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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App- 2016 Appy Awards ***Students can utilize the free Varsity TutorsAP Art History app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets toget up-to-speed on the expansive history of art. Test-takers willbe drilled on important pieces of art and their functions from theprehistoric, ancient Mediterranean, colonial American, laterEuropean and American, and indigenous American time periods.Students will also be required to have knowledge of Asian, Pacific,African, and global contemporary art influences. The app hasseveral built-in features to accommodate the AP Art History exam’svisual nature. Since the exam often provides images of artwork forstudents to analyze, the app’s multiple practice and diagnosticexams also test users on their ability to identify, name, andanalyze visual images. In addition, the app’s easy-to-use FlashcardMaker also includes audio and visual capabilities, so students caneasily snap a picture of an important work to include on aflashcard.Review and test yourself on individual concepts like artin global Islamic traditions, ancient Greek and Roman architecture,and 21st century sculpture. Plus, take full-length, timed practiceand diagnostic assessments featuring professionally writtenquestions to assess your preparedness for the real exam.The VarsityTutors AP Art History app for Android devices is the perfect way tostay on top of your study plan. Bring your review materialseverywhere you go for quick study boosts whenever they are mostconvenient.

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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App- 2016 Appy Awards ***The science of physics is highly relevant andapplicable to every aspect of students’ lives – but that does notmean that it is easy to understand. However, the Varsity TutorsHigh School Physics app for Android devices helps studentsunderstand introductory physics and learn to approach solving itsproblems.The app’s learning tools cover the basics in areas fromelectricity and magnetism, to motion, mechanics, andthermodynamics, to name just a few. Unlike some other scientificfields, physics can require a lot of math, and the Varsity TutorsHigh School Physics app for Android-powered smartphones and tabletsaccounts for this by providing detailed explanations on formulasfor calculating any physics problem.Users can choose from a varietyof practice and diagnostic tests to assess their competency inphysics and to identify troublesome areas. Each diagnostic examprovides a comprehensive assessment of the user’s performance, fromproficiency in each concept area to the total time the user spenton the test. Plus, you can quickly send your results to friends orinstructors.The app also features a Question of the Day functionthat prompts students to consider their knowledge of physics– even if they do not have time for a full-blown studysession. In short, the free Varsity Tutors High School Physics appfor Android devices can make studying for your physics class abreeze.
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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App- 2016 Appy Awards ***The GRE® Subject Test: Math is a 66-minutelong test. The questions includes topics that are typically coveredin undergraduate mathematics courses. Approximately 50% of the examwill cover calculus topics. One quarter of the exam will coveralgebra, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and number theory; theremaining 25% will cover topics such as analysis, discrete math,and geometry and probability. Help prepare for the exam and itsmany covered topics using Varsity Tutors’ free GRE® Subject Test:Math app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The GRE®Subject Test: Math exam covers a number of different topics, and astudent should adequately prepare to maximize their chances ofscoring well on the exam. This is where the free Varsity TutorsGRE® Subject Test: Math app for Android devices can be utilized.There are two diagnostic tests within the app that help studentsdetermine the areas that may need the most attention during theirstudy time.When a student is looking for an intense and brief studysession, they can utilize the numerous interactive GRE® SubjectTest in Math flashcards within the app that are organized by topicand subtopic. Additionally, students can increase their chances ofsuccess on the GRE® Subject Test: Math by both studying andpractice test-taking. There are 141 GRE® Subject Test: Mathpractice tests available to students through the app forAndroid-powered smartphones and tablets. Students can also make useof the question of the day feature to have daily mathematicspractice.Do not let the topics of the GRE® Subject Test: Math scareyou. The free Varsity Tutors app can be utilized and customized toyour study plans. Combine periodic study time with test-takingpractice, and you may be able to increase the chances of admissioninto the graduate program of your choice.
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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App- 2016 Appy Awards ***The first step toward a Master’s degree inbusiness is to do well on the Graduate Management Admission Test. Ahigh GMAT score can open doors to your dream graduate program, anda low score can just as easily close those doors.Maximize your preptime with the free Varsity Tutors GMAT Prep app for Androiddevices. The GMAT Prep app provides all of the information astudent needs to prepare for the three-and-a-half-hour exam’sVerbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, andAnalytical Writing sections.The app uses multiple practice anddiagnostic tests to assess your ability to evaluate, analyze, anddraw conclusions from data. Students can also choose to learn moreabout individual concepts, like how to understand the content ofmixed passages or how to analyze argumentative claims and bias. Theapp provides a trove of professionally written practice questionsto prepare students for the analytical and interpretive questionsthey will face on the GMAT, and it also offers comprehensiveexplanations for more difficult concepts.The GMAT can mean monthsof preparation. Downloading the free Varsity Tutors GMAT Prep appfor Android-powered smartphones and tablets adds a high-value toolto your study arsenal.
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*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App- 2016 Appy Awards ***Help your fifth grade student with CommonCore Math by downloading Varsity Tutors’ free Android app coveringthe subject. In 5th grade your student will begin working withthree-dimensional shapes and advanced mathematical operations. Heor she should already have a solid foundation in multiplication anddivision of multidigit numbers, basic fraction equivalences, andfinding the area of common two-dimensional geometric shapes. Eachof these concepts will help with Common Core 5th Grade Math skills.To get an idea of the level of your student’s math knowledge, haveyour child take Varsity Tutors’ free diagnostic test on the 5thGrade Common Core Math app for Android-powered smartphones andtablets. The results should help you focus your efforts on theareas that will benefit your student most. Games are just one wayto bolster your student’s Common Core 5th Grade Math knowledge. Ifyou are interested in finding free 5th Grade Common Core Mathresources, the Varsity Tutors app has a multitude of resourcesarranged by concept so it is simple to find the right help for yourchild. The question of the day feature is a great way to bring amini-math review into every day! There are also 100+ practice testsand every answer on each of the tests has a detailed explanation ofthe processes used to arrive at the correct answer. The Android appoffered by Varsity Tutors also has thousands of Common Core 5thGrade Math flashcards you can review with your student. This is theyear your student’s math skills take a big leap forward. Givingyour child help with 5th Grade Common Core Math concepts thatinvolve volume, fractions, and decimal conversions can bechallenging—for both you and your student! The free Common Core 5thGrade Math app offered by Varsity Tutors’ can make it easier—andeven fun—for everyone.