1.2.8 / March 2, 2020
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Red Ants, In this Super casual game you just need to aim yourSawcutter and shoot to wards ants and enjoy, Different hurdlesonevery level to check your skill test.

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Zombie Apocalypse: A Zombie War! 1.4.16 APK
" zombie apocalypse " A Zombie game with machine gun, loadedgrenades, This is a 2 minute game where you have a really RowdyCar, which can give you a great amount of force that will be usedto push Zombies long way in air. You are on a high way, make yourway by Hit as many as Zombies possible. It is kind of car race withtime, just for 2 minutes. This Monster truck can be crashed or getinto some real accident. But don't worry you can always Reset that.You must have fun while playing this game.
Dino Dusty Run 1.5.15 APK
Dino Dusty Run: An Endless Runner Game. Our T-Rex running onfullspeed, you need to save it from obstacles, jump or duck. Somethinglike but with more addictive game play. Collects letters toearnextra life and play. A free game for children, adult or any onewholoves 8 bit game, This game have Dinosaurs, 8 Bit environmentandmany twist to offer. Inspired from chrome dino. But have flavorofits own.
Zagger Racing 1.3.5 APK
This is a super fun / difficult / Challenging game, where youneedto be at your front foot, because if you got little bit of lapinRacing, it would be really had to get back in the race.Collectdiamonds and speed up, It will also help in unlocking otherskins.You would be competing with other 4 players. just keeppushingahead and try to collect as many as diamonds possible. thisis thekey secret. Cheers
Cosmotery: Cosmic mystery ! 0.1.33 APK
This application contains lots of facts about Cosmos.Applicationhave mini game for each Planet, Sun and Asteroids Belt.Some minigames might be too complex to solve. But this applicationhave something you guys have never experienced. All the Mini Gamesarerelated to the associated objects, Some are directly orIndirectly. Interesting facts + Intellectual game plays: Is thebasicconcept of this Application. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth,AsteroidBelt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Kuiper belt, Blackhole,Neutron star, White dwarf, Worm-Hole, Gravity in space,Voyager 1,Light, Antimatter : Added and many more objects areunderdevelopment.
Vr Snow Escape 1.2.12 APK
A not so regular Snow Day, But Heavy Snow Fall. Sport Skiing byyourself. Objects are flying towards you. Dodge them to stay safe,ifyou got hurt take first aid for recovery before Game Over. AGoogleCard Board game, Go as far as you can and create newrecords. TheGame is Combination of Speed , Nice Environment !!! ASnow BoardBoarding Skiing Game. An Endless War of Life. New Ideain VirtualReality Games Jonor.. Cheers!!!
Ant Cutter 1.2.8 APK
Red Ants, In this Super casual game you just need to aim yourSawcutter and shoot to wards ants and enjoy, Different hurdlesonevery level to check your skill test.
Santa Rise Up .7 APK
Another Super casual game for you guys, A perfect time killer.Makesure santa don't got hit by any obstacle and collects allthegifts, Gifts would make santa fuel filled, Kids are waitingforthere gifts, so don't let your santa fade away. There are lotsofobstacle and some are extremely difficult to beat, you have tobetoo focused to avoid them. An endless runner santa run. Cheers
Strings a musical affair 1.2.4 APK
Music + Acoustic + Guitar + Endless^^ A music game for kids ,adultsand anyone who love soothing sound of guitar. It is notanother anyInstruments games or Rhythm game. You will see when youplay it.This game can be music activities for kids , time killerfor adultsor challenge to gamer. I have guitar chords, drum rollsand manymore things. 6 guitar strings are ready to play, with highqualitysounds, Nice game play, Wonder full power ups, Beautifulformations.This game lots of thing to offer, See your self. Alsothis isendless free game, Boom Boom, what else you can expect.Make yourbeautiful day even brighter.