1.0 / June 22, 2017
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During the war, the most deadly aircraftwerebombs. But also against them was a means of defensecalledanti-aircraft gun, which allowed these planes to shoot down.Todayyou have to sit down to manage this weapon and try to protectthecity from the air raid. Destroy the planes and bombs thattheythrow on your city.

Can you stop the raids of enemy bombers? You controltheanti-aircraft gun and your mission is to shoot down all theenemyplanes that attacked the capital! Try not to miss enemycombatvehicles! Game gunner for real defenders and patriots!

The war between countries rages with incredible force, you havetoprotect your city from air raids, controlling theultra-modernanti-aircraft tower. You will fight against hordes ofbombs andfighter planes. Can you protect the city? Become a warhero.

App Information Antiaircrafter

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    June 22, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Сигнализация Машина Брелок 2.0 APK
Выбери свой ключ или брелок от сигнализации.Ходи по улице и открывай авто. Включай панику, разыгрывай друзей ипросто прохожих. С брелком вы сможете включить сигнализацию илиоткрыть, закрыть двери.Понравится как взрослым так и детям особенно! Скачайте приложение,дайте ребенку и вы увидите как ему понравится иметь свой брелок отмашины! В приложение есть кнопки на которые надо нажимать и выуслышите звуковой сигнал.Simulator Signaling Trinket – это игра симулятор шутка, реальногобрелка ключа закрытия и открытия дверей машины. Очень любишьавтомобили? Хочешь удивить друзей своей крутой тачкой? Или сделатьвид что открываешь полицейскую, пожарную или другую служебнуюмашину? Попробуй пошутить над другом! В нашем симуляторе брелокаесть сирена, открыть, закрыть двери.Симулятор автосигнализации сделана для развлечения. Делай вид чтоможешь открывать и закрывать любую машину. В игре используютсяразличные виды брелоков и реальный звук открытия закрытиядверей.Внимание: игра сигнализация машины брелок является исключительношуткой и не может открывать машины и нанести вреда.Choose your key or keyfob from the alarm. Walk the streets and cars. Plug panic playedout friends and passers-by. With the remote control you canactivate the alarm system or open, close the door.It appeals to both adults and children in particular! Download theapp, give your child and you will see how he would like to haveyour car keychain! In the application there are buttons you need topress and you hear a beep.Simulator Signaling Trinket - this is a game simulation of a joke,the real key fob opening and closing the car door. Really lovecars? Do you want to impress your friends your cool car? Or pretendthat you open the police, fire department or other company car? Tryto make fun of a friend! In our simulator transmitter has a siren,open, close the door.Simulator car alarm is made for entertainment. Pretend that you canopen and close any machine. The game uses different types of tagsand the real sound of the opening of the closing doors.Warning: the game machine keychain alarm is only a joke and can notopen the machine and cause damage.
Large red button 1.0 APK
A large red button is a simulator gamebutton.Develop a dexterity when the red button is lit -press!But be careful, do not press until the red button lights up!The red button game will test your attentiveness and agility.And most importantly, remember the first rule of this game - donotbrake!
Catch the Mole 2.0 APK
Game Catch the Mole is a game that will beequally interesting for all ages. A game that can instantly immerseyou in a simple, but at the same time thoughtful gameplay. In thegame Catch the Mole there are no levels, which means that you cannot be distracted from catching moles.Moles attacked the farm, the whole field in the mink. And from afarjust like a birthmark on the field. Mole appears at differenttimes. Take the hammer and attack the moles. On moles you can hitand they will run away, but do not touch other animals.The Catch the Mole game will test your attentiveness and agility.The game has a bright graphics, and not a complicated gameplay willdrag you on for a long time.Game Catch the Mole is a game of speed and attention. Hurry, usethe hammer and as soon as possible, teach all the annoying moles,but be careful and do not hook the hamsters.
Origami Master: Schemes 1.3 APK
Perhaps, you ever wanted to learn how tomasterfully collect figurines from paper - origami? It is somewhatdifficult to learn the art of origami, the game Origami Master:Schemes is created to help you andYour child to simplify the task! Imagine ... paper, a few simplegestures-andChildren already think that you are a magician. And for your childto learn how to work miracles, OrigamiMaster: Schemes; Offers you some simple and interesting origamithat will not let you or your child get bored. Schemes such asanimals (a cat, a dog, etc.), clothes (a suit or just a shirt) andmany other figures of paper.
Hypnosis 2.0 APK
Do you want to hypnotize a person? Or, maybeyou want to hold a hypnosis of a cat or other pet?Tired stress in hard days at work? Turn on Hypnosis trancesuggestion and enjoy the endless period of the hypnotic circle!Build collective hypnosis, and observe illusions orhallucinations!Play your friends, tell them that this game is a real hypnosis. Youcan try hypnotizing for dogs or even hypnosis cat - you and yourfriends will have a lot of fun time playing.Try to enter into a trance girl, a teacher at school, a domesticcat or a dog!Use the hypnotic circle to relax and immerse your friend in atrance!ATTENTION! Hallucination Hypnosis simulator is a joke, a joke, NOTimmersed in real hypnosis, NOT a real hallucinogen, has nothing todo with real hypnosis and trance.
Moles: Attack 1.1 APK
MOLES: ATTACK- это детская игра, котораябудетодинаково интересна и для взрослых. Игра, котораясможетмоментально погрузить вас в простой, но в тоже времяпродуманныйигровой процесс.Игра MOLES: ATTACK проверит вашу реакцию и ловкость. Играобладаетяркой графикой, а игровой процесс затянет васнадолго.Игра MOLES: ATTACK – это игра на скорость и внимание. Сможешь литыпоймать всех кротов, ведь с каждым уровнем кроты все умнееихитрее. Поторопись, используй молоток и как можно скореепроучивсех назойливых кротов, но будь внимателен и не зацепи приэтомхомяков.MOLES: ATTACK- ischild'splay, which will be equally interesting for adults. A gamethatwill instantly put you in a simple but at the same timethought-outgameplay.Game MOLES: ATTACK will test your reaction and dexterity. Thegamehas colorful graphics, and the gameplay will delay you for alongtime.Game MOLES: ATTACK - this game is the speed and attention. Canyoucatch all the moles, because with each level of molesgettingsmarter and smarter. Hurry up, use a hammer and as soon aspossibleto teach a lesson to all the pesky moles, but be carefulnot tocatch hold with hamsters.
Aquarium for a cat 2.0 APK
Your cat tired of speaking translators andlasers?An aquarium for a cat will provide an opportunity for your pet tofeel like a fisherman. Aquarium for a cat is a charming toysimulator, a toy for a cute kitten. Interested in cat playing inthe fisherman! You can leave the pet for the whole day playing withthe phone, and in the meantime, do your own thing. Cat fisherman isa joy for the owner! This game is very similar to the aquarium, andafter all, every cat has always dreamed of climbing into anaquarium and hunt there for fish.The game is a simulator kotik fisherman. Do you think your favoritepet wants to play? Give the phone or tablet with the game to yourcat. You will see how he will fish the fish that floats across thescreen. Kittens love the fish. Different fish and locations. He cancatch in the lake, in the sea or in the aquarium. Very beautifulgraphics and animation.And most importantly do not forget to open your cat new fish.Protect the screen from the kitten's sharp claws. How to play Aquarium for a cat:• Place the tablet or phone on a flat surface next to thecat;• Open the cat of fish;• Watch your cat start to fish.Attention: an unprotected glass screen is not damaged by contactwith claws, which can not be said for an additional plasticcase.
Hopscotch 1.0 APK
Thousands of years ago, Roman soldiersplayedin classics to test their strength and speed.Not so long ago, the classics were the most popular game inthecourtyard, Hopscotch is played by children all overtheworld.Today we present it on a mobile phone. Enjoy!Play Hopscotch free popular street game nowadays it is possibleandin your phone or other digital media.A game for all ages, which is easy to understand, but difficulttomaster.Enjoy the standard game mode or play one of the many newandimproved modes that have been added to make the game evenmorefun.Fundamental rules:- Be quick;- One tile - one finger;- Do not miss past the tiles;- All tiles in one row must be pressed simultaneously.