/ September 9, 2018
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Good game for the development of the child. Visual images andsoundsdevelop the child's consistent thinking. In the game youneed toearn as many stars as possible. Only the most giftedchildren cancollect all the stars. After the game, the child willalready knowthe animals and what sounds they are making.

App Information Animals Game Pro for Children

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    Animals Game Pro for Children
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    September 9, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Takoshi Sebero
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抓红包! 2018年的美国游戏 APK
一个小孩要抓红包,越多越好,但他要小心因为一些龙不让他抓红包。所以他要不让这些龙吃掉他。玩一会你们会有机会与龙作斗争。所以如果你们想打赢这些龙你们一定要活下来!A child should pay attention to red, the more the better, but hehas to be careful because some dragon would not let him grab a redenvelope. So he should not let these dragons eat him. You will havethe opportunity to play for a fight with the dragon. So if you wantto win you have to survive these dragons!
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Four-leaf clover & Lucky Symbol APK
Find out which day is favorable for you. Open the chest and takethe jewel. The more they pay for it, the better day will be foryou. The four leaves represent hope, faith, love and luck. This isthe most shared belief. Some say the four leaves represent fame,wealth, love and health. All agree that the four leaf clover is oneof the most auspicious good luck symbols around. Chances ofdiscovering a four leaf clover are 1:10 000. For that reason alonewe see it is lucky indeed.
My Own Rain & Sounds of Rain 2018 APK
It would seem that rain is just ordinary atmospheric precipitation;but how can he leave anyone indifferent?In the summer and in thespring, we love the rain for the freshness and coolness that itbrings, for the renovation and purification of the streets, for thesmell and for the rainbow. It's nice to get under a warm rain inthe summer. And swimming? Have you tried swimming in the sea in therain? An inexpressible feeling, I confess to you.Yes, late autumnor winter, the sound of rain often brings sadness and melancholy,and at the end of February, when it is barely left until thespring, it is generally difficult to tolerate, but even in thesemoments, such weather has undeniable advantages.Autumn or winterrain emphasizes the warmth and comfort of your own home, whichsheltered us during this inclement weather.Drops drumming on thewindowsill and glass - an excellent relaxant, which actssoothingly, emphasizing the feeling of warmth of the hearth.Welland sometimes it would be desirable to grow a little or to thinkover sense of a life ... And what can promote better such mood, ifnot a sound of a rain ?!However, if you are on this page, you donot need to explain these things, you yourself all know perfectly,right?The sound of the rain that you are listening to is completelynatural, like the sound of thunder.For convenience, we have singledout these two unchanging components in separate audio tracks. Youcan adjust the sound of thunder rolls or turn it off altogether,leaving only the sound of rain. As a separate track, the sound ofdrums dripping on the roof is highlighted. Its volume can also beadjusted, or turned off altogether.For completeness of the effectof presence, I advise you to leave it as it is. We took a long timeto select the right tone, trying to find the most suitable andnatural sound. You can connect the video track under the soundsettings, below on the page.Enjoy viewing, listening and good mood!
Beautiful Sounds of Dolphins and Whales APK
These sounds suit any person whether he is a child, a schoolboy, astudent or just a working person. The sounds of dolphins and whaleswill relax and relieve fatigue. It has long been proven thatcertain sounds of whales and dolphins have therapeuticpsychological properties. Beautiful animation and pleasant melodiesto the sounds of dolphins and whales will give you the fullenjoyment of this wonderful application.Dolphins and whales singtheir songs, and this is something much more than just a means ofinterspecific communication.The sound has a powerful vibrationaleffect and the mission of these amazing creatures coexisting withus is to help maintain balance on Earth, maintain a balance in theOceans. Their sounds intertwine through the ocean, keeping theemotional balance of Gaia. So they fulfill their Great Service toMankind.Scientist Mark Fisher (Mark Fisher) decided to translatethe songs of whales and dolphins, so long fascinated by the mostdiverse scientists of the world - from sound to picture. Byprofession, he is an engineer and uses high-quality records ofwhales and dolphins to create a mathematical formula by which hebuilds a graph. Then he converts the standard rectangular graph inthe so-called polar coordinate system. With the help of this data,he builds a round shape, a mandala, an unusual structure andarchitectural properties that demonstrate rather complex shapes andsacred geometry.Using the image data for meditation, one can feelthe waves of dolphin and whale songs, feel their healing vibrationsand hear their music with the Heart.
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The fireplace in the house is a certain status. In addition to thevery ephemeral concept of status, this is a very real specialatmosphere of reliability, peace and relaxation. And, still, thefireplace is solid ...In the decor of your house or apartment, itis the fireplace that can become a key detail that will determinenot only the overall style of the room, but also dictates itsdesign trends that you have to adhere to. So, the fireplace,designed in the Art Nouveau style, requires that the entire room isalso decorated in this style. And, here the fireplace in the styleof hi-tech will perfectly match with the rigid geometric lines andbright colors in your design of the room ...A fireplace is not justan ornament, but it is also a functional object that radiates quiteperceptible heat. And, although the main purpose of the fireplaceis a decorative imitation of heat, there are models of electricfireplaces that can be used to heat rooms of thirtysquares.Although using a fireplace and you can try to keep warm, aspractice shows, most fireplaces owners prefer to relax near afireplace with their favorite book or a glass of wine. In theflames of the fireplace there is something magical, something that,according to psychologists, is a great help to distract fromproblems and worries.
Native American Indians Instrumental Music APK
Meditation Relax Music Channel presents Native American FluteMusic. Spiritual Music for Astral Projection. Healing Music forSpa, Meditation, Stress relief, Sound Healing ,Yoga This spiritualand uplifting Amazing Music Video is made to fit Your DailyAfterwork Relax, Deep Sleep , Stress Relief, Massage Procedures,Spa , Sound Healing , Mind Concentration , Balance or DifferentYoga Technics . It is Perfect even for your Minute Break in themiddle of your working day.
Hammer of Thor & Asgard & New Valhalla APK
This mini-game is about Thor's Hammer wandering around thegalaxy.On his way there are obstacles that he must overcome. Andall thishappens after end of the world. In Norse mythology, End oftheWorld is a series of future events, including a greatbattle,foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number ofmajorfigures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr,andLoki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, andthesubsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, theworldwill resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returninggodswill meet, and the world will be repopulated by twohumansurvivors. End of the World is an important event inNorsemythology, and has been the subject of scholarly discourseandtheory throughout the history of Germanic studies.