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Cool Anonymous Wallpapers app contains many picture of Anonymousforyou phone!Anonymous is a loosely associated internationalnetwork ofactivist and hacktivist entities. A website nominallyassociatedwith the group describes it as "an Internet gathering"with "a veryloose and decentralized command structure thatoperates on ideasrather than directives". The group became knownfor a series ofwell-publicized publicity stunts and distributeddenial-of-service(DDoS) attacks on government, religious, andcorporatewebsites.Features Anonymous Wallpapers :- Contain 100+high qualitypictures- 3D Anonymous Wallpapers- Fantasy AnonymousWallpapers- Setas Wallpaper or Lock Screen- Share and Save yourfavorite wallpaperswith your friends.NOTE: If you like the app, donot forget to press+1 button, leave a comment and qualify ★★★★★ uspositively, thanks.

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    February 19, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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