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Traps or traps are tools or tactics aimed at detecting,threatening, or catching vandals, whether human, animal, pest, orin game. Traps can be physical objects, such as cages or snares, aswell as metaphorical concepts.The skill-making skill is very usefulin activities in nature, especially in a state of urgency and inneed of food (survival) because food of the animal species is noteasy to obtain.Here are the various types of animal traps, both foranimals that live in water, on land and also in the air, where allthe equipment used is generally already applied by the time of theancestors.

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Kung Fu Technique 1.0 APK
Kungfu or gongfu (功夫, Pinyin: gōngfu) is a martial arts originatingfrom China. However, the meaning of the word Kungfu actually has amuch broader meaning, which is something that is obtained in a longtime and with high perseverance. Thus, a great cooking expert canbe said to have a high Kungfu.In addition to the word Kungfu, theterms Wushu and Kundao or Kuntao are also often used to refer tomartial arts from China. The Kungfu science that has spread toSoutheast Asia (especially Indonesia) in the past is called Kuntao,according to Donn F. Draeger in his book Weapons and Fighting Artsof Indonesia. However, the term Kuntao is very rarely used in thepresent time.In learning kung fu, it takes discipline and highdedication. We are not only trained to move, but also appreciateeach movement. Structural position or posture is an important pointin learning kung fu. Movement and style on kungfu varies, startingfrom the position of the foot, the distribution of body weight, andalignment of the body. Everything is to be pursued in this martialarts learning.Shape and posture are not free, but regularlyaccording to composition. With a good composition, then themovement will feel more supple. The form of posture in everymovement must be done seriously and correctly. I studied somecompositions in kung fu movements until I finally wondered.Is thiscomposition designed from scratch? What do you want to pursue fromthis composition? Is motion composition aimed to achieve motionstability or movement compatibility? Here we have providedspecifically for you who want to deepen kung fu, may be useful.
Mechanical Engine Motor 1.0 APK
Automotive engineering is one of the branches of mechanicalengineering that learns about how to design, manufacture anddevelop ground transportation equipment using machines, especiallymotorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. Automotive engineeringcombines elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, safety andenvironmental knowledge as well as mathematics, physics, chemistry,biology and management.Being an expert in motor mechanics today orin the future is one good choice, this looks the higher the numberof motors circulating in the streets. Users ranging from childrensmp to the pensioners. The usual use of four-wheeled vehicles thatuse the motor as an alternative vehicle.So that the above affectsthe development of after sales service business of motorcycles,including service, maintenance, electrical, chassis, spare partsales, modifications, accessories and others. This opportunityshould not be left alone is not. Here are the techniques of motorengine techniques, may be useful.
Ninjutsu Technique 2.0 APK
Ninjutsu (忍術?) Can sometimes be replaced with the word being ninpō(忍 法?) Is a martial arts, strategy, and tactics on the battlefieldand guerrilla committed by the shinobi (also called outside Japanas Ninja). Ninja Women called Kunoichi. Currently there are somemodern styles of this martial art, according to Koryu.com, not allvariations are related to the history of ninjutsu in Japan whichwas formerly called koryū.The Main Letter nin (忍?) Consists of twocharacters. The upper character of yaiba (刃?) Means "the edge ofthe sword", and the lower character kokoro (心?) Means "soul" or"heart". Kanji 刀 means "sword" or "blade", Kanji 刃 means "edge ofsword." If the two kanji are combined it means "infiltrating","secrecy", "endurance", and "persistence". Jutsu (術?) Means "art"or "technique". Pō (法?) Means "knowledge", "principle" whencombined with affix "nin" has the meaning of ninja art, higher thanninjutsu. The current view is that ninjutsu is only about secrecyand infiltration. However, practitioners from the field of ninjutsusay that ninjutsu is necessary for us to gain resilience to facethe hard life.There are 18 science and art of ninjutsu fightingfrom the many skills possessed by ninja that can be learned by thepublic at this time. The rest beyond physical skills and soulcontrol, these warriors must learn the mental practice. Aftermastering this level, the ninja can be highly skilled and evenconsidered a wise man or shaman, because of his ability to blendwith nature and the surrounding cycles. Eighteen such skillsare:Seishin teki kyoyo (purification of the soul)Tai jutsu (fightwith empty hands)Ninja ken (ninja sword)Bo jutsu (stick sticks andblades)Shuriken jutsu (throwing weapon)Yari jutsu (spearstance)Naginata jutsu (sword stroke)Kusari gama (chain stance andpendulum)Henso jutsu (science disguise and assimilate)Shinobi envy(the science of stalking and infiltrating)Ba jutsuSui ren (combatscience in water)Bo ryaku (science strategy)Cho ho (scienceespionage)Ten mon (meteorology)Chi mon (geography).
Chinese Martial Arts 1.0 APK
Around the 5th century, a famous Buddhist priest named Bodhidharma(Daruma Daishi) wanders from India to China to spread and correctthe distorted Buddhist religion in the Kingdom of Liang underEmperor Wu. After his dispute with Emperor Wu due to differentviews in Buddhist teachings, Bodhidharma alienated himself in theShaolin Tsu monastery in the Sung mountains in the southern portionof the Wei Kingdom's Wei Capital. There he continued his teachingin Buddhism and became the forerunner of the Zen Sect.The ChineseBuddhist monks were so weak that they could not carry out theirlessons well. After he knew this, he gave the Physical Power Bookto his students, a manual on physical exercise. This book teaches ablow technique called 18 Arhat, which later became famous asShaolin Chuan.Another opinion says that the above story is a fairytale. However Bodhidharma is the 3rd (3rd) son of the South IndianKing. And as the Prince, he was a war scientist who became one ofhis educations, similar to Sakyamuni. After all, only people withstrong minds and bodies can travel that far and have manyobstacles.The Southern Stream comes from the South China region onthe lower reaches of the Yang Tse river. Due to temperate climate,the most important source of economic activity in this region isagriculture, especially rice. Local people tend to be stocky andstrong because of work activities in the fields. Besides that inthe south there are so many rivers, so the main traffic tool is theboat. Rowing everyday causes the upper body to develop more. Thus,this southern flank emphasizes flexing and the use of hands andhead.The North flows develop in the Northern China region upstreamof the Yang Tse River, where the nature of the area is mountainous.Given in this area many people are involved with animal hunting andlogging as a source of livelihood. So the northern stream is moreemphasis on the agile movement and the use of kick techniques.
Kendo Technique 1.0 APK
Kendo (剣 道 kendō?) Is a modern martial art from Japan that usesswords. Kendo comes from the word "ken (剣)" meaning "sword", and"dō (道)" meaning "path". So the meaning of kendo as a whole is apath / process of self-discipline that forms a brave and loyalsamurai personality. Kendo combines elements of martial arts, artand sport. In practice, Kendo uses equipment such as:* Shinai*Kendogi* BoguUniform: Kendo gi and hakamaThe sword of bamboo(shinai)Bogu, which consists of:Men (head protector)Do (bodyarmor)Kote (hand protection)Tare (protector of thighs andgenitals)Kendo exercise (keiko) consists of various purposes todevelop themselves. Like other martial arts, kendo requires highdiscipline and full dedication to practice, such as ethics(religion), posture and stepping techniques, and how to swing theright sword.There are 4 types of attacks in kendo,namely:MenHeadache. The target of the cut is from the tip of theforehead to the chin.KoteSlashing hands. If the opponent useschudan-no-kamae, then the target is the right hand, but if theopponent uses jodan-no-kamae, the target is the left hand. If theopponent uses two swords (nito-ryu), then both arms can betargeted.DoBody freedom. The target is the left or right side ofthe abdomen.TsukiPuncture. The only target is the neck.For tsukitechniques, great skill is required and proper puncture targetsetting, therefore this stance should only be used by seniormembers, and is not recommended for use at the time of the gameunless approved by the trainer (sensei).
Wrestling Technique 1.0 APK
Wrestling is a type of martial sport where physical contact ispreferred and should be between two people. A wrestler is a namefor someone who wrestles wrestling sports and becomes an athlete orparticipant. A wrestler needs to control the opponent and drop themlater at the end. Physical engineering is certainly the main thinghere to win.Wrestling is a type of martial sport with the risk ofserious injury with a number of famous techniques such as clinchfighting, leverage, joint lock, and grappling hold. Since more than100 years of wrestling become part of the Olympic sport, wrestlingis not a strange sport anymore is it? Even its history is longincluding with many styles offered.In wrestling, there are 4 bestknown techniques, and one of them is clinch fighting. In generaltechniques this one is quite difficult and the term for this methodis to fight with the crab. The fight on the sport of wrestling isindeed focused on how to memiting.It is believed that with thetechnique of crabs, the opponent will be made dead lice and notmove. This is because basically memiting is a way to turn off theopponent's effective movement when about to attack us. It will bemore profitable also if we have more weight and height than theopponent.So essentially, the opponent will not be able to usekicks, fist, and weapons. Even these regular crabs are also used asa shift from a stand-up fighting model to ground fighting. Clinchfighting automatically makes the opponent locked and not easy toperform resistance because the opponent's body was unable to movefreely as before.The term leverage itself is taking advantage, sothis means that a higher wrestler than his opponent will be easierto win the battle. When a wrestler gets shorter opponents, it willeasily fade his balance and the higher wrestler will be thecontroller in the game.In wrestling, there is also a techniquecalled joint lock in which this one technique focuses on theinvolvement of opponent's joint manipulation. In the basic judotechnique there is something like this where it can be called alocking technique together and that means a wrestler just needs toisolate the opponent's joint for the opponent can not movenormally.In the technique of wrestling, not to forget there is alsoa technique called grappling hold or grip that is usually alsoexist in Judo martial techniques. This method is the right way ifyou want to control the movement and position of the opponent. Inthis technique, there are several functions that are widelyapplied.
Animal Trap 1.0 APK
Traps or traps are tools or tactics aimed at detecting,threatening, or catching vandals, whether human, animal, pest, orin game. Traps can be physical objects, such as cages or snares, aswell as metaphorical concepts.The skill-making skill is very usefulin activities in nature, especially in a state of urgency and inneed of food (survival) because food of the animal species is noteasy to obtain.Here are the various types of animal traps, both foranimals that live in water, on land and also in the air, where allthe equipment used is generally already applied by the time of theancestors.
Bird Trap 1.0 APK
If trapping using a trap cage may already be familiar to chirpmania and here I will explain how to make a simple bird trap usingmaterials that exist around us. But remember, this is just a matterof knowledge for you all, do not be used to catch birds that arealmost extinct birds. As a chirp mania our obligation is tomaintain the balance of nature, and however these ways are just onepart of the way of survival in the wild.First TrapTrap by using aknotted string tied to a wooden pole.Attach this trap to a locationwhere birds are often seen descending to the ground in search offood.Darken both ends of the wood to be pointed and plastered tothe ground after first making a hole at the top as the rope entryhole.Cut a 6-inch stick inserted into the hole as a wedge of ropeand also as a foothold for birds.tie the stone to the end of therope that has passed through the hole while the other end of therope is made a bondage stick and placed neatly on the footpost(tangkiringan).Tangkringan it serves to hold the stone so as not tofall into the input just a little wood tangkringan to the hole,then once the bird stepped on it will immediately fall andautomatically the stone will pull the knot meshes which will thenbind the feet of the bird.The second trapUsing a flexible treetrunk that is tied with a string then bent and linked to thebaitThe third trapJust like in the second trap, only here made atangkringan and in pairs on the trunk of the tree so that the birdsstepped tangkringan will be directly entangled.