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Marriage is a great gift from the Almighty so that you and yourpartner up to this moment still pursue life together. To appreciatethe togetherness it would not hurt if the wedding day celebrationis done romantic and memorable so that feelings of affection with apartner is deepening. To be more romantic atmosphere, you shouldgive wedding anniversary cake that reminds you and your partner onthe beautiful days of early marriage.Giving birthday cake alone isnot enough, because it had to be special by adding some things likethe couple's favorite color. Couples will surely be pleased whenyou give the birthday cake decoration color is his favorite color.He will feel how you watched during this time, especially if thecake was for his wife. So first know his wife's favorite colorbefore ordering a birthday cake wedding.Cake decoration should beselected as the most romantic photo or photos when you were firstmarried. It must be like being a newlywed again. Moreover, when allaround the cake and photographs decorated with flowers that attractsimilar to a wedding cake. It could also form a red heart thatsignifies the bond you and your partner.Each person must havesomething very like, nobody likes flowers, shirts, perfume,jewelry, or handbags. If you are concerned with your partner shouldgive a favorite object in wedding anniversary.The most beautifulgift will be very valuable when you give it at the right time. Forexample, when the middle of the night, wake up, or when going tobed fit when you are alone in the room. It is not festive but itsvalue will attach romantic love you and your partner.Thisapplication may help give you an idea, the anniversary cake or yourwedding day. You can see a hundred and fifty pictures birthday cakethat you can make your wedding anniversary cake. The application isfree and can be used offline. Good luck…

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Paper quilling is the art of decorative designs using colorfulpaper shaped slices then rolled and shaped, and glued on a pedestalmedia that has been provided to form flowers, leaves, animals orother forms of ornamental patterns of interest.The art of paperquilling craft became popular in Europe in the 18th century. In thebeginning of this craft are used to decorate book covers andreligious items, one of which uses pieces of gold foil is rolled upmimics a steel frame. The next development, quilling craft can befound in the closet, board, purses, baskets and coasters.Currentlyquilling craft increasingly favored by women for pleasure even bean additional income to be sold as a beautiful souvenir.This crafthas undergone many transformations and changes over the centuriesusing new techniques, styles and materials. Some works quillingcreate more complex 3D items such as cute dolls. Download this appand get design ideas quilling art.
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The bedroom is a private place where you will spend most of yourtime. The place is very private and are directly related to thecomfort of the occupants. Not surprisingly, there are a lot ofbedroom design which you can choose according to your comfortstandards are different from one another. Among the manybedroom design which you can choose the design, minimalist bedroomsseemingly occupying top ranking. The minimalist style has beenchosen because of its superiority in simplicity created. Thebedrooms on the theme is usually in addition to simple, also looksclean, spacious, and modern. All you have to do is selecting theappropriate furniture, ie which has a slim size with clearlines. The next bedroom design is a classic home style. Thisstyle is suitable for you who have a house with large type, whichmeans you have extensive land and buildings are very spacious. Thisstyle will not be suitable for application in rooms with limitedland, because it will cause a narrow effect. However, if the landis allowed for the application of this style, the impression willbe inflicted is luxurious and very classy. Selection of typicalcolored wooden furniture covered by carved large size also could bean option if you design your bedroom with a classic style. Andthe last is the bedroom design with a contemporary style. Thisstyle is intended for those of you who really want to always lookdifferent from the others. This style has a fairly high artisticvalue because it is a design that reflects the people who apply it.Furniture selected are usually very unique and has an unusualshape.Thus, the design of the bedroom like what would you choose?Which shall be a major preoccupation of you in choosing the designof the bedroom is the comfort that you get from the application ofdesign in your bedroom. Here we provide furniture design idea foryour bedroom. If you want to design your own bedroom you must needa lot of references. This application provides 150 pictures designfurniture for your bedroom. So you can design your own bedroomusing this application.The application is free and easy to use. Yousimply download and use as much without any time limit untilwhenever. Hopefully this application gives inspiration to you. Goodluck…