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Welcome to the counter terrorist FPS frontline shooting. Youhavebeen chosen as the real army commando to fight againsttheterrorists. The anti terrorist mission has been started astheultimate assault attack war hero. Get ready for the realassaultcounter terrorist mission. Attack on the enemy camps.Complete allthe required missions of the counter terrorist andbecome theultimate FPS counter attack mission commando. Use heavyarsenal forthe combat attack in the ultimate war mission. Stop FPScombatassault terrorist shooters who spread terrorism. Come like aFPSarmy hero in commando war battlefield. Achieve the target withyourbrave survival commando team. This is your chance to prove thatyouare the real patriotic terrorist war commando. The FPSassaultbattlefield mission has been started. Make the properstrategy andconquer the enemy camps. Destroy dangerous rifles andstart thecounter attack assault now. Download this terroristassaultbattlefield mission game now! Features: -Use numerousweapons likeSMG, shotgun, AK47, C4 and M1911. -Thrilling andchallenging combatattack missions. -Every level has differentdifficulty level ofmissions. -3D characters of army commandos andterrorists. -Touchthe screen to aim and find the enemy. -Mapfeature for thedirections -Smooth gameplay control. -High qualityHD graphics withreal physics. -Realistic battlefield environment.-Addictivebackground sounds.

App Information Anti Terrorist Counter Attack Mission

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    Anti Terrorist Counter Attack Mission
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    July 13, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Real Action Series
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    Block G Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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