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Animal Voices and Sounds app has hand made drawings of mostcommondomestic and wild animals and birds that are combined withoriginalanimal voices and sounds to create a fun, interactiveandeducational environment for this game for kids. Features:-learning mode, where kids can browse animals - quiz mode,wherekids have to guess which animal makes the sound - 30+uniqueanimals and sounds. Language Support - English - Russian -French -Lithuanian Animal Voices and Sounds app is free to downloadand toplay, no in-game payment functions make the game a safe gameforkids to use by their owns. Income for developers is implementedviain-game advertising. Advertising does not include anykidsinappropriate content. If you like Animal Voices and Soundsapp,please check out other games for kids developed by thesamedeveloper. Drawings by Erika Coding by Lukas EnL Design Studio

App Information Animal Voices and Sounds Game for Kids

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    Animal Voices and Sounds Game for Kids
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    February 17, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    EnL Design Studio
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Hand made drawings of most common domestic and wild animals andbirds are combined with original animal sounds and voices to createa fun, interactive and educational environment . App has twomodes:- learning mode, where user can browse animals and learntheir names, voices- quiz mode, where user have to ques whichanimal makes the soundApp contains 30+ unique animals andsounds.App is free to download and to play, no in-game paymentfunctions make the game save for small ones to use by theirowns.Income for developers is implemented via in-game advertising.Advertising does not include any inappropriate content.Pleasesupport developers by sharing and liking the app on Facebook, youcan do it via the app.App requires following permissions: -Internetaccess permission for Facebook like and share buttons andadvertising to work-Phone vibration permissions to make the gamemore interactiveNo personal data or information is requested, savedor used through-out the game.Please check out other apps developedby the publisher.