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We tend to think of our dream home as a huge house with space foreverything. But if you are in an apartment and are not sure whenthat space will grow into something bigger, there is no reason towait to create your dream home. Just because you only have one roomdoesn’t mean your decor can not fulfill all of your hopes anddreams. Just because your home is pint-sized doesn't mean you haveto live with pint-sized home decor. Thus, by providing thisapplication, we hope that you will get the inspiration on how youwill design your own apartment. Apartment Design Ideas is a fineselection of a hundred of apartment design photographs that is verylightweight yet powerful.Renting instead of owning definitely hasits perks -- you have the flexibility of changing up your locationwhen your lease is over, there's no need to worry about propertytaxes and, more often than not, home repairs are not taking a tollon your wallet. Certainly not a bad deal. But the one majordrawback? It can be a bit tricky for renters to create a space thatis truly their own while still ensuring the security deposit iswaiting for them when they do leave. So we've rounded up the easy,budget-friendly things all renters need to know in order to maketheir place home sweet home.1. Add curtains. You didn't chose thedorm-like blinds but you can hide them.2. Try removable wallpaper..3. Turn bookshelves into focal points. Whether you're addingpatterned paper to the shelf backings, organizing your books in acreative way or painting the furniture itself, customizedbookshelves can have big impact for little effort.4. Put up acolorful memo board to your entryway. A small way to incorporatecolor, plus give you a space to mail, grocery lists, etc.5. Try afew window boxes. 6. Get creative with storage. You can slip instorage with things like bar carts, rolling kitchen islands andottomans with hidden compartments.7. Add a rug. 8. Paint yourfurniture. 9. Grab some tile tattoos. These are temporary stickersand decals that can nicely hide that '80s fruit-motif backsplash inyour kitchen.10. Change those knobs and pulls. Just because youdidn't choose the cabinetry doesn't mean it can't be customized.11.Rearrange your furniture. Your couch doesn't have to be pushedagainst a wall, unless you have the tiniest of tiny apartments. Inwhich case, there are other ways to change it up.To ensure thatyour guests get the most value out of their experience and that youget the most value out of your apartment, you need to optimize yourspace. You can do this by maximizing occupancy, comfort, feel, andappearance of your home: each of which can be accomplished by smallinvestments in time and effort.There are certain interior designstrategies you can apply to your property in order to get the mostout of the space that you have. While the incentives are clear,renovating and redesigning one’s home is clearly not the best casescenario. But, have no fear: here’s a journey of the best apartmentdesign ideas construction that will lead you straight to spaceoptimization. Check out these beautiful apartments designs withmajor style that prove you can have it all in a small space.

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Are you looking for men hair styles? You want to have a cool yetunique hair cut that suits you and your personality well.These daysmen are just as conscious about their hair as women are, and assuch there are plenty of stylish men hair styles that are meant towork with their facial features and personal style preferences.Afew decades ago not much thought was given to the hair styles thatmen wore, but today there is a large amount of thought put into it.Men hair styles have come a long way over the past decade, and themodern man wants to look his best for both work and play. While inthe best barbershops were the place for men to go to get their haircut, many of them today now go to men special hair stylists to getthe look that they want.Both short and medium styles are popularfor men, with the former being the slightly more preferred of thetwo.The swept up style is especially popular, and can be found inseveral different varieties. This is a short style with the hairswept up in a variety of directions and held up with gel, stylingmousse, or wax. This is a very modern look and is very popular withyounger men. A popular addition to this look is having the tipshighlighted to give the hair an even more youthful look.Very shortmen hair styles are popular as well. While not quite as short as abowl cut, these types of hairstyles have a little hair left over inorder to brush to the front or to the back. Depending on the amountof hair that is left, it can either look shaggy or extremely cleancut. This is a more conservative look than those that are swept up,and provide a great alternative to the above.If you like to havemedium length hair, you should consider the shape of your face.This length of hair is usually best for men who have longer shapedfaces and is best accompanied by a simple beard designLonger hairlengths are also favorable and depending hair type, the sky can bethe limit. If a man does not have thick hair, he can crop it tomedium-length and have it layered. This is best for medium or thickhair because it will not be too wispy -- with thin hair it is bestto stock to any un layered variations. Having the style cropped upshorter near the face is also popular, with it longer as itprogressively goes back.These are just a few examples of today'spopular hairstyles for men. Within these small examples there aredozens of varieties, and then past those there are several as well.The world of hair fashion and care is no longer just a woman'sworld, and men hair styles are being paid more attention to thanever.It is important to consider if you will have time to styleyour hair, so if you are a guy on the go then getting a short hairstyle for men is a better option. Let your personality show aswell, a messy look will often help you look more relaxed and laidback, a buzz cut can make you look tough and emphasize your facialfeatures.
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Decoration is one of the vital and most significant parts of Indianwedding ceremonies. Different places are decorated during weddingswhich include stage decoration, table and chair decoration and halldecorations.Stage decoration holds immense prominence as it is thescared place where the wedding vows are exchanged. It is also knownas Mandap in Hindu marriage ceremonies. In the earlier days, mandapdecorations were based on traditional rituals and beliefs. Today itis decorated in different styles to suit individualpreferences.Wedding mandap decoration is one of the mostflourishing businesses in India and abroad. The mandap is usuallyplaced on an open ground near to the bride's home. It has fourposts which depict the four Vedas of the Hindu mythology whichinclude Samaveda, Rigveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda. It alsodenotes the four karmas of Hindu myth. All the rituals of the Hindumarriages can be traced back to the traditional periods. As thesescared rituals are performed under the wedding mandap, it is quiteimportant to decorate the stages extravagantly. Today stagedecoration has become a flourishing business prospect.It is usuallydone in three different ways which include thefollowing.Traditional style: Most of the people who live outsideIndia prefer traditional decoration themes as it exudes a uniqueaura of homely feelings. Different types of traditional props suchas candles, diyas, lamps, rangoli, colorful drapes and flowers areused for traditional styles.Contemporary style: Modern weddingstage decorations include contemporary styles with amplified lightsand sound systems. It also includes colorful balloons, stars,glitters and disco balls. Today there are many professionaldecorators available in many of the online stores.Theme based: Oneof the most popular mandap decorations include theme baseddecorations. The entire venue of the wedding is decorated on thebasis of a specific theme which includes matching fabrics used fortables and chairs, matching flowers and many other details. Eventhe wedding cakes in the theme based decorations are made to matchwith the wedding theme.Professional decorators include an entireteam comprising of florists, photographers, catering and so forth.It is important to arrange wedding mandap according to the theme ifthe bride and the family have specific interest in theme weddings.Different types of fabrics are used by professional decorators toenhance the beauty of the arena. Lighting is another importantaspect used for decorating purposes. A unique combination of lightsand fabrics will add to the beauty of the entire wedding function.
Bikini Fashion Style Idea 1.0 APK
A bikini is usually a women's abbreviatedtwo-piece swimsuit with a bra top for the chest and panties cutbelow the navel. The basic design is simple: two triangles offabric on top cover the woman's breasts and two triangles of fabricon the bottom cover the groin in front and the buttocks in back.The size of a bikini bottom can range from full pelvic coverage toa revealing thong or G-string design.For most of us, bikini season can be challenging. Factors toconsider when deciding on a bikini include where to shop, when toget the best deals and which style is best for your body type. Itis also important to think about your summer plans when choosing acertain style of swimsuit. For example, if you are very active andwill be spending the summer backpacking and hiking, a durable,full-coverage suit might be the best choice. However, if yourpriorities consist of lounging with friends, drinking lemonade andsunning yourself, a thong bikini may be a better option.Many women are now choosing combinations of bathing suits andbikinis. You can wear a halter or tank top style as the top half ofyour suit while wearing a bikini bottom for the bottom half and getthe fun look of a bikini with the coverage of a bathing suit. Youcan also accessorize with colorful cover-ups which add elegance andstyle to your look. Whichever you choose, have fun and don't forgetthe sunscreen. Besides, the other type of bikinis are:-The micro bikini. The Micro Bikini is pretty self explanatory,it is a very small bikini intended to give an extremely lowcoverage look. They usually consist of a string type of bikini witha thong style bottom and a triangle cup top with a string tie atthe back, when worn properly the micro bikini can be a veryimpressive look! They are for the braver women who don't mindtrying a new daring fashion style, but they are now widely acceptedand it would fine to wear when sunbathing in your garden at home oron your favourite beach!- Babe triangle breads. This triangle top lives up to its name withflirty crochet accents and beaded ties.Finally for the really outgoing were going to mention the thongor g string bikini. Take note, the thong and g string bikini wereoriginally designed for the woman that had hips. It not only drawsattention away from the hip area, but in most cases it completelyeliminates the traditional wider hip appearance and gives a morebalanced look.It's all about purchasing the right bikini bottom and the correcttop to balance out your body type.
DIY Crochet Swimsuit 1.0 APK
Crochet is one of those crafts which can get associated with somenot very comfortable images such as odd looking hats, strangecolored place mats and of course those crochet squares made intoafghan blankets to spread across the knees of frail old people orthose confined to wheelchairs. Uncomfortable and uneasy images thatmake you shy away from anything made in this way and certainly keepyou from trying to make something yourself. But it may be that theworld of crochet has left you behind stuck with the outdated imagesof bygone crocheting items. The world of crocheting has moved onand you actually can make interesting and individual items withtoday's modern designs and yarns. If you can repress your naturalrevulsion why not take a look. You will be amazed at the thingsthat you can make with the free easy crochet patterns that you canget from websites. One site even advertises itself as 'fueling thecrochet revolution'. How alternative is that!If you are aBikini-fan, you're definitely missing a lot if you haven't everincluded a Crochet Bikini in your collection. But you can make yourfashion statement even if Crochet is an art you know nothing about.Summer is coming with a fast childish pace, and dreamy white sandbeaches are waiting for us to enjoy swimming and sun-bathing. Justimagine yourself in a handmade piece of crochet art.Feel beautifuland pampered with the gorgeous designer crochet swimsuits. Any girlcan wear any swimsuit, but you are not any girl. You should giveyourself an extraordinary treat this season. Come out and showeverybody what you got and be that sexy creature you have alwayswanted to be. You deserve the best and the best is what we have tooffer.If you feel hot this summer, then be more than hot, be thehottest and stand out among the crowd and be the center ofattention with crochet bikini women's swimsuit. Feel all eyes onyou and be an instant fashion icon. You would surely love to be thestar of any summer gathering you will attend this season as youflaunt your asset in a crochet bikini. Feel confident as you wear avery stylish summer outfit and walk fashionably with the swimsuitof your choice that reflects your personality.What more, yournatural beauty will be accentuated by various designs specificallycreated for woman of style like you. Be natural yet extraordinary.Look demure yet flirty. Expose your gorgeous abs, flawless legs andsmooth and silky thighs. Feel good about yourself as you try anyitem from our collection and show appreciation to what you have byexposing your natural gift in any of our summer wear.Designed withextreme care and paying attention to details and fashion, crochetswimsuits fit perfectly and fashionably. They are made of cottonand elastic fibers that keep their shape whether in or out ofwater. So, imagine how sexy you would be as you make your way tothe water and even sexier when you make your way out with tricklesof water dripping from your marvelous swimsuit down to yourwonderful legs.Summer had never been this good!
Cute Baby Hairbow 1.0 APK
Parents would want to make their babies look good. They would wanttheir little babies to look good for a night on town. Baby girlsare so adorable and dressing them up for a family gathering is sucha fun and exciting activity for both the parents and the baby.After donning the best dress for your baby girl, one thing can topthe attire for the night! All she might need is Cute Baby HairBow!Cute Baby Hair Bow will accentuate the beautiful dress you havefor your little girl. Actually, there are a lot of varieties ofhair bows for your babies. These include crowns and barrettes aswell as head bands. The options are endless and there is a hair bowto match every occasion of the year!The classic ribbon is one ofthe most common bow for the hair which attaches to an elastic bandwhich reaches around the head of your baby. This type of bow forthe hair is elastic and soft. Thus, it is very comfortable for thebaby. Simple ribbons can be used as hair bows which are attached onan elastic strap which can fit snugly around the head of your baby.This type of bow is secured and can work for your babies withoutfalling off from her head.Parents can even create a ribbon as ahair bow for their babies. This is quite common since it can take aribbon for weaving into the baby's hair. Creating your own hair bowis not easy and you need some guide to make a Cute Baby HairBow.Baby bows made by top designers are also available. Parents whocan afford expensive and fancy hair bows can splurge some cash forthis to make their baby to look good and chic. Parents can findseasonal color to match the outfits of your baby girl. The nexttime you take your baby out, always make sure that you have a bowfor your little girls to accentuate the outfit. You can make yourbaby girl look more beautiful and feel good about "showing off"your bundle of joy.Baby bows for the hair for baby girls are fordual purpose. It can accentuate the hair bow and it can be veryfunctional. Baby girls can benefit much from hair bows. It can makebabies feel more pampered and secured as parents are giving muchattention to their baby's needs.There are a myriad of varieties ofmaterials and colors for your babies. Your baby girl gets to befashionable and fabulous to match any outfit and occasion. Bows forthe hair can be accented with animal shapes like bears, butterfliesand ducks. Bows for little girl's hair can use ornaments such asfigurines and silk flowers. These can add more sassiness to yourbaby's hair through a bow.Making bows for your little girls haveevolved into a burgeoning business. Parents seek various designs togo with the personality, age and preferences of their baby girls.Cute Baby Hair Bow is functional and affordable. If you want tolearn with an expert's guide in creating your own bow for yourlittle angel, you need professional help. Get Cute Baby Hair Bowfor your little angels.
Balloons Decorating Ideas 1.0 APK
With balloons and party accessories a festive atmosphere quicklydevelops in to an amazing party. We have given some good balloonsdecorating ideas below and with this you can use more of yourimagination to add more flair to the party room by using the uniquedesign and architectural features of your home.First and foremosthang balloons to your mailbox to spot the party place; place themas a decoration at the door; or you may even tie them to thebirthday child's chair to mark the seat of honor. For an additionalunique touch, make a balloon arch by filling balloons with helium,attach them (several inches apart) to a long piece of curlingribbon and fix the ends to the floor next to the doorway. When usedeffectively, balloons can create a whimsical, soft feeling in aroom. As you plan decor options, consider how you can work with thenatural shape of the balloons to enhance the room decor or serve asa centerpiece.Arches and TunnelsBalloons lend themselves well tomake dramatic arches. To make an arch, create the shape out ofheavy duty wire and attach the balloons to cover the wire. Makedifferent shapes to suit the occasion: a standard arch, a stark, aheart, or a flower. If you want to create a big impression forguests as they enter the room, put multiple arches together to forma tunnel; this is particularly effective when you have a grandmarch. Arches also serve as a visually impressive photobackground.Ceiling CanopyIf you are decorating a room with a highceiling, create a dramatic effect by using balloons to create acanopy. Start by using strings of balloons that radiate from thecenter of the ceiling out to the walls. If you are in a large room,use a balloon canopy to mark off a section of the room for a stage,a dance floor, or a dining area. In that case, use balloon pillarsto mark off the section and attach the individual lines to the topof the pillars instead of to the walls.Table CenterpiecesUseballoons to add height to your centerpieces without spending agreat deal of money on trees or tall flowering plants. Fill theballoons with helium and attach them to a weight on the table; usedifferent levels for visual effect. For a bold centerpiece, arrangea bunch of balloons to look like a flower or a tree and attach tothe table with a single string or ribbon. Place the balloons at aheight that will not impede conversation.WordsFor an unexpecteddesign touch, use balloons to create words, letters, or numbers.Form letters out of wire and attach the balloons to them so theycan stay in place; the resulting pieces will be light enough toattach to the wall. You can form dates for a New Year's party oranniversary party, names for a kid's party, or make initials for awedding or anniversary.Balloon CeilingUse a large number of heliumballoons to add a bold swath of color and texture to the ceiling ina room. For a soft, pretty look, attach curled ribbons to thebottom of the balloons and suspend them at the ceiling so theribbons hang down above guests. For a striking, modern look,position the balloons with the tied end facing up.
Braid hairstle tutorials 1.0 APK
Braids are great for summer hair. They're generally pretty easy todo, they look good when they're messy, and they keep you cool as apony tail, but a little more chicly. Moreover, braids is sopleasant way to forget about hair styling for months, give yourhair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors.Besides, with the awesome hairstyles available in this collectionyou will attract attention, admiring glances and sincere smiles.Braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are manyinteresting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides,you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture,clips, patterns, and shapes.Natural perm and hair thickness is yourbig plus and a unique bonus that you simply can not leave unused.Your hair, that you might have been complaining of before, iscreated for braids. So why not to use this idea to youradvantage?Braiding is very versatile: micro braids, cornrows,fishtail braids, blocky braids, black braided buns, twist braids,tree braids, hair bands, French braids and more are at yourdisposal. Once you pick a desired braiding style, thickness andhave your hair braided, you may shape your braids into gorgeoushairstyles both for every day and special events.They say braidswere “in fashion” even 2000 years b.c. If they have survived tillour time, there definitely must be something special in them. Nowonder, every year world-famous designers experiment with braids atfashion shows. Fancy to know what’s new they offer!Fashion showsare always inspiring, yet when it comes to clothes, we need to waitat least till March to begin to bring some new fresh ideas intolife. As for hairstyles, things are much easier here: get inspiredand try on new images already now. What’s new was there in braidedhairstyles? These are some fresh trends for inspiration you willfind in this gallery.- Tight and edgy cornrows. Cornrows have beenalways considered as a rather casual hairstyle, but now when theyare in Couture collections, it is high time to rock them for awhile in the new season. Check also the fancy cornrowed buns atGiorgio Armani.- Wrap-around braids with fresh flowers. These wereloose, messy and inspired by Boho chic.- Very loose whimsicalbraids for long hair. The braid that starts from mid-shaft is notnoticeable in the front and looks sloppy in the back.- Low braidedbuns. Braided bun updos are always an extra charge of elegance toennoble even the simplest outfit.- Twisted rope braids. These long3 dimensional braids, ideal for long thick hair, look veryinteresting, unhackneyed and worth a try.Having known about thosebraid hair styles trends, here are 100 braid styles you candefinitely do yourself. Besides following the trends, this braidhairstyles tutorial application also includes looks for a varietyof hair types and lengths too. Follow the steps available in thisapplication and with a bit of practice, you'll be a braiding pro.Braided hair looks pretty on everyone, and is a great option forwhen you want a quick and easy hairstyle that looks like itrequired a lot of effort.
Dog Bed Design Ideas 1.0 APK
A good dog bed should be a safe haven where your dog cancomfortably snooze while dreaming of chasing the neighborhoodsquirrels. Dogs are naturally den animals. This basically meansthat they need their own haven where they can feel safe and sound.They need a place where they can go when they need rest or whenthey are feeling stressed. For many dogs, this sanctuary is usuallytheir bed. If you don't provide your dog with a proper den of itsown, it will usually find a way to create its own den, usually atthe expense of your couch or favorite chair! In addition to beingden animals, dogs sleep between 12-16 hours per day on average. Notonly do they deserve a bed that is comfortable, but they will sleepmuch better when they feel snug and secure.Nowadays there are manydifferent dog bed design ideas to choose from. This Dog Bed DesignIdeas will help you to choose the best design for your dog tosleep. You shouldn't have any problem finding a good bed thatmatches well with your decor and furnishings. In Dog Bed DesignIdeas, you will find that most beds come in a variety of colors,patterns and styles. Below is a list of 5 of the most popular dogbeds and their advantages.1. Bolster Dog Beds: Types of bolsterbeds include the donut bed, dog couch or any bed that has a raisedpadded exterior section. This dog bed design idea is probably oneof the most popular beds because the high back of the bed creates avery safe and cozy haven for the dog. They can really curl up andsnuggle down in this bed. The covers are usually removable for easywashing and they come in a large variety of colors, patterns andstyles..2. Memory Foam Dog Beds: These orthopedic dog beds areexcellent for the dog with arthritis or other joint problems. Butthey are also great for any dog and can help to maintain health byproviding a supportive, comfortable surface to rest on. The majorbenefit of this bed is that the memory foam molds to the dogs bodyand so helps to relieve aches and pains while at the same timeincreasing circulation.3. Raised Style Dog Beds: Also known as cotstyle, these are good outdoor dog beds that are ideal for dogs whospend a lot of their time outside. This style bed will keep yourdog cool in summer and off the cold floor in winter. You can alsopurchase a separate mat to lay on top of these beds to add cushionfor a more comfortable and secure feeling.4. Nest Dog Beds: Thesesmaller, round pillow type beds are great for the smaller dog wholike to burrow in and nest. Like the bolster bed, dogs will reallyfeel cozy and secure inside the plush walls. Dogs love the feelingof being surrounded by the nest bed's cushioned walls. 5. PillowStyle Dog Beds: These beds come in all sizes and shapes... round,rectangle, square. I have even seen one in the shape of a dog paw!These beds are fairly basic, but will provide the comfort your dogneeds. These beds are great for the dog who really likes to stretchout when sleeping because there are no cushioned walls to confinehim. Since the above dog bed design ideas come in an array of sizesthey are great dog beds for large dogs as well as for small dogs.Whichever dog bed design ideas you choose, know that you areproviding a much needed haven for your pooch. It is not only aplace where they can sleep, but it is also acts as their den wherethey know they are safe and secure.