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Are you in Search for some Super Ant Superhero fighting games,superhero games and Super Ant Hero transformation man Games? .DHSis Present new onset Super Fictional ant hero game " Ant Hero:MacroTo Micro Transforming Hero Battle " Game. This Game is especiallyfor robot lover’s, Superpowers lover,micro transform ant hero andfictional superheroes fan who want transformation,Captain USA ,Mutant spider super flying superhero, superhero’s and For those Whowant to Ant superhero micro man transformation.In this Super FlyingAnt Superhero game you are Super Micro Insect hero and you as aamazing superpower ant was an ordinary human like all of us.Butafter chemical substance discovered and use this super transformingpower liquid, a drastic change came into his life. That is, thesuper power ant, besides having extraordinary abilities &strengths can alter his size to micro transformation, the size ofan insect. He can transform as micro anti hero at anytime. Sowhat’s the wait for? Become the mysterious Ant Hero:Macro To MicroTransforming Hero Battle superhero warrior of epic battlesimulator.Game Play of Ant Hero:Macro To Micro Transforming HeroBattle Game:Ant Hero:Micro Transformation Crime City Battle Game isone of the best adventure escape epic battle simulator, In thisSuper Transformation Man Games you have chance to fight with theSuper villains like Super incredible monsters e.g super bulkhero,super Goku superhero Saiyan ,wonder warrior superhero,she-bulkSuper Girl,super speed flash superhero and your favorite antsuperhero villain yellow super jacket hero that can transformyourself according to ant hero size.So Get ready For defeatingSuper Incredible Monsters superheroes Like Super Bulk hero,She-bulk,modern fictional monsters, dangerous spiders heroes and Wonderwarrior hero who are all set out to destroy big city and rule it.Inthis futuristic fictional big to small micro battle of antsuperhero micro man ,experience the Flying thrill with electricspeed powers of fictional and micro ant hero transform in super anthero battle with superheroes, Gangsters and evil monsters likenever before.This big to small Transformation micro battle is themost intense big to small micro battle ant superhero game, controlspeedster ant hero simulator, move fast to finish off the maliciousrobotic force and rival superheroes and ace this fictional ant heromicro transformation super battle in this fictional transform antsuperhero games. Features of Ant Hero:Macro To Micro TransformingHero Battle Game:• Super Transformation Ant hero With DifferentTextures.• Different Super Villains Like She-Bulk Super Girl,SuperBulk Monster Hero,Wonder Warrior Hero,Super speed Flash superheroand Yellow super jacket super villain.• 10 Different Amazing andinteresting levels.• Micro to Macro and big to Small Transformationwith Flying Mode.• Super Flying Option to fly as Super Micro Insecthero.• Grand Micro ant hero City Enviroment.Super Fictional AntHero big to small Transformation Battle is super thrilling &epic battle simulator in mega superhero fighting games. As antsuperhero man & super micro transform, put up a street warsmashing & striking robo gangster and creepy spider. These thugmafia are super dangerous and powerful destroying big city. Asamazing mutant anti can convert into tiny creature, set for battlezone in clash of monsters. To kill off mafia goons, performfighting tricks & dangerous stunts in this Ant superhero microman transformation Game.You have play many other super ant hero orant superhero games like mutant ant hero,fictional ant hero,big tosmall Transformation micro battle , Ant superhero micro mantransformation,Super Fictional Ant Hero Micro Insect Superhero andSuper mutant ant superhero but this Ant Hero:Macro To MicroTransforming Hero Battle Game is best.So Download this AntHero:Macro To Micro Transforming Hero Battle Game and Enjoy theMicro Life.

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    Ant Hero:Macro To Micro Transforming Hero Battle
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    February 4, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Daring Hub Studio
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Super saiyan goku fusion hero is a fictional character. SuperSaiyan dragon goku becomes the earth's mightiest warrior andprotects his adopted sun tan city from those who seek to harm it tobecome the hero goku sun tan city survivor. Fictional Mutant gokuwarrior is Best battle game. Hero Goku is one of a kind ThirdPerson game available that simulates the Goku Character with all ofhis powers. This game would gave you the exact feeling, because youget to control the super Saiyan dragon goku and make him performmoves the way you want.Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero is a Bestbattle game with a saiyan power .You might have played bestfictional Mutant goku warrior games, fictional goku fighting games,goku combat flying mutant games and shadow goku fighter superheroesrescue games but you have never experienced this challengingadventure Goku Brutal Street fighter game with super goku devilbattle before this game which is Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero.There is a lot of crimes in the city and people need a true gokucomic hero as their defender in this epic goku saiyan battlesuperhero adventure game. Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero GamePlay.Inthis Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero game you have chanced to fightwith different Superheroes like super spider hero , super IronHero,Super woman warrior fighter and super armor hero.They all havesuper hero but dont worry you also a super kid hero so fight withthem and kill all the super villains who help the mafia criminalsto spread the thread. The game play of this mutant goku warrior isa little bit different from other goku comic fighting mafiagames.There are 3 different Goku character in this game,First oneis red dragon goku,the second one is blue goku and the last isyellow epic goku.As a Super kid hero you task is not just kill allthe Brutal Street fighter supervillians but also stop all illegalactivity so in this Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero game,You havealso a chanced to Drive 2 different cars,the first one is Dragoncar and the second one is Futuristic Sports battle car.Your task isDrive the car and destroy the gangster car which they use forillegal activities in the city.Oh should i tell you this ! You arealso chance to ride the futuristic Devil Heavy bike.All thesevehicle is activate according to the levels so enjoy the multicontrolls in this Super Dragon Goku Fusion Hero game.The criminalsof mafia underworld of dragon warrior clan are roaming around thedragon pit city for the ultimate clash of Armor. It's now in yourhand as saiyan goku epic battle hero to save the city from the evilof dragon supervillian and destroy futuristic robot city gangsterin this ultimate super goku devil battle. Super Dragon Goku FusionHero Features: Character Selection for Multiple Super kid Hero "goku saiyan" Character. Multiple Enemies like Super warriorwomen,Robo Spider hero,Armor super hero and Iron hero. MultipleVehicles controlls like Super Dragon car and Heavy bike controllsto Simulate vehicle. Different Kind of Fighting Animations likeKick,Punch,Blocked, Jump and Run. Different Camera angles forsimulate the vehicle safely. Different Properties of GameCharacters like Stamina bar,health bar,Car power bar,Bike powerbar. Map implementation for guideness,Map Scale in and Scale Outoption on clicking the map. Engaging Background music with HDgraphics.Get ready & hold on tight in this battle tap with highpower level of San Goku Brutal Street fighter because you are aboutto face the craziest enemy of the goku comic which is incrediblemonster super hero. Show some martial arts skills in the mostexciting, thrilling & action filled Fictional Goku citygangster killer Hero 3D multiple mafia wars game now named gangstergames with mafia wars.This Game Created by fan of goku to allothers fans, its completely free, have fun, Rate us and don'tforget to leave a comment to making it better.
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Have you ever expected of being a extraordinary spider hero futurewar legend? An action extraordinary Super Spider Hero Gangster War?Or another super hero? This Super hero final battle game isknocking at your door, In this flying hero battle strategy game,you will play as US military incredible superhero chosen from superspider heroes along with police spider and will be known in thefuturistic city as police spider hero. As most well-known flyingspider superhero, your responsibility will be to rescue thecitizens of the futuristic city from the threat of crime citygangsters. As a flying spider hero chosen from super spider heroesand you will have to accomplish the US military mission or taskslike spider navy, super adventure hero and flying spider by freeingthe survival city from the robot spider attack. In this spider herogame, you will encounter the highly advanced anti-heroes of roboticworld. In this Flying Super Spider Hero Gangster War you willcontinue your flying hero anti terrorist mission. Super Spider HeroGangster War is a city rescue and super spider heroes fighting gamewith stealth missions. You as a strange spider hero future warlegend has to protect the crime city in this best of superherogames and spider hero games. Be a part of this super hit spiderhero final battle and great adventure of superhero games. Makeyourself a super villain for your enemies and for final spidersuperhero grand city battle. Strange spider mutant hero 3d is anaction-packed adventure of rope man superhero games and rope mangames in vice town. Fight like a super spider hero strange warsuperhero, be a legend of heroes and tagged yourself as hero ofsuper spider heroes fighting games and spider hero final battlegames.Features of Super Spider Hero Gangster War: Spider hero withNew Look Realistic thugs, convicts and super-villains to fightwith in spider guy games Unlimited thrill in spider hero finalbattle and endless action spider survival stealth missionsAddictive spider superhero city rescue play mode Smooth Controlsto move your spider hero around the city.Fight bravely like a realsuper hero showing extreme fighting stunts and kill all terroristsand gangsters in the Dust missions. A real spider hero Counterterrorist not only battle against criminals but also rescue city bynot letting terrorist to take over the Dust city. You will be asuper spider hero counter terrorist in this spider hero antiterrorist war game & being a spider hero Counter terrorist isamazing and thrilling experience as a super spider hero fly overthe rescue city and whole map to complete his rescue mission.Terrorist gangs have defeated police in this area and have fullyoperational structure. Only a super hero can handle the situationand can rescue the Dust city from terrorist. In this super actiongames for kids you will face different survival situation. As aflying spider superhero you need to be high alert. There might becar accident on the crime city road, vice city rooftop incident,Bomb blast or building on fire. In all these emergency situationflying spider hero is only hope for them. Star a mortal battleagainst extreme terrorist. Follow the story and accomplish all thesuperhero guest in this super hero games. The Super Spider HeroGangster War Games is a thriller game full of adventure where thespider hero saves everyone from the underworld crime. Play theexciting and action game and complete the dangerous and mostdifficult tasks. Let's start the survival mission and rescue theinjured citizen in each level of the ultimate final city battlegames. Fly everywhere in the grand city with the astoundingsuperpower hero skills and show the mutant power in the survivalgames.GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTANY IMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
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Heavy Duty Truck or Tractor pulling which is also known as powerpulling, is a Motorsports competition , popular in United States.This sport is known as the world's most powerful Motorsportscompetition, due to the multi-engines modified tractor pullers.Byplaying this Heavy duty tractor pull : car transporter simulator,you will enjoy and experience the USA most powerful motor sportscompetition " Tractor pulling".By playing this game you can feelthe real power of farming tractor simulator.Heavy duty tractor pull: car transporter simulator is one of the best & unique heavyduty tractor pull cargo transport simulator games on the playstore. In this machine world, You have a chance to drive heavy dutysuperchargers farming tractor on the off road tracks, bumpy roadsand city terrains.Game Play of Heavy Duty Tractor Pull : CarTransporter Simulator:In this Machine world Every one is trying toinvent new method, Heavy duty tractor pull : car transportersimulator is one of them method ,So In this tractor crew farmingsimulator & heavy duty tractor pull cargo transport simulator2017 game, you will enjoy amazing and crazy level regarding towingbus,towing army tank,towing hammer jeep and heavy tractor pull.This Heavy duty tractor pull : car transporter simulator game withtractor transport from one location to other and cargo transportlike a modern farming tractor and tractor mania simulator game. Youwill accept different challenges and transport different vehiclelike chained hammer jeep ,heavy duty chained towing bus indifferent city and these features became this game best cargotransport delivery game . This real tractor mania driving simulatorgame having Stunning and amazing 3D graphics. You will implementheavy duty cargo transport for the sake of money. It is difficulttask to drive heavy duty cargo transporter in hilly and off roadbumpy roads tracks to pull cargo transport- new heavy duty tractorcrew & amazing car tow tractor pull simulator.Features of HeavyDuty Tractor Pull : Car transporter Simulator Game:• Gettingexperience heavy duty transportation.• Multiple tractor choice •Easy to control tractor farming simulator driving• Different Cameraangel.• Different vehicle like army tank,hammer jeep,chained bus,limo car and sport car pulling experience.•Experience differentmost powerful motor sports vehicle Towing using Tractor pull.Youhave played many tractor mania,farmer tractor and chained tractor,chained pull match tractor simulator and cargo transport games,but this Heavy duty tractor pull : car transporter simulator gamehas thrilling challenges and different from all other car towtractor pull simulator and cargo transport delivery game because inthis Heavy duty tractor pull : Cargo transporter simulator game youhave a chance to tow different vehicle using chained tractor ,theheavy weighted most powerful Motorsports like army tank,hammer jeepetc that you need to pull using tractor puller in this free machineworld tractor pulling Game.This classic tractor mania drivingsimulator game tractor mania trolley and heavy duty machine worldwe will give to user friendly interface. You will get heavy dutyexperience in tractor pull simulator game and cargo transportfarming tractor pull simulator game driving in one platform.Wegranted that after playing this heavy duty cargo transport tractorpull simulator you forget all other tractor crew and tractor manialike tractor parking,truck parking,chained tractor pull games andall other modern cargo transport delivery game because In thistractor pull heavy duty simulator game you will getting experiencehow to transfer most powerful motor sports cargo truck,superchargers monster bus,army tank,hammer jeep and luxury limo carfrom mud bugging and bumpy roads area to safe city area. This partis so amazing and wonderful like stunt and racing game- Heavy dutycargo transport tractor pull driving and tractor mania parkinggames.
Flying Dragon Robot vs Grand Superheroes Battle 1.0 APK
Daring Hub Studio(DHS) introduce New era of Transformation RobotGames " Flying Dragon Robot vs Grand Superheroes Battle " ThisFlying Fury Dragon Robot D-war is a Dragon robot transformationGame.In this fire dragon robot city Epic Battle Game , You canFight with Different Grand Superheroes like Iron hero,aquahero,american captain hero,monster,bulk,dual sword Superhero,Spidersuperhero.In this Smashy Dragon Robot City Simulator Game,thefuturistic robots war is going to be fought between air robotflying superhero dragon warrior and deadly enemies. In Super Flyingfury Dragon Warrior Robot Battle Game the futuristic robots, mechrobot and skull skeleton mummy robot have made deadly invasion infuturistic city. This Grand flying superhero robot dragon war isfor city survival where super dragon warrior dragon flying high inthe sky will spread wings, breathe fire and kill all scary rivalswith fire balls. All these Make this dragon robot simulator as oneof the best robot games in the world. This Dino robot is much morepowerful than other robot animals including robot crocodile,spider, horse, snake, dog or even robot shark, making it morelethal than many robot animal games.Flying Dragon Robot vs GrandSuperheroes Battle Game:The Gameplay of this Transformation RobotGame is Very Interesting and Much Different from all other GrandSuperheroes battle ,Transforming Robot Battle Games and DragonRobot Games. In this D-war Flying Dragon robot Hero Game ,You havechance to fight againts Dinosaurs,City Criminals Gangsters,Monsters City warriors, skeleton mummy robot and Different GrandSuperheroes like Super Iron hero,aqua Superhero,American CaptainHero,Monster Hero,Super bulk hero,dual sword Super Green hero,Spider superhero. Dragon Robot Games Vs Superheroes Battle is NewFree Action Game and in this futuristic robots City war SuperheroGame you can transform into Flying Fury Dragon ,and Can Transformback to Mech Robot for hand to hand battle.You Can also Fly theDragon ,can usa fire dragon attack in this fire dragon robot cityEpic Battle Simulator.Use Flying Dragon power to Reach theDestination in this Flying Fury Dragon Robot D-war Game.So GetReady to Fly your robot dragon over the city and diminish allenemies. This fire dragon game Super Flying Dragon Warrior RoboticTransformation Battle is a mixture of dragon monster hero, robotdragon superhero games, dragon transform games, beast simulator andflying monster games. Be the monster dragon hero of the world todefeat Grand Super Villians with robot superhero powers andtransforming your robot in dragon. Fire dragon air robot hero isthe real monster dragon robot warrior.This Flying Fury Dragon RobotD-war is an amazing combination of robot game, dragon game andGrand heroes battle .It will give take you to a new adventure ofmonster battle.Flying Dragon Robot vs Grand Superheroes Battle GameFeatures.• Different Multi Dragon Robots For Selection.• CanTransform the Robot into Robotic Dragon and Vice Versa.• Fly theDragon Like Flying Fury Dragon.• Dragons Attacking Powers-Firedragon attack,Missile attack,Machine Gun attack.• Different GrandEnemies Like Monsters,Superheroes and City Gangsters.• Fight WithGrand heroes Like Iron hero,aqua hero,american captain hero,Greenhero,Spider hero.• Futuristic robots City war in New GrandFuturistic City.• Awesome Graphics With Amazing DifferentMissions.Super Flying Fury Dragon warrior Transforming robot Gamefrom future having incredible transformation ability can transforminto super dragon monster breathing fire eradicating rivals inaerial battle. The futuristic robots war is going to be foughtbetween air robot flying superhero dragon warrior and deadlyenemies.This Dragon robot Game is much more powerful than otherrobot animals including robot crocodile, snake, dog or even robotshark, making it more lethal than many robot animal games.
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Are you looking for some superheroes fighting games and superherogames? Daring Hub Studio (DHS) is offering new appearance DualSwords Hero games "REAL Dual Sword Super Pool hero Crime battleLegend City " for super hero Green hero games lovers and SuperSwords heroes. Anti-Terrorist Dual Sword Superhero is an actionedextraordinary Super Pool superhero Dead hero? Or another superhero? This Super hero final battle game is knocking at your door.Get ready for super heroes spider fighting and be a battlelegend.Dual Sword Super Pool hero Crime battle Legend City Game isbest action simulation game on play store where the Dead Herosaves, helps, protects people from gangster in grand city.This isthe latest action adventurous simulation pack exciting game. Swordshero fights crime against the law and fight with the SuperheroesVillains like Super Mutant spider super flying superhero,CaptainUSA,Super Joker Villain superhero,Gangsters and Evil Dead hero.GamePlay of Dual Sword Pool Superhero Crime battle Legend City Game:TheGamplay of this Anti-Terrorist Dual Sword Superhero Game is muchdifferent from other Super Mafia Pool Crime city superhero andSpider pool hero Dead Mafia Games.In this Superheroes fightinggames you have chance to fight with different super villians herosand You can fight and kill them with different Superheroes fightingtechniques and Due to help of dual swords just like ninjas.In thisSuper Duper Dead superhero Games You have chance to fight withGrand heroes like Super Mutant spider super flying superhero,SuperCaptain Usa,Super Joker Villain superhero,Gangsters Criminals andEvil dual sword super pool hero.In this super Green Superhero mafiagame you can use Gun to kill the superheroes and super Villiansgangsters.Use All super powers to give tough time to all supervillians in this Mutant Rope Superhero Crime City MafiaGame.Features of Dual Sword Pool Superhero Crime battle Legend CityGame:• Different Fighting techniques With Dual swords attack.•Different Super Dead Hero Characters For Selections.• Smooth andEasy Controls.• HD Grphic With Grand City Envrioment.• DifferentSuper Villains Enemies - Super spider superhero,Captain USA,JokerVillain.• Simple and fun to play for all agesThe Grand Crime Citypeople are in great distress due to the frequent use of superpowers by the underworld dons and all sorts of drug and othermafia. Here arrives the fictional character of Dual Swords Hero inlegend city battle and he at once takes the role of the legend ofthe city. He first hides his identity and adopts the role of acomic hero and finally launches himself as a true super duperhero.A great hero monster clash of justice is going to start inthis ring of monster battler action. There are many skilledsuperhero fighters in this one of the best free monster actionfighting games. Be brave and enter in the world of incredible dualswords monster heroes ring with your green super hero to fight withother incredible superheroes like Super monsters Bulk superhero,She-bulk, Super Mutant spider superhero,Captain USA,Super Jokervillain and Gangsters.So, never miss this chance to play this oneof the best free battle and Grand Superheroes Fighting games. Youwill enjoy the thrilling combat of multi heroes in this fight app.This extreme battle war game will definitely give you the amazingexperience of Superheroes Fighting's.You have play many otherSuperhero super fighting games or street fighting of superheroeslike Dual swords hero Crime City Battle,Dual Swords Superhero GrandCity battle,Anti-Terrorist Dual Sword Superhero,Super Duper Deadsuperhero Games,Green Superhero mafia,Super Dual Swords DeadHero,Spider pool hero Dead Mafia and Super Mafia Pool Crime citysuperhero Games but this Dual Sword Super Pool hero Crime battleLegend City Game is the Combo of all Games.Download this Dual SwordPool Superhero Crime battle Legend City Game and Fight with SuperVillains.
Fastest Furious Chained Car Police Chase 1.0 APK
Are you looking for some Crazy chained car police chase games andChained car drift Games? DHS is offering new arrival Chained carsgames " Fastest Furious Chained Car Police Chase " for Crazychained cars rival 3d games lovers. Fastest Furious Chained CarPolice Chase game is specially for those who love Chained Car Aswell as Police Chasing Game. Real chain speed car race free game isadventurous simulation for those players who love to drivechallenging vehicles in drifting and drag paradise highway roads.Get ready for chained ramp cars adventure in unlimited tracks withthe Police Chasing. Game of Fastest Furious Chained Car PoliceChase:The GamePlay of this Police Super Chained Car chasing isquite Different From the other Police Chasing and Chained carsgames.In this Fastest Car Furious Criminal Police Chase game youneed to Drive the Car that is attach with the Money Container withthe help of Chained ,Your task is to Reach the money Safely atGiven Destination.Its Not easy task Because The police car istotally AI Base and Police car Count multiple with the passage oftime so click on the race button to boost the chained car.ChainedCar asphalt pickup Police Chase game play style depends heavilyupon the gimmick of being unable to control the main character ofchained cars against bollard and chained cars against ramps. Asthis character runs along on his city chain rival hero racing 3d,platforms held up by chains, log supports, crates, and other itemsappear, all of which can be manipulated in the drive extreme sportscar chained trial. Early into any given run, most of thisenvironmental manipulation manifests itself in the form of droppingplatforms so that the knight may cross over a pit without fallinginto the extreme chained car racing game with chain breaksimulator. However, deeper into these runs, players will contendwith chained cars rival, multiple pathways, crossing water onfloating platforms, and more in Japan chained prodo drive 3d joinedcar game.Chained Car Police chase 3D Racing 2017 and speed driftdriving game is totally a new and unique stunt chain breaker carracing game on asphalt roads of endless impossible tracks. So showyour experienced driving skills in xtreme coach car crash drivergame for controlling the acceleration, breaks, turns & speedbefore it break chains of cars extremely dangerous jumping tracksof city. Main purpose of this rope car drift racer is to make theplayers crazy driver of various luxurious cars. Fastest FuriousChained Car Police Chase Game Features: Multiple Crazy chainedrival Cars For Racing. Vehicle Selection To select Multi PlayerVehicle. Realistic luxurious cars on impossible tracks of ParadiseHighway Excellent intelligence (AI) of Police cars. Multiplecontrolls options like Tilt,Left and right arrows buttons andsteering. Amazing parallel impossible car racing Experience.Challenging hurdles and Xtreme risky Jumper tracks.Get ready toplay stunts impossible chained car driving Police Chase game and ifyou sick to play all kinds of parking, action and scientific gamesso no need to worry, just download Police Super Car chasing withimpossible driving stunts off road endless adventure game with 3dgraphics and fabulous weather. Enjoy 2 cars chained together racingon free tracks against bollard. Avoid to crash otherwise yourluxury chain Prado will break into multiple parts while doingstunts in this multi-level car stunt game. So Be ready for endlesshumor and face the battle of Chained car vs Police Chasing racingconception. You will judge driving with this chain car vs carracing free exercise. In the last levels, difficulty level will befull and you have to speed up the car that is need for racing andavoid hitting with other stuff while driving on highway.
Epic Robo Ninja Superhero Turtle Warrior 1.0 APK
Have you ever played to like the Real robot ninja fighting game? Ifno, then get prepared and play to show off your combat skills withthe spirit of a Drive thru Ninja superhero turtle warrior. Become aFlying hardcore ninja champ to finish the crime and gangstercriminals from your home town. With the Epic fighting of bothflying ninja hero and real robot hero Experience, remove the darkforces like Duplicate Police Officers ,City Gangsters that aredrifting in the city as a city turtle assassin frontier war hero.Captain Robo Ninja Superhero Warrior is special design for robotgame fan who love robot transformation and robot fighting. Now wetransform the human into the warrior ninja shadow with one siderobotic look. Epic Robo Ninja Superhero Turtle Warrior game isabout the futuristic crime city, where a superhero captain Usa isinjured and he lost his Half body but after treatment he recoveredbut his one side is totally transform in the steel body and hisbody is cover with warrior ninja shadow shell as a captain Usashield Alternative for defenseGame Play Epic Robo Ninja SuperheroTurtle Warrior:The Game play of Epic Robo Ninja SuperheroTurtleWarrior is very simple, In this game you need to fight withduplicate police officer who is trying to steal money from Vegascity bank, You need to go there and kill them using kick, punch,special kick , special punch , using different sword attack actlike a king of super fight and become the legends of ninja. As aSuperhero it's also your duty to save civilians, So in thisFuturistic robo ninja future war game you have to chance savepeople using his superpowers. Oh should i tell you this! you arenot alone in this monster city war. You can get the help from yourteammates shadow ninja by pressing help button on the screen. As awarrior ninja shadow in this game you have chance to save peoplefrom terrorist bomb blast, gangsters and hooligans. Epic Robo NinjaSuperhero Turtle Warrior Features: Robotic look Ninja SuperheroTurtle Warrior Character. Different Animation like simple jump,Roll, sprint,super punch,punch,kick,superkick and much more. Multiple Sword attack styles. Bike Riding Experience with aboveaction styles.  Different character properties like health,stamina, Sprint bar. Amazing graphics and sounds. Real ninjaexperience. simple control.You play as a real warrior ninja shadowwho is a turtle that can use ninja skills and attacks to avoid theobstacles on your way especially the incredible gangsters fightingsquad spikes, keep an eye on your health bar and try to keep it ashigh as possible to defeat the City criminal in this superherofighting game. Get ready to be a first Robot Ninja superhero, themost powerful real ninja you have ever seen. Help the warrior nijnatravel through portals and fight evil in this action-packed streetfighting game against the incredible superheroes. You are theperfect little real warrior ninja shadow turtle in the thronebattle.Some fight for vengeance and some fight for their survivalin this adventure game, the hardcore ninja shadow fighter warriorturtle fights against the incredible superheroes monsters slots tokeep his city clean.This Epic Robo Ninja Hero Turtle Warrior isgoing to beat all other ninja fighting game new and Crazy flyingninja fighting games simulator 2017. This Ninja shadow turtleflying hero 2017 is here with taste of flying super fight 3d combatthat will make you a pro Player of Real turtle shadow ninja fighterlegends games 3d. So get ready for the king of all Superhero'sgames , The One and Only the Epic Robo Ninja Hero TurtleWarriorPlease Give the Review and rate this game to express yourfelling about the free game that is better than other flying ninjafighting games.