2.0.2 / July 13, 2016
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Classic Anthem of Ukraine with the image of the flag and coat ofarms.The user has a choice of soundtrack "plus" or "minus".There isa button off/on display of words and complete player.Availableopportunity to set the alarm.

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    Anthem of Ukraine
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    July 13, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Novo-Bavarskiy avenue house 93, apartment 45 Kharkiv Kharkivska 61020 Ukraine
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Anthem of Ukraine 2.0.2 APK
Classic Anthem of Ukraine with the image of the flag and coat ofarms.The user has a choice of soundtrack "plus" or "minus".There isa button off/on display of words and complete player.Availableopportunity to set the alarm.
Internet Online Radio Player 1.2 APK
Convenient and easy to use online radio player.Enjoy listening toyour favorite radio stations, keep them in their lists of favoritechannels, select one of over a dozen genres of popular music.Managethe flow of data through a user-friendly interface control Internettraffic.
Chicken Saga 1.4.1 APK
Incredeble, exceiting and full of surprisesblockbaster from “MidiGame” Studio! You will fight for your placein the sun at the really hot Wild West Rancho.Chicken – Intelectuals and Cock-Scheriff with colt will resist tothe rate of your reactions.Don't let the chickens rich the sunflowers. Surround them withthe fence and occupy the sunflowers by yourself!The balance bar reflects your success. When its in a red zone - youare losing life or level, blue – you can go to the nextlevel.You should play a couple of successful games for reaching bluezone.Depending on scores - you gain fances of different colours, aftereach game. If you are out of free fances- you can any time buy newone in the game's bank .You can choose with which fence to surround the chickens during thegame. There are four types of it, depending on time of life on thefield.Put the fences on the dotted line.Every new game will improve your skills ,but only real cowboyswould endure further ordeals. Roosters help chickens by destroingfences and conducting bomb attacks.Advices:- Use more expensive fences for surrounding greater territory andthen catch the chickens with the cheaper one;- Try to catch chickens on the top of the playing field;- You will easier surround chicken when its bearing;- You cannot put a fence when chicken is sitting on it. Thats whysometimes you should click many times for putting the fence;This game could require online status. The fee connection willbe charged according to the tariff plan.This game has option of purchasing inside the app. The payer shouldbe notified previously.
Letters to Word 1.1 APK
Feel the himself as a literary genius. Complete the task and provethat your knowledge of language worthy of respect.Shakespeare iswatching you. Do not fail him.
Clever Fingers 1.2.2 APK
Want to know the boundaries of flexibility and dexterity of yourfingers? Then you here.MidiGame is new and original products basedon the popular game "Twister."The game is available three globallevel of complexity, with ten sublevels and five stages in each ofthem. Total - 150 varieties of game combinations in order toconfuse your fingers and your brain.Make your move - put yourfingers!Your device must support multi-touch, no less than fivetouches.In the rest game does not require any special permissionsand does not contain hidden purchases.
Моя школа 3.3.5 APK
Додаток "Моя школа" дозволяє по-новому поглянути на шкільну освіту.Оптимізувати багато елементів навчання, що дає додаткові можливостідля вдосконалення педагогічного процесу і , як наслідок, зростаннянавчальних показників в якісному і кількісному сенсі, додатковемотивування дітей. Ресурс об'єднує всі школи в єдинуінформаційно-аналітичну систему, яка дозволяє системно іцентралізовано керувати навчальним процесом.Доступні опції контролюоцінок і відвідуваності учнів. Зручно представлено розклад уроківта список вчителів, таблиця предметів, що вивчаються і дзвінки назміни.Кожен день на телефон користувача приходить інформаційнезведення з результатами оцінок і відвідуваності.Можливий доступ додомашніх завдань і елементів дистанційного навчання.Спілкуваннявчителя з учнем або батьками стало ще простіше. Персональніповідомлення на телефон повідомлять про шкільні збори або будь-якуіншу важливу ​​інформацію.Носити підручники в школу тепер необов'язково. Всі ваші знання з вами. Просто відкрийте додаток івиберіть потрібний підручник.Бібліотека літератури для позакласногочитання: книги про тварин і пригоди, фантастика та подорожі,журнали про спорт і кіно, вивчення іноземних мов. Всі ці книгидоступні в бібліотеці вашої програми.Спеціальні рубрикипроконсультують дітей і їх батьків з особливостями виховання тапроблемами дорослішання. Розглянуть питання гігієни та правильногохарчування, заняття спортом і здоровий спосіб життя.Програманадійно зберігає персональні дані, однозначно персоналізуєкористувача і унеможливлює доступ до облікових записів інших учнів.Вона дуже зручна і проста в користуванні. Інтерфейс і система менюлогічні та інтуїтивно розташовані і не потребують поглибленоговивчення.Додаток є абсолютно безкоштовним і не потребує платежів незі сторони працівників школи, не зі сторони батьків таучнів.Важлива інформація: при підключенні нового пристрою (телефонучи планшету) до системи, необхідно ввести новий код. Тобто, одинкод - один пристрій. Необхідну кількість кодів можна замовити укласного керівника.Для підключення вашої школи до програми "Мояшкола" необхідно зайти на сайт midigame.com, перейти в розділ"Контакти" і зв'язатися з нами зручним для Вас способом.З додатком"Моя школа" Ви завжди будете в курсі всіх шкільних подій. Зручно іпросто. Спробуйте!The application "My School" allows for a freshlook at schooling. Optimize many elements of learning, givingadditional opportunities for improvement of educational processand, consequently, increase academic performance in qualitative andquantitative terms, the additional motivation of children.Theresource combines all the schools into a single information systemthat allows systematic and manage the educational process.Availableoptions control assessments and attendance of students. Wellpresented Timetable and list of teachers, Table objects are studiedand calls for change.Every day the phone user information comessummary of the results of assessments and attendance.Possibleaccess to homework and distance learning elements.Communicationteacher-student or parents just got easier. Personal messages tothe phone informed about school fees or any other importantinformation.Wearing school textbooks no longer required. All yourknowledge with you. Just open the application and select thetextbook.Library books for home reading: books about animals andadventure, science fiction and travel magazines about sports andcinema, studying foreign languages. All of these books areavailable in the library of your program.Special category advisechildren and their parents with the features of education andproblems of growing up. Consider hygiene and proper nutrition,exercise and a healthy lifestyle.The program keeps personal datauniquely personalizes the user and prevents access to the accountsof other students. It is very convenient and easy to use. Theinterface and menu system are logical and intuitive and do notrequire in-depth study.The app is completely free and requires nopayments on the part of school staff, not on the part of parentsand students.Important: when you connect a new device (phone ortablet) to the system, you must enter the new code. That is, a code- one device. The required number of codes available at the classteacher.To connect to your school program "My school" must go tothe site midigame.com, go to the "Contact Us" and contact usconvenient for you.With the addition of "My School" you will alwaysbe aware of all school events. Convenient and easy. Try it!
Color Mage 2.0 APK
Welcome to the world of Color Mage. New exciting game will notleave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Collect the color puzzletogether with our wizards or compete with each other. The gamehelps to learn the secrets of solving non-standard problems,develop memory and logic, test intellectual abilities and toexperience the joy of victory as well. The rules of the game.Fourdifficulty levels are available to the player. The field of colorselection is over the main field. After choosing the color theplayer holds one horizontal or vertical line on the playing field.Matched by color squares disappear (change to white), which are notcoincided, accumulate new color. If you hold on white fields theywill be painted in a color that is currently active. Number on awhite square means that you can pass the color once, but it willremain white. Easier difficulty levels offer game elementsdescribed above separately. You are considered a winner if all thesquares on the field are painted white. After finishing the gameyou will be prompted to save it on the game server, so that yourfriends or other players will be able to improve your result andtake the place in the list of best players. Download it to thedevice one of the games leader board and you will have theopportunity to make their result higher. Compete with playersaround the world; share your emotions with other participants.Collecting identification data is necessary for the communicatingto player with a rating of global statistics and cannot be used forother purposes.
Martian 1.0 APK
The Team of astronauts from “Midigame” announces proudly therelease of its new game - “Martian”.Our game breaks the stereotypes of the usual constructions andstandard approaches.We have rethought the strategy in the development of logic gamesand made a completely original and innovative worthy of respectproduct.The color is familiar and comfortable attribute for the person ofthe surrounding world. Our life shimmers with bright colors, theymake love or passion. Playing our game, you can be sure it will notleave anyone indifferent.We have created a storage system of your wins on a specialcloud-based service that provides an opportunity to improve theresult of the game played by someone.It encourages incredibly.Compete with each other, beat records and rise higher and higher inour world ranking.Have a free minute - turn on the “Martian”.Friend across the ocean beat your record - enable the “Martian” andprove that you are the best.Advise this game to Your friends.Diversify relations with them a new world, world by “Martian”.