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Become a member of ants colony and try bugs life in an anthill withour insect simulator. Animal survival is different for bugs - smallthings are big for ants! Protect your colony from other bugs,recruit other ants and fight for survival in the insect world ofour animal simulator!Features of Ant Survival Simulator:BIG SMALLWORLDExplore a meadow from perspective of bugs and antsREALISTICANTS COLONYLive an insect life in a huge anthill LOTS OF QUESTSDowhat the ants colony needs you to doINSECT SURVIVALRecruit otherants to fight off big bugs and seek supplies togetherAnthilllife!Life in ants colony is busy in our survival simulator! Otherants and bugs have lots of quests, for you - complete them forsurvival of your anthill in the insect world. From finding suppliesand recruiting ants for the colony, to fighting a wild animal. Lifeof an ants colony is hard but exciting in animal survivalsimulator!Insect survival!Animal survival is different in the worldof ants and bugs. Everything is big for an insect, so stay withother ants to fight bigger bugs and wild animal threats together ininsect survival simulator. Find supplies for yourself and the antscolony - anthill depends on all of its ants for survival! Bugsworld!A small meadow is a big world for bugs and ants - that’s whatmakes insect survival special in the animals simulator! Exploreyour own anthill and the outskirts of your ants colony. Meets otherbugs, friendly and hostile ants, find big adventure in small insectword with our animals survival simulator! Enter the world of bugsand ants and join and anthill in a new Ant Survival Simulator - acool animal game about insect life!

App Information Ants Survival Simulator - go to insect world!

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    Ants Survival Simulator - go to insect world!
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    December 16, 2017
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Wild Animals World
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