy unusualracing and transport simulator with Animal Transporting Crane3D!Transport animals to the destination – zoo, or pet shop - andearn points. Unlock new trucks or upgrade the old one to be fasterand have more space for escaped animals. Be accurate and avoidcrashes try not to damage your cargo truck!Drive your transportertruck carefully to deliver your cargo in time! Race an animaltrailer and explore the safari with Animal Transporting Crane3D!Use the safari map to find escaped animal, then catch it withyour net and load animal to your truck! Don’t forget about cattlesafety – drive accurately to avoid car accidents on narrow countryroads! Transport safari animals with your cargo truck and feel likea real trucker sitting behind the wheel of a huge cartransporter!Play Animal Transporting Crane 3D and help bear, wolf,tiger, lion, zebra, deer and even crocodile to return to theircorral!Animal Transporting Crane 3D features:Many challenginganimal police truck transporting missionsVarious animals totransport: bear, wolf, tiger, lion, zebra, deer and evencrocodileUseful safari map to ease your taskWide range of cargotrucks to unlockCatch and return all fugitive animals using yournet-catcher and driving your mighty truck! Chase and transport andenjoy with Animal Transporting Crane 3D

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    Animal Transporting Crane 3D
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    October 18, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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