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AO:CloudCount, by AccuCode enables you to scanbar codes and upload them many different ways for remoteprocessing.

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AO: Rapid Inventory 1.0 APK
If you are having trouble keeping track ofyour inventory in QuickBooks®, you know that it is costing you timeand money. AO: Rapid Inventory® is the world’s leading cloud-basedinventory management solution for QuickBooks. Rapid Inventory® iscompletely integrated with QuickBooks, and it will easily trackyour inventory across multiple warehouses and locations, lotnumbers, expiration dates, and hold reasons. You will process moretransactions in less time and eliminate costly errors, improvingyour inventory accuracy and lowering your costs. Barcode scanningis included.NOTE - This is the mobile app for the AO: Rapid Inventory systemand it requires a Rapid Inventory account to use. If you do nothave a Rapid Inventory account, you can sign up for a free trial atwww.rapidinventory.com.
AO: Bar Harvey APK
AO: Bar is a cloud-based solution for bars andrestaurants that simplifies the process of counting liquorinventory and placing orders with your reps. AO: Bar’s increasedefficiency and accuracy will reduce your administrative workload soyou can spend more time generating revenue with your guests.Inventory Made Easy-------------------------------------------------Liquor inventory is rapidly inputted by scanning the UPC barcodeson the bottles using a Bluetooth scanner. Inventory data will syncto the cloud so that you can access information from multipledevices including our secure web-based platform.Simplified Ordering Process-------------------------------------------------AO: Bar has an easy-to-use order and review process that reducesplacing orders to a simple button push, sending an email straightfrom the app to your reps – say goodbye to phone tag!To learn more please visit us at www.aobar.net.
AO:CloudCount 1.3.1 APK
AO:CloudCount, by AccuCode enables you to scanbar codes and upload them many different ways for remoteprocessing.
Jellyfish - Retail Ordering 3.3 APK
Jellyfish is an easy to use order management system that allows youto order from all your Suppliers at the same time, even if yourSupplier is not on Jellyfish. You don’t have to split your order bySupplier, just add everything you want to your cart and we willsplit the order into sub-orders and send each Rep their portion ofthe order. Invoicing is still done by your supplier. Jellyfish alsoincludes inventory counting, reporting, staff management (includingtrainee restrictions), and messaging functions. Manage multiplesites, each with their own site catalog and staff. Use our searchtools to find new items or suppliers. Barcode scanning using yourphone’s camera or a bluetooth scanner is supported. Jellyfish’sincreased efficiency and accuracy will reduce your administrativeworkload so you can spend more time with your customers generatingrevenue.