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Hey Kids ! Let's play interesting learning games with animals inthis Animals For Kids And Toddlers. Perform a lot of differenttasks and play a lot of different entertaining games with them.Select the animals and learn to spell their name. Choose fromdifferent mini games where you have to memorize the animals,animals puzzles and many more. There are so many animals waiting toplay these games with you ! In the game you will find many kinds ofanimals such as cetaceans (dolphins, orca) and fish, or the swine(wild boar, pork), Amphibians such as frogs and the Mammals.Animals of the forest and the savannah, aquatic animals andpinnipeds such as seals. Birds like penguin or arthropods such asthe chimpanzee. Marsupials such as kangaroos and koalas. Ungulatessuch as horses and zebras. And cats such as cat, lion, tiger andleopard ! Play this beautiful game to discover all of them.Features: - educational and entertaining game. - Simple fortoddlers and babies. - help your toddler to improve skills inproblem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration,memory and to develop fine motor skills. - discover all theanimals. - Learn to spell all the different animals. - Memorize thedifferent animals and birds in the cards and align them in order. -Play the jigsaw puzzle games with puzzles of many different animalsin it. - Share this educational games with friends and have lot offun. Have a nice day with Animals For Kids And Toddlers ! Relax andhave fun with Bibubi !

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Hi Doctor! There is an emergency! You are the best surgeon and musttreat some patients suffering from head injury and brain tumors inthis free game. Prepare for the surgery. The 911 ambulance will bereaching the hospital any minute. Be the best doctor surgeon andtreat them well. Brain Surgery Doctor Surgeon is a truly innovativeconcept of crazy doctor games that you would surely love.Thepatients are waiting to get their brain surgeries done.Give themproper treatments with lots of medical equipments in this surgerysimulator educational game.Solve patient brain problems, treatinjury & use many tools to cure them. Some of them have met anaccident injuring their head.Stop their bleeding first. Call thenurses for your help. This is the craziest doctor game ever withcrazy doctor fun filled activities to perform brain surgerysimulation on patients.Its a Real Surgery Simulator game. Try yourhand at becoming a professional Brain expert to help adults withvarious head & brain problems through laser treatment andmedicines. Here’s a great new addition to the surgery games. Helpyour patients in the waiting room to recover from tumors &diseases. You’ve got all the real doctor tools like laser beam andx-ray machines, injections to treat your little patients.Theambulance is here. Here comes a little patient to get his brainsurgery done from a professional Brain surgeon.The Ambulance doctorhas noted down the symptoms and diseases that he already has on hisway to the hospital.This patient is suffering from a brain tumorthat can affect his arms, finger and leg movements or ultimatelyparalyzing him.Brain controls our heart, eye, ear, nose, tongue,kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body.Prevent himinto getting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, preparefor the surgery simulation now.You are going to be the brain doctorsurgeon to perform the surgery. Call the Heart doctor, kidneydoctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty tokeep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry out thesurgery simulation. Keep checking the heartbeat. Check temperaturewith a thermometer.Monitor blood pressure. Clean the blood withwater spray. Give anesthesia with an injection before theoperation.Once you are done with the operation, apply plaster andgive him medicine syrup so that he can heal quickly.Have a nice dayin the Brain Surgery Doctor Hospital! Relax and have fun withBibubi !
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If you've always dreamed of being a fire officer and saving the daythen this is the game for you! Fireman Games City Rescue Hero let'sall play at being the hero of the day and saving every person - andcat! - from danger!Ready to play? All you have to do is choosewhich firefighter you're going to be and you're ready!Go out inyour fire truck and look for situations where Fire Hero Guys areneeded! Maybe you'll be asked to come and rescue a kitty from atree - the poor things are always getting stuck right at the topand no one but the bravest firefighters can get up there - butremember to bring some treats to win the little kitty's trustbecause they won't want to climb into your hands if they don't likeyou!Perhaps you'll have to get out onto the freeway and help atruck that's spilled its cargo all over the road! Your fire truckhas all the right tools for the job, but the truck can't do thework on its own and that's why you're in charge! Clear up all thecargo, get it all back on the truck and get the roads moving againquick as a flash!Sometimes storms blow trees down or causelandslides, it's the fire department's job to clear the roads ofall hazards, whether it's boulders you have to smash up with a jackhammer or huge trees that need cutting with your chainsaw, on yourfire truck, you've got everything you need!But using a fire truckall the time makes it dirty and sometimes it breakdown. No problem!Back at the station you'll have everything you need to clean it upand make it shine again, and there's all kinds of tools ready foryou to use when you get under the hood and into the engineitself!in Fireman Games City Hero Rescue, you'll be expected totackle the hardest jobs of all, saving people from terrible fires!Sometimes there will be forest fires when you'll need to fly yourhelicopter over the flames to reduce all the people stuck on theground, and other times they'll be stuck in buildings. You need tobe very quick to save them all, fires spread fast and all thosepeople need a hero like you!Firefighters never leave a building toburn, get your hose out and dowse those flames, put out the fireand make the building safe again!There's so much to do when you'rea Fireman Games City Rescue Hero, there's never a minute to rest,but hero's never rest until everyone is safe. Good luckfirefighters, to your fire trucks!