1.0 / February 26, 2018
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Run the mice out of the house. If they are boring you, then thistool will help. Or they crouched over their mouse! Mice are afraidof ultrasound, but there are sounds of cats and many other funnyannoying sounds. They'll seem cool to you, but for mice it's scarysounds. Scare away sounds will allow you to frighten mice and rats,hamsters, a merry repellent. Use it at home and on the street. Anddo not use cruel things, such as a mousetrap. Catching mice can befun. Now you can get rid of them. Choose the most effective optionon the screen and enjoy. It can also attract cats. They like thesounds of mice. It's fun!

App Information Anti Rat and Mouse Repeller Prank

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    Anti Rat and Mouse Repeller Prank
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    February 26, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Взлом Одноклассников Веселье 1.0 APK
Это симулятор взлома, он имеет красивое и современное оформление ивыполнен в лучших традициях хакерских программ, которыми пользуютсяхакеры профессионалы. Пусть твой одноклассник думает что егоаккаунт, пароль и сообщения в твоих руках. Что го музыка ифотографии в твоей власти. Это приложение подходит для самых крутыхрозыгрышей.Друзья, это лишь симулятор и он создан только длявеселых приколов вместе с друзьями. В поле пароля вы видитеслучайно генерируемые программой символы. Программа не имеетотношения к социальной сети Одноклассники OK и не использует ничегоиз собственности ее владельцев.This hacking simulator, it has abeautiful and modern design and is made in the best tradition ofhacking software used by hackers professionals. Let your classmatethinks that his account, password, and the message in your hands.What of the music, and photos in your power. This app is suitablefor the coolest jokes.Friends, this is only a simulation, and it isonly designed for gay jokes with your friends. In the passwordfield you see randomly generated characters program. The programhas no relation to the social network Classmates OK and does notuse any of the property of its owners.
Rat On Screen Hand Simulator 4.0 APK
Plant a rat on his hand! Take a screenshot ofthe screen and send this image to a friend, if you like funny jokesvia SMS or via instant messenger, e-mail - you will love it. Whiteor gray, rats are very beautiful and smart. Put the phone on yourhand or put it to his face. In honor of rat called even a year!This is not a wild rat, cute rat and home, hand-animal. But I doknow this friend of yours? Do not try to apply ultrasonic repellerrodents, mice, rats against this it will not help! This is a veryfun, quietly make fun of another. A rat can be on your hand, on thehead, on the body. What do your friends say to such a hoax?Horoscope and dream book says that rats bring good luck. Rats - thesmartest rodents, they love to run and solve many complex problems.It is an entertaining app simulator for those who like to joke andloves fun rodents!Thank you for playing our games!
Eyes Horror Demon Photo Prank 5.0 APK
Do yourself a demon eyes with this app! Free substitute his owneyes in the photo, they are black and very scary. Let your friendsthink you're a vampire demon or evil wizard and you open darkmagic. In addition, it is very fashionable style gothic and dark,sinister Gothic style for the darkness and mystery lovers, forthose who love dark stories. Black eye is evil, but that's thebeauty. Take a screenshot and send this image to a friend byplaying them as if you bitten by a vampire or a zombie from here.This eye horror drawing can be a lot of fun to make fun of a friendor a mother. If the photo around you is dark room or a cave, or asinister pumpkins in your home, then your friends are frightenedparticularly strong! Let your friend runs away from you in fear andthought that arise from their graves the dead and defeat the darkforces of good. Right in your cell phone, download this app forfree and enjoy.
Pro Взлом ВК Взломать Прикол 2.0 APK
Это симулято взлома ВК Professional ver поможет тебе показать твоимдрузьям, что ты профессиональный хакер VK и что ты способен на всев сегменте ru и com код! Покажи им это, пусть они видят с кемсвязались, что с тобой шутки плохи и что их сообщения и фото парольв опасности.Внимание, это лишь симулятор хакерского взлома ВКПрофессионал и не имеет отношение к реальным программам хакеров.Это приложение для розыгрышей и шуток. В поле пароля генерируютсяслучайные символы. Это приложение не имеет отношения к соц сетиВконтакте Vkontakte и не использует ее имя или товарный знак.Itsimulyato hacking VC Professional ver will help you show yourfriends that you are a professional hacker VK and what you can doanything in the segment ru and com code! Show it to them, let themsee who to contact, what's wrong trifled with and that theirmessages and photos in a password danger.Please note, this is onlya simulation of hacker hacking VC Professional and has no relationto real hackers programs. This app is for jokes and pranks. Thepassword field is randomly generated characters. This applicationis not related to the social network Vkontakte Vkontakte and doesnot use her name or trademark.
Snake Screen Cobra Simulator 3.0 APK
This snake just like a real one! Beautiful,large and very sinister. Raffle his friend, make a photo orscreenshot and recovered in the message to your friend! It's coolthat your cat will tell on that? Classical beautiful cobra legend,a very interesting snake. If you like this snake, beautifulwallpapers with animals and snakes, if you love funny jokes andjokes on friends, this game is for you! Snakes are reflected inmany legends and fairy tales. This is a game for you and yourfriends. In fact, snakes bring luck, it will tell you any dreambook or horoscope. If you dreamed of a snake it to wealth, theylived in the court of kings and thrones. Of course, many people areafraid of this black poisonous snakes, because they are in thehunt, almost every woman, but the snake is very beautiful. Snakesare very beautiful, you can scare your friend or mother, if yousend them a picture where on your arm or neck, this snake issitting.Thank you for playing our games!
Scars In The Photo Face Prank 2.0 APK
Scars on the arm or in the neck! Scars ontheface! Raffle friend or relatives, let them think that youattackeda terrible maniac with a chainsaw or bitten by a viciousdog. Takea screenshot of the screen and send the photo to a friend,let itbe afraid. Call him before he will call an ambulance. It'sscaryshocking pictures, very frightening. As if you were attackedonwerewolves or Evil Dead zombie scared even the bravest. If youwantto scare your friends and cause them fear, terror and shock,thenthis is for you! As if there was a fight or a fight, it is averyrealistic incised deep wound. This editor allows you tocreatescars on any part of your body! It's very funny Prank, placethephone on your arm and see the reaction of your friends. Like acooltattoo can be very funny to scare friends, cats and dogs, trytosew up the wounds - it does not work.But this is only the special effects in the photo, do not beafraid!Pugay friends and family via SMS, in messages and socialnetworks,let them run away in fear.
Mouse Simulator On Screen 3.0 APK
This mouse looks like a real one! Right inyour phone, sat her on his body, it can be on your hand, on thehead, on the face or on foot! Take a screenshot of the screen andsend photos to your friends via SMS, even if they think that youstarted this wonderful mouse. From this it can be very beautifuland funny photos to the social network. The draw for the cat orcats. This mouse is not a computer, it is alive! You can send thispicture to my mom, let them think that you're crazy! This is noordinary mouse, which has no interest except to eat cheese, it's amouse musician, this mouse hobby! It's so funny, an excellentsimulator for jokes and pranks on your friends. In your hands! Playa joke on a friend, put the phone to your arm and look at hisreaction. The mouse is not as big and scary as a rat, but it isvery funny and cute. Take a picture of Svoge other mouse on thehead and you can make him angry, that he is angry with you.Thank you for playing our games!
Scorpion On Hand Screen Photo 3.0 APK
Plant yourself in the hands of a scorpion! You can put your phonein the hand or arm and look at rekaktsiyu from your friend, let itbe afraid. Scorpions are very beautiful, and this simulator is verynicely done, so that you can make fun and make fun of your friends.Raffle other enrage him or make a beautiful picture for socialnetworking - choose himself. Download it for free and enjoy. Sendthis photo screenshot to my mom or brother that says it's yoursister? In nature, even mongoose afraid of scorpions, crush themwith your hands. They think that there is either very brave and isa dangerous game against monsters or mad! These insects likeliving! Scorpions are very beautiful, you can appreciate theirbeauty. Right on your screen in your phone, discreetly, Put thephone to his friend, startled him. Take a picture of your cat withthis skrpionom, let your friends think that your cat is a hero ofthe year.